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An Elevator Post for my Forthcoming Book.


One of the critical geopolitical realities of our day is The adverse effects of GLOBAL TERRORISM. This book succinctly addresses the issue from a biblical perspective. It examines the effects of global terror on the Caribbean basins tourist driven economy.

My name is Wade Bailey and I accurately predicted the rise of the Islamic State in the Caribbean, since 2003. My critical analysis though posited from an Apostolic or biblical perspective is confirmed by US Generals, various reporters from the corporate and alternative media and professors and think tanks regionally as well as internationally. One such prominent personage is Daurius Figueria author, professor and lecturer at the University of the West Indies in Trinidad and Tobago. If you are resident in the Caribbean, a Caribbean heritage person or just an individual who travels to the region. The information in this book might hit a chord in you. It offers relevant real world solutions and information on a wide variety of topics, not limited to global terror, but an inclusive 21st nuanced approach. It examines Hip-Hop culture and its origins, Tupac Shakur the Black Panther’s and COINTELPRO and delves into insider information and pictures from the heyday of Death Row.  

History on a global scale is examined and current events in light of bible prophecy.

If the above topics are of relevance to you then this book is for you. The Book Rastafari and its Shamanist Origins, is the work that sparked the current book in question.

A tentative release date in the Summer of 2017 is planned for the book ;  SHAMANISM AS A GLOBAL CULTURAL VALUE SYSTEM vs APOSTOLIC CULTURE.Rastafari and its Shamanist Origins


What is Shamanism.


Shaman is defined, as per their own explanation as the following:


‘Shä-mən: From Evenki (Tungusic language of Siberia) šamān, derived from the Sumerian ‘sham-an’, Eagle of Heaven.


1 Sham: from the Sumerian ‘shem’ or ‘sham’ meaning ‘eagle’ or ‘vehicle of flight’.

2) An – from the Sumerian, ‘heaven’ or ‘celestial’.

A Shaman is:

  • The Eagle of Heaven

One who flies as the Eagle into the Celestial Domains

3) One who is capable of spiritual flight (Astral Travel/Astral Projection can be attained through the means of ingesting plant matter such as mushrooms et al or plants such as Cannabis Sativa whether smoked or ingested otherwise).

  • Astral Travel is also attainable through meditation (Trance Channeling).


“The knowledge of good and evil has its beginning in Shamanism. You are in the regions of Hell now”. Quote from the book by Apostle S.D. James the Occult and Satanism 6/10/88). “Shamanism uses techniques of ecstasy in order for men to use them their souls must be sold to Satan”, quoted from the aforementioned work.


The following is an excerpt from Terrance McKenna on Shamanic spirit contact and communication with the spirit world. His description of such is classic occultism and witchcraft.

“We are not talking about passive agents of transformation, we are talking about an intelligence, a consciousness, an alive and other mind, a spirit, which of course have no place in our society. Nature is alive and is talking to us. This is not a metaphor.” Terrance McKenna.


“From earliest times it has been recognized that knowledge goes beyond sensory awareness or the rational way of understanding the world. Entering into a communion with the plant consciousness or spirit is a way that can take us directly to an experience that can show us that there is no such thing as an inanimate object. Everything in the universe is alive, possesses awareness and has a spirit. It offers a significant challenge for the rational Western mind to come to terms with the plant spirit consciousness, and a leap of imagination is required to incorporate the ‘otherness’ of the plant. The magical world to which we are transported by plants is not accessible through the verbal rational mind but through dream language or an expansion of the imagination. Thus dreams and the power of our imagination act like “doorways” and allow us to be in communion (in the true sense) with the plant spirit consciousness” (Howard G.Chairing. He is the author of the bestselling book, Plant Spirit Shamanism (Destiny Books USA), and has published numerous articles about plant medicines).

New Picture (4)Sekhmet.New Picture (5)

The above photo is of the Ugandan high priestess called Muhumusa an early 20th-century resistance fighter against the German colonialists. Her followers believed that she was possessed by the ancient Kushite queen Nyabinghi. She attracted a vast following of lion worshippers who smoked Cannabis Sativa. The mythological Nyabinghi woman warrior, was associated with the Egyptian goddesses Tefnut middle and Sekhmet, they possess the same attributes but they are two distinct “deities”, shown above at right of this page. The ancient Nyabinghi orders in Africa unlike the western Rastafari sects that bear its name were led chiefly and in many instances exclusively by women, when a man did lead the sect he was always said to be possessed by the spirit of Sekhmet. Jede Uwechia had this to say about the Nyabinghi priestess and her modern-day following: “As the story goes, the spirit of this African Empress, this dread lioness Queen of Queens, avenger of her father and son, subsists in Africa and the diaspora until this day, manifesting her presence and actions in this physical domain through “spiritual possession”, inspiration and mental transformation”. Through possession is one of the ways in which he describes the manifestation of the (Nyabinghi/Sekhmet) spirit, here then is a clear explanation of a Shamanic culture.