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The White European gatekeepers of the drug lords.

ROTTERDAM–A corrupt Customs officer working at the Rotterdam harbour was sentenced on Tuesday to 14 years in prison for clearing containers which contained cocaine from South America. Gerrit G. earned millions with his side-business, money that he spent on, amongst other things, luxurious vacations in Curaçao.

The proceeds of the corrupt handlings of the 56-year-old Customs officer were estimated at 3.5 million euros, and possibly much more, according to the Public Prosecutor’s Office which had demanded a maximum jail term of 16 years.

The suspect, who worked at the pre-arrival department, in 2014 and 2015 prevented the regular control of at least two containers that contained a total of 3,400 kilos cocaine by giving the green light. The Court suspected that this was just the tip of the iceberg and that in reality G. had allowed more cocaine transports to pass through the Rotterdam harbour.

According to the Court, G. was “merely led by the big money.” The Judge said G. not only damaged to the harbour’s image, but through his actions large amounts of hard drugs entered the Netherlands. “It was his task as Customs officer to protect the borders and it is ironically sad that instead he violated that security.”

The suspect received a 7.5 per cent share of the value of the coke transports. He lived in great luxury: authorities found a shopping bag in his home containing 1.1 million euros, he often flew business class to Curaçao where he also bought a US $200,000 yacht. To cover up his illegal activities, he set up a store for used consumer goods.

There were three other suspects in this case. Suspect Dennis van den B. was sentenced to ten years in prison for the import of large batches of cocaine from South-America, bribing the Customs officer G., money laundering, threatening and illegal weapon possession.

Two other suspects, René F. and André van der H. were sentenced to four and three years respectively for bribing the Customs officer. They were acquitted of the import of cocaine charges.


Letter to the Editor: Our KPSM (Police Force) April 26, 20174048

The following is a letter to the editor on 721 News Gromyko Wilson’s local news website. The letter is a damning condemnation of the corrupt system of governance locally and particularly the police corp and all other security and intelligence apparatus on Sint Maarten. The letter came from the KPSM, which stands for the Korps Politie Sint Maarten/The Sint Maarten Police Force.

We were not prophets, but we saw it coming. From the decision that 10-10-10 the Antilles would be dissolved, we saw the misery, and we saw it right in our own organization, the Police Force.


We saw managers after managers come and go. Waste and drain all the government’s money, without bringing any stabilization or balance in this Force.


Nowadays, we’re coping with a management team that had never been prepared for the task that fell into their lap. No strategy, no preparation, no skills, no priority, no vision. In one word nothing at all, and you can see that, because even their own household is not in order.


For you to be an example for others, you have to set the example.


Not to go into details, but that is our sad present today, and there is no sight in a better future with these incompetents functioning as a management team.


Let we just shine some light what we’re trying to say.


Detective Dept.:

A very good department that since the arrival of the Queen of Bonaire has been broken into pieces because she came with a schedule that some people in that department needed to go in order for it to progress. Now that department can’t even solve a local murder case. They don’t even have a decent detective to type a simple complaint without a bunch of mistakes in it.


Traffic Dept:

Head of department looks like he’s losing it. An accident without injuries, this head instructed his two available rookies not to handle it and let CARS deal with those things. Injuries where you do not see blood. SMH. This head also sits in the management team. Read the beginning again.


Uniform Dept.:

These uniforms do not know anything and we mean nothing. Why? Because first of all, they never finished their studies. They started to work and have seen alone the bad on the street and forget how to do it by the books. They want to solve every situation with force. It doesn’t work that way anymore.


People are getting smarter. Young rookies without experience going out with other rookies and none of them can help each other on the road and on paper. Look who is the head of this Department. Read above. He also forms part of the management team.


Immigration Airport:


Most of them got locked up or lost their jobs. What a cleaning they did. No words if you are corrupted, but start doing it also in the Police Force. From top to bottom are corrupted. No wonder they got rid of Roumou, the reporter. She might have been unstable, but every word from her mouth or letter from her articles were the truth.


Why do you think they closed down the police station in Simpson Bay? Maybe they lied to the Minister that they need to centralize the police. Asked the people. They accused some police from Simpson Bay of taking bribes, and even told them they were on camera. But ask them, why they did not punish them? Because when you check good, they saw that police in the management / CPO team were also receiving bribes from these same business owners. Case dismissed!


What we need?


A person with balls.


A person that is not afraid to take two steps backwards and then make 5 steps forward.


A person that is not afraid to confront wrong doings in his/her organization.


A person that is not afraid to admit in public that he/she were wrong and let us try it this way.


A person who sets priority.


A person that knows the meaning of integrity and transparency.


Signed by a group of Honest Police Officers of KPS (St. Maarten Corps Police Force)








PVV drafts legislation to stop the Dutch having dual nationality

SINT MAARTEN/THE NETHERLANDS – The anti-immigration PVV is working on draft legislation which would make dual nationality impossible for Dutch passport holders, party leader Geert Wilders said on Tuesday.


The aim is to ban people from having a second nationality, he said. ‘As long as you are Turkish, you can’t become Dutch,’ the Telegraaf quotes Wilders as saying. News of the PVV bill came after it emerged that Dutch Turks voted by a large margin to give more powers to Turkish president Erdogan in the recent referendum.


Some 250,000 Dutch Turks were eligible to vote but only around 80,000 did so. Wilders admitted it will be complicated to legislate against dual nationality but said the Turkish law which makes it difficult to give up Turkish nationality is ‘nothing to do with me’.


The PVV legislation will apply to ‘everyone, but Turks first and foremost,’ Wilders said. Some 1.3 million Dutch nationals hold a second nationality.


Two passports


At the end of last year, the Liberal democratic party D66 and the Labour party PvdA  submitted draft legislation to parliament which would allow Dutch people to keep their Dutch passports if they adopt a second nationality.


Currently, Dutch nationals who take a second nationality lose their right to a Dutch passport, while most foreigners who become Dutch are required to reject their original nationality.


The proposal, submitted by Labour MP Ahmed Marcouch and D66’s Sjoerd Sjoerdsma, states that the current Dutch position on dual nationality is out of steps with the times. People can apply to become Dutch after living in the Netherlands for five years, or three years if married to a Dutch citizen – if they have gone through the correct integration procedures.


However, the government is planning to increase this to seven years. That legislation is pending approval in the senate.










This shift in IS’s policies can already be seen, but is likely to increase as the

organisation loses more territory. From that point on, several scenarios

are possible. One scenario is that IS continues to operate as an alternative to al-Qaeda, with its local branches in countries such as Libya and Nigeria.

Given that both organisations will have roughly the same goals, they are likely to merge. Another scenario is that IS will dwindle and al-Qaeda will rise again.

Still another option is that they will continue to be rivals, with IS continuing to try to set up a state.

Any of these scenarios, and potentially others, are possible.

Given the tensions between al-Qaeda and IS and the inhibitions that some IS- supporters are likely to have had about IS’s increasingly violent policies, any future efforts to set up an Islamic state are likely to be slightly different.

There is a strong sentiment among many Jihadi-Salafi scholars and leaders that an Islamic state is a very good thing in principle, but that it should not be executed the way IS did it.

This analysis of the situation may result in more careful ways of going about

establishing an Islamic state the next time an opportunity arises.

In other words: for Jihadi-Salafi critics of IS, the collapse of the latter has the potential to be a major ‘I told you so’ moment.

In Jordan, there is the additional difficulty of intra-Jihadi-Salafi rivalry.

The two main Jihadi-Salafi scholars in the country (and probably in the

world) – Abu Qatada al-Filastini and Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi – have been strongly against IS from the beginning.

A large number of Jihadi-Salafi activists, however, disagree with them and still have fresh memories of the rivalry between their local hero – Abu Mus‘ab al-Zarqawi – and al-Maqdisi.

While they see the former as a brave fighter who was willing to walk the talk, the latter is seen by them as an armchair jihadi who, when push came to shove, was not willing to support the jihad in Iraq.

Moreover, al-Maqdisi often stressed the need to set up an Islamic state, rather than just engaging in attacks without lasting results.

When IS came along, it seemed that a sustained effort to do what al-Maqdisi had always wanted – setting up an Islamic state – was finally being made, yet al-Maqdisi again refused to support it because he saw IS as the epitome of the “extremist” policies that he had always rejected.

To some supporters of al-Zarqawi, this was proof that al-Maqdisi was hypocritical and not supportive of Jihadi- Salafism.

To al-Maqdisi himself, however, the fall of IS is likely to be seen as proof that he was right all along.

Due to the extent of support for both positions, neither of these narratives is going to become entirely dominant in Jordan, with both co-existing uneasily for some years to come.

Dr Wagemakers’ research, at the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands, concentrates on Salafi ideology and groups, especially in Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the Palestinian territories.

MFK Wants An Independent Curacao.

WILLEMSTAD – The ruling party MFK headed by former Prime Minister Gerrit Schotte wants independence from the Netherlands. Both Schotte and former Minister of Public Health and current Member of Parliament for MFK Jacintha Constancia made a plea for independence in front of the TV cameras.


Yesterday after the raid at Schotte’s house, the former Prime Minister said that the Netherlands was the de facto ruler in Curaçao. “Curaçao is still a colony,” said Schotte.


Constancia also expressed this during an interview with the Dutch news channel NOS. “It’s time for us to take care of our own business here on the island.”