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The Feminine Principle in Spiritual Value Systems.

Mother Cow, the goddess is here portrayed as a cow, the epitome of nurturance and motherhood, with its many teats to give suck it is the matronly ideal in not only Hinduism but many other Shamanist and fertility cultures.

Goddess Hathor portrayed here as a cow. The Hebrews or children of Israel in the bible agitated for Aaron the brother of Moses to create a golden calf in order for them to worship it, the imagery of a cow as deity then is consistent with the above portrayal.

In this book I allege that Hinduism is a creation or a child rather, of a people, either descended from the ancient people of Egypt. If they were not descended from then they were most certainly influenced by the Egyptians. The Dravidians of India and the many dark skinned tribes in areas such as Orisha in India, have been confirmed by archaeologist‘s and Paleontologist’s to have been the original inhabitants of India before the indo Aryans came, who called themselves Brahmin and imposed through conquest their ironclad racist caste system. Above Sri Lakshmi Devi with the Swastika in her lower right palm. The goddess of fortune in Hinduism there are certain ―deities sic demons‖, that preside over wealth, fortune et al, just as in Witchcraft and Satanism, the corresponding characteristics and abilities of the demons in all of the above mentioned, is proof of their origin being identical said origin being fallen angels.

Sometimes as an ascetic or ash-white Sadhu in a state of perpetual blissful meditation;

he reclines on a tiger‘ hide, high up in the Himalayas, Cobra‘s ring his neck. The crescent moon rests above his head; this demon is also portrayed as a dreadlocked man Shiva is a deity of destruction out of the chaos of destruction comes renewal, thus destruction must of necessity precede rebirth.

The pink Lotus plant in the illustration is highly significant, in the context of this explanation, the virtual unlikely occurrence of a Lotus growing in the Himalaya‘s is deliberate, the magical effect and the belief in magic is stressed here the drawing is in keeping with the value system that I am examining. The Lotus plant is recurrent in both Buddhism and Hinduism; the fragile seeming Lotus has braved extreme conditions defiantly clinging to life only to magically become the instrument of cosmic renewal.

At right is a cover of the Times newsmagazine, pictured is Kali in full self-destruct mode as the country of India. The cover suggests that India is self-destructing; unfortunately for the Times and those who promoted that false concept, India is fast becoming a global power to be reckoned with. The field of technology is increasingly being taken over by Asians and particularly East Indians, even in the US many of Silicone Valleys brightest stars are increasingly of East Indian and Asian extraction.

From destruction, life is birthed; the cosmos is renewed the unending cycle, to be repeated ad infinitum.

In Hinduism Brahman, the ever-constant deity re-emerges from the middle of the Lotus, the golden portion represents the Earth, as I said previously the themes of Chaos and renewal in Hinduism are inextricable, and are characteristics of the deities they honor.

In his Nataraja incarnation Shiva is a hermaphrodite, a creature with both a male and female sex organs, this is also the nature of Satan male as Lucifer and female as Diana.

The earliest inhabitants of India the Harappa were replaced by Indo Aryan immigrants they came from Central Asia, their language was Vedic which later became Sanskrit. Sanskrit is related, to the Iranian language group, the Indo Aryan Iranians consisted of a cohesive tribal makeup this according to archaeologist‘s and historians .A cursory glance at the world map will show the close proximity of the Indian subcontinent in the second Millennium B.C. through an intermingling of cultures worldwide paganism spread . The astute reader may remember from previous reading done on your own or from this work that Kali is the wife of Shiva one of the three main Hindu demon-gods.

The Bharat Matha, the painting above represents India as a mother goddess. The Hindu‘s again and the continental Aryans are of the same lineage as has been proven in this work. The Irish Celts call one of their goddesses Tara, it means Earth, Gaia the Earth mother is a similar concept again showing the oneness of paganism, irrespective of geographic location and racial classification.

Here a Sadhu deep in meditation Shiva appears riding a bull holding aloft a trident also a familiar item in Greek mythology, as Poseidon god of the seas is seen in statues and paintings with his trident.

Shiva is also called Kala, Kala is the masculine of Kali and Shiva is the lord of death hence the name of his consort Kali meaning the eternal time, death and night. Kali is also Durga the warrior goddess, of ecstatic sexual rites, rite as in worship.

In Hinduism, the female principle takes precedence over the male, as the feminine in Hinduism is the most powerful aspect. The preceding concept is clear even in the names of the two demons portrayed in the painting above, Shiva or Kala comes from Kali, she preceded him in the cosmogony of Hinduism. In the painting kali stands on Shiva in order to pacify her anger, the subservient position of Shiva to Kali is a perfect rendering of the type of Goddess worship the Hindu‘s engage in.

Above the Kali Yantra necessary when invoking Kali, naturally it is vaginal in shape an ode to the overt sexual nature of Kali.

Today Kali is a goddess, much revered in the West by Western Wiccans and she, is even being incorporated into feminist thought as symbolic of the power that women can wield. Males who engage in the worship of Kali bow themselves to women, as they consider women to be their rightful masters. The sex ritual depicted in the pictures above of Kali dominating Shiva is a dance of a sexual nature, Shiva becomes the wife in this role, the term dominatrix has its origins in goddess worship. Below is a drawing of Ceres the Greek goddess of Agriculture, next to her is a photo of Opium poppies which were sacred to Ceres. The Opium poppy is a plant sacred to Lilith.

The throne of Ceres is designed to resemble a flowering poppy, her staff is also reflective of a poppy in bloom, atop the staff in its hollow Opium is burning as savour in honor of the goddess. Naturally her adherents would imbibe Opium as a means of entering ecstatic trances in order to gain contact with and to become possessed, by Ceres (sorcery). Throughout this book I have stressed that all pagan cultures have their origins in fallen angels. In every culture known to man throughout the globe the same demon spirits keep appearing in mythology, folktales, epic tales and songs, art, architecture , religio magical rites et al.

It is no coincidence that every pagan culture has a god or goddess that corresponds to another culture somewhere else, the source or power that is worshipped is one and the same in this book I call the source demons according to biblical standards.

Chinamasta one of the ten goddesses or Maha Devi‘s. They are all varying manifestations of Kali.The similarities in the practices of the Canaanites and the Hindu‘s are astoundingly similar. The Canaanites worshipped the free love aspects of the Goddess Asherah. Canaanite women refused to accept the recumbent/passive position during coitus, or to only receive vaginal penetration. Instead, the women of Canaan, like those of Greece and Sumeria, favored the active position astride the man when not engaged in fellatio or Sodomy, all the above were strictly forbidden by the God of Israel. Another interesting aspect of Lilith is the Opium poppy which is sacred to her, showing her, as Ceres, the Greek goddess of agriculture, the red rose is also sacred to her.

The red rose is representative of feminine sexuality and the white rose symbolizes the pure virgin Goddess. In ancient Canaanite ritual sacrifices, to Ashtoreth and Baal, red rose petals were sprinkled on the consecrated altar before blood was shed.

After the sacrifice had taken place, white petals were scattered in order to represent the

new found purity believed to have been born from human or animal sacrifice.

Above Shiva and Parvatti his other wife. With Kali Shiva takes on the role of Parvatti as the patient suffering wife. Note the pronounced swell of the breasts on Parvatti, the stress here is on fertility, the act of reproduction is sacred, in all pagan cultures consequently sexual intercourse becomes a form of worship.

The idolatrous nature of some of these cultures cannot be denied, it is within the adaptation of these cults, (authors note: the word culture has its etymology in the word cult a cult essentially is the deification of a particular culture), that Howell and so many other Rastafarian leaders, and black consciousness intellectuals have erred.

Many in Black academia, and the so called elite intelligentsia, are doing black youth a great disservice in their promotion of certain aspects of paganism as intellectualism, and an alternative ―spirituality .Rastafari, which should be rightfully called modern day shamanism, has its roots in ancient mysticism, and esotericism this can be observed from the previous facts in this work. The mystical character of Rastafari can also be observed in their veneration of the Cannabis plant as sacred.

In Jamaica the birthplace of Rastafari; Howell was emulated by Bob Marley in such a distinct manner, that Bob Marley purposed within himself , he would never be forgotten hence his title, Tough Gong‖, a direct emulation of the title of the original Gong Leonard Howell.

The lifestyle of Bob Marley mirrored that of Howell‘s in many ways. From his house on Hope road, being a focal point for Rasta‘s to meet, his financial support of over 4000 persons, to his extra marital affairs, and the role of Rita Marley as queen mother of his large and extended family.


The Cosmic Christ.


Krishna the Blue Boy .

Krishna in his role as a seducer of women here he is depicted as dark blue, he was also known as ,The Blue Black, so black he was blue. Many of the early Hindu gods and goddesses were portrayed as very black people, this proves the Dravidians were in fact the earliest creators of what we call today Hinduism. It is ancient Baal worship that the Dravidians brought to the Indian subcontinent.
This picture shows the dark skinned creature Krishna with his many lovers, Krishna in Hinduism is a seducing spirit.
Howell the Rastafari leader/prophet , who chanted mantras to this Hindu god also had many lovers and lived with them on his hilltop commune. (Pinnacle).
He took on the nature of his object of worship, this dark skinned prince was called a king god.
Below is Kalki who Hindu‘s believe would manifest a stride a white horse arrayed in full battle regalia.

Haile Sellassie astride his snow white charger.

Above Kalki , astride his white horse.
The Rastafari claim that Haile Sellassie who was a dark skinned king they hail, as a god is the messiah of this age.

Who can deny the direct similarities between Hinduism and Rastafari?
A harbinger of the apocalypse, it is believed that Kalki will bring about the destruction of the world when mankind has completely abandoned religion, when nothing is known of the techniques of sacrifice, even by word.
Kalki is the final incarnation of the Hindu god Vishnu, who is predicted to come like a comet and carry a terrifying sword for bringing about the annihilation of the wicked barbarian men at the end of the Kali-yuga‖ (Sri Dasavatara Stotra, 10th Sloka‖, (from Ancient Origins.com).

The Sun Temple or Black Temple,‖ temple at Kanarak India, it dates from about the 13th century.

Temples were and still are places where people are educated as touching the things pertinent to their particular faith.
Temples even today remain an integral part of the growth of any spiritual community.

This map shows the routes across the Himalayas taken by the various nations that invaded India, the Greeks, Arab traders, Aryans, Chinese traders, and Turkish Muslims who subjugated the Indians forcibly converting them to the Islamic cultural religious value system.
An example of a Maitreya, or an Avatar from ancient times. At right of this page Shatakshi Devi – the Goddess with Innumerable Eyes (Shrimad Devi Bhagavatam, Book Seven.
Millions of adherents globally await the Maitreya, Jiddu Krishnamurti the young protégé of Helena Blavatsky, was hailed as a Maitreya and was expected to bring about world peace; he renounced the concept that he was the Maitreya.
Leadbeater Charles Webster Northumberland 17 febr, 1847 – Perth 1 march 1934 saw Krishnamurti as a world teacher.

Above Jiddu Krishnamurti.

Above left of this page Jiddu Krishnamurti at the right is Henry Steel Olcott and Helena Blavatsky.
Leadbeater was also a member of the Theosophical Foundation founded by Helena Blavatsky.Leadbetter was the founder of the Free Catholic Church in Holland.
The so-called Church is in fact an institution that promulgates witchcraft.
Blavatsky is often credited and rightly so as being the catalyst behind the New Age movement.
The New Age Movement was incubated by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky through her school the Theosophical Society; this woman openly spoke of her Hashish, and Cannabis use as a mystical experience. She claimed to have so called Mahatma‘s who were her spirit guides that would lead her to great occult knowledge so that she might save humanity. One of her protégés was the famed Annie Besant, she was British by birth and believed and claimed, that she was chosen to save the world. Another notable female leader of the same ilk was Alice Ann Bailey.
Blavatsky’s doctrine of occult Masters from Blavatsky‘s book Secret Doctrine, led her [Bailey] to identify a spirit that, she said, had guided her from the age of fifteen, with the Theosophical Kut Humi. In 1919, she said she was contacted by the spirit of another individual whom she called the Tibetan and identified with the occultation Djual Khool mentioned by Blavatsky.
Bailey claimed to be in contact with, Ascended Masters,‖ she wrote many books. She claimed she wrote her now famous, Treatise on Cosmic Fire, under the influence, in her words of her spirit guides‖ i.e. demon spirits, known as familiar spirits in the Bible.
Benjamin Crème is one of her disciples who claimed that, the Christ‖ or Maitreya would return in 1982. Benjamin Crème took out newspaper ads in several leading publications globally in 1982 the cost of which amounted to 250000 dollars. Their Maitreya was announced through a well funded global media campaign, they claim that he appears in whatever form he chooses including children. How convenient for Crème that his messiah was seen by millions throughout the world when he supposedly appeared ostensibly, out of nowhere‖, in Kenya in 1988 at a prayer meeting and was seen by over 6000 people, and then vanished into thin air but not before being photographed by journalists who broadcasted the images for a global audience.
Maitreya The christ of Benjamin Crème.
EL Morya The Cosmic Christ.
Above Elizabeth Claire Prophet.

Maitreya in Kenya. Maitreya is a Hindi word and it is similar in meaning to the English messiah. The drawing of El Morya at right is a variation on the Maitreya theme. El Morya is the ascended master‖, of Elizabeth Claire Prophet. Prophet belongs to the same school of thought as Blavatsky and her cronies i.e. witchcraft. Many Christians‘ are deceived by her teaching because she often invokes the title Christ in her descriptions of her ascended masters. I will include here her own words, in order to compare what she believes with Blavatsky and others and then compare what they teach with biblical teaching. My calling is to be a prophet of God. Prophet means one who speaks for God, hence a messenger (from her book Keys to the Kingdom and New Dimension of Beings). She said the following of her husband Mark. Mark was a prophet and a messenger called by God through the ascended master El Morya to found the Summit Lighthouse in Washington D.C. 1958‖. She went on to write. As messenger of God‘s light I see myself as the servant of gods light within you, my lord is the Christ of Jesus and the Christ of you which are one and the same‖.

I want to quote from Share International and the Kenya Times on the appearance of Maitreya.
Maitreya‘s miraculous appearance in Nairobi .

On Saturday 11 June 1988, Maitreya miraculously appeared at an open-air prayer/healing meeting, on the outskirts of Nairobi Kenya and addressed the gathering of 6,000 people who instantly recognized him as the Christ. Photographs taken at the scene were carried by major news media around the world including CNN and the BBC. Job Mutungi, editor of The Kenya Times, witnessed the event and wrote: The tall figure of a bare footed, white-robed and bearded man appeared from nowhere and stood in the middle of the crowd …the healer Mary Akatsa‘s] voice was drowned by cries and loud moans of Jesus! Yesu, Yeeesu! You have come. Welcome Jeesus!‘

The scene and mood of the worshippers reminded one of the Old Testament times of
the Tower of Babel when language became confused. Everyone was murmuring some-
thing. Others were flat on the ground weeping uncontrollably in praise and worship, in
total sublimation to the occasion. Mama Akatsa appealed for calm. But it was diffi-
cult … In clear Swahili, which had no trace of accent, the strange man announced that
the people of Kenya were blessed … He spoke to the crowd for around 18 minutes and many of those near Him were completely healed. He then departed as mysteriously as he had appeared. Job Mutungi wrote that, after being given a short lift in a Mr Gurnam Singh‘s car, the man walked a few paces beside the road and simply vanished into thin air. Several people who witnessed this were astonished by his mysterious disappearance.

Both Bailey and Crème were students of the school of thought, espoused by Blavatsky.
In 1920, Alice married another Theosophist, Foster Bailey, and in 1923, they started The Arcane School to teach disciples how to further the Great Universal Plan under the guidance of the inner hierarchy of spiritual masters led by [Christ]. After her death in 1949, her husband carried on the school. It exists today as a large and thriving international organization; the Lucis Trust was formed to oversee the legal aspects of the School and the published works housed at 866 United Nations Plaza New York City.
The previous name of said organization was Lucifer Trust/Publishing.

In an article in The Creed and Liberty vol III, 2004 by A. Waddel PhD, the following was written about the Lucis Trust; Lucis Trust is an entity, which prints and disseminates United Nations doctrine. Lucis Trust was established in 1922 as Lucifer Trust by Alice Bailey to distribute books of the Theosophical Society Subsequently, the organization‘s name was changed to Lucis Trust to disguise its father: How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! How art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations! [Isaiah 14:12] Alice Bailey believed that, world citizenship should be the goal of the enlightened, with a world federation and a world brain.”

She openly promoted the agenda of the United Nations relative to a New World Order and a one World Government and taught that Evidence of the growth of the human intellect along the needed receptive lines [New Age preparation] can be seen in the planning of various nations and in the efforts of the United Nations to formulate a world plan.

Alice A. Bailey, Discipleship in the New Age, Lucis Press, 1955, Vol. II, p.35.
World Good Will is an accredited NGO with the Department of Public Information of the United Nations. World Good Will is an activity of the United Nations which is on the roster of the United Nations Economic and Social Council. The agenda of Lucis Trust through World Good Will is, cooperate in the world in preparation for the reappearance of the Christ‖. One Earth, magazine of the Findhorn Foundation, October/November1986, Vol. 6,Issue 6, p.24. The Peace Operations Training Institute‘s course, Principles and Guidelines for UN Peacekeeping Operations is a training program that is recognized by the United Nations the course author is retired US general Robert Gordon.

Here is an introduction by the general in his own words, Hello, and congratulations on enrolling in the Peace Operations Training Institute‘s course, Principles and Guidelines for UN Peacekeeping Operations. The course is constructed around the UN‘s Principles and Guidelines document, known to its friends as the Capstone Doctrine‖, published in 2008. I was part of the team my name is General Robert Gordon, and I am the author of this course. The doctrine is intended to serve as a guide for all UN personnel serving in the field and at UN Headquarters, as well as to provide a strategic introduction to those who are new to UN peacekeeping‖. From the evidence already presented then the doctrines‖, goals and aims of the UN are spiritual as well as political and economic in nature.

The UN then is no mere world police machine but it is an organization dedicated to the establishment of a one world government, with a human Matreya/Messiah/Savior, as the head of the world government that the UN is actively creating. The Capstone Doctrine, is a perfect play on words as the work of the unfinished pyramid is what the UN purports to be busying itself about; the Capstone in the pyramid will only be complete when their god presides as leader of the world.

The declaration of the rights of the human being and the citizen. At right symbol of Jacobinism The Frisian Cap/Bonnet Rouge or the Red Bonnet.

(Declaration des droits de l’homme et du citizen) written in 1789 by the French.

The other such documents The French Constitution, including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights written by the UN are all patterned after the spirit of the above. Bonneville a French revolutionary wrote in 1792. This health-giving word, this sacred word Constitution, must exercise a prodigious influence on the destinies of the human race‖. The following are direct quotes from the book Fire in the Minds of men: James H Billington. Fascination grew in late I792 and early I793 as the Convention prepared the more radical republican Constitution of I793· Though never put into effect, its text was carried like a holy object from the Bastille to the Champs de Mars in the great feast of August 10, I793; it remained a venerated model for many political revolutionaries well into the nineteenth century‖. ―God Himself was reborn in early revolutionary tracts as the Savior of the Nations, the august and sublime national Areopagus‖; and prayers were addressed to, the body of the Nation‖. The preceding quotations were given in order to establish the fact that the revolutionaries‖ that conducted the French revolution sought to depict their cause as a holy or sacred‖ mission. I want to quote here from Robespierre one of the most famous French revolutionaries, its temple, the universe; its cult, virtue; its festivals the joy of a great People renewing the sweet bonds of universal fraternity .

The symbolism surrounding the document above this image is telling. The words are framed, the same as popular depictions of the Ten Commandments, signifying that it is a sacred writ and it should be revered and honored. The other highly significant thing is the portrayal of the original Lady of Liberty adorned with the red Frisian cap symbol of Jacobinism shown at the far left breaking the chains of bondage, her companion the goddess of Enlightenment/Sophia holds aloft her wand. In the pyramid, the all seeing eye of Lucifer the one the creators of said document honored as their god is visible at the top of the entire ensemble surrounded by a luminous light representing Illumination. In the middle a spear surrounded by Faschiae is visible topped by the red Frisian cap signifying the Jacobinist origins of the document. At right the red Fisian cap held aloft by Liberty as she holds in her hand the scrolls of freedom, symbolic of the declaration of the rights of the human being and the citizen. Oroberos the ―Serpent sacred to Theosophist‘s as well as Freemasons and Satanist‘s representing Satan as deity can be seen at the top of the painting above

Oroberos is eating his tail which puts him in a circular position. The circle in the spiritual systems described above, represents infinity or godhood.
There is an obvious pyramid in the background of the painting, an acquiescence to the Egyptian mystery system and Masonic origins of the document in question; it is also an indication that the French Revolution was orchestrated by Freemasons and Satanist‘s. The Red Frisian Cap used by the Jacobins was and still is a symbol of anarchy and Nihilism. Below the Rockefeller building located at the Rockefeller Plaza in New York, is a telling monolith erected to the gods, that were revered during the French Revolution and the gods of Greek mysticism i.e. witchcraft.

Prometheus a statue of this Greek god at right sits in the center of the Sunken Plaza, of the John D. Rockefeller center in New York, the flame atop his head is the flame of illumination. Prometheus is also known as the Hellenic Lucifer. He is surrounded by, the Astrological Zodiac/ (Animal Circle). Astrology is intrinsic to the practice of witchcraft. Prometheus is the Greek god, who stole fire from Zeus and brought enlightenment to man. In the worldview of those adhering to the symbolism in the story it is Lucifer then who brought enlightenment‖, to man. Behind the statue of Prometheus, this inscription is written: Prometheus, teacher in every art, brought the fire that hath proved to mortals a means to mighty ends‖. In summary then, the central theme of the artwork here is, enlightenment‖ from a Luciferian perspective.

Flanking Prometheus, are Youth, left and his sister Maiden, both of them, were created by Prometheus, from clay. The Greek mythological account‖ of, the creation of humankind corresponds, to the similar account of Adam Kadmon in Kabbalism. Adam Kadmon however in Kabbalism is Lucifer. The Rockefellers then knowledgeable, as they are in mysticism, have knowingly erected statues and effigies, to their gods, which are demon spirits, and their chief god Lucifer.

Above at left of this page the word thought is spelt out in bold capitals, thought here is portrayed as a literal deity. Thought as deity summons his agents (winged creatures), who banish ignorance in the form of males and females. The metaphor in the tale on the frescoes, is telling indeed, for ignorance cannot stand in the place of knowledge, just as darkness vanishes when light is turned on. Ignorance here is portrayed as profane ‖while reason is sacred, which is exactly what Luciferians teach. The two humans shown are male and female even more significant is their burning state engulfed in flames giving the depiction a decidedly biblical‖ feel, hearkening back to the casting of Adam and Eve out of the garden of Eden, and the damning of the lost to the flames of Hades.
Thought or thinking is what humans employ in order to exercise their reasoning capabilities, reason itself was called a virtue‖ during the French Revolution and not only a virtue but indeed very God. The Frescoes above and below then are in perfect agreement in spirit with the philosophy of Luciferianism.

The frescoes above and the preceding two frescoes, tell a story which is highly significant to the points made previously in this work. Satanism as a value system, was imprimatured since the earliest epochs of the human race, into, art, literature, philosophy et al as a means of indoctrinating and preparing the human race for a time when these philosophies‖, would become the value system that determined morality, for the majority of the worlds population.
At right is the book written by Thomas Paine entitled, The Age of Reason: Being an Investigation of True and Fabulous Theology. On page 265, of this book I went into detail on Thomas Paine, his affiliations and his philosophical leanings. Paine challenged the inerrancy of the bible in his book, he renounces divine revelation and postulates reason as the ultimate barometer for humanity to gauge morality, et al in effect a humanist approach in contrast to the divine providence as thought in scripture.

Above a sketch of a Rosicrucian initiation, that of a candidate seeking entry into the occultic cloister of Rosicrucianism. Paine was a prominent Rosicrucian and was an active American revolutionary. Paine‘ work was replete with Rosicrucian philosophy, which was and still is a Luciferian secret society. At the beginning of the 17th century the Rosicrusians published three famous treatises amongst them was the Chemical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz. The seeming paradox in the mixture of Christianity‖, with occultism might be alarming to some, but what they term Christian is purely a philosophical approach not unlike the Theosophical Society of Helena Blavatsky. The so called Enlightenment‖ known in European history as the time in their historical records when feudalism was toppled, ushering in the Age of Enlightenment ,also known as the Age of Reason‖. The secret societies that consciously set out to transform Europe are the ones who coined both of the preceding phrases, which are in keeping with their Luciferian doctrines.

Blavatsky promoted the smoking of Hashish as a spiritual enhancer‖. Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (-Hahn), (Jekaterinoslav 12 august. 1831 – London 8 may 1891 author of (The Secret Doctrine), founder of the Theosophical School.
She was a leading theosophist before her death; she had many protégés among them was the famed Annie Besant, and Alice Ann Bailey of The reappearance of the Christ‖ fame.

Annie Besant.

Besant was considered by George Bernard Shaw to be the greatest female orator of her time.

Besant was a great friend of Mahatma Ghandi and his cohort Jawarhlal Nehru.

Annie Besant was an avowed atheist before she met Madame Blavatsky.

Alice Bailey.
Djual Khool

In the book written by Alice Bailey she claimed that the earth would pass through a cleansing cycle‖, all those who rejected the idea that humanity could experience their own godhood, such as Christians and others would be removed as part of that cleansing cycle according to her Jesus was simply an ascended master each of us can ascend therefore we all have the potential to be Christ like , as can be seen this teaching is simply the same deception that Satan told Eve in the garden.

Unfortunately, this teaching is a part of the core value system as set forth in the teaching material of the United Nations.

The organization that has as its primal responsibility the collective security of the human race and the education of the race has a value system developed by theosophists who have a religion that has been dubbed, The New Age Movement. The present British Labor Party once led by Tony Blair and now by Gordon Brown, adopted much of its ideology from the Fabian Society an organization populated by theosophist‘s all of whom called themselves intellectuals, some of its more famous members were Annie Besant and George Bernard Shaw.

Above George Bernard Shaw.

Shaw was the most famous English playwright of the 19th and 20th century.

As can be seen some of the most powerful and influential public figures in the western hemisphere, in the spheres of politics, popular culture and even religion are decidedly of a pronounced anti-Christian value system as a result Christian youth should be maximally equipped with information that will allow them to separate the truth of their value system from the paganism taught on university campuses and elsewhere.

In the following section, we will examine the intellectualization of drug addiction and the glamorization of such by mainly, western European so called intellectuals.

Black men and women who consider themselves to be intellectuals have also glamorized the drug life, even some in the Black Nationalist and Consciousness communities have perpetuated the drug lifestyle or rather to use a term from their own lingua the drug death style.

Above at right John D Rockefeller and one of his sons.

John D Rockefeller in 1947 he donated the grounds on which the present day United Nations building sits to the U.N.

The influence of Bailey’s works has been, even greater than that of Blavatsky in the New Age movement. Another well-known theosophist/occultitian and Blavatsky clone is Annie Besant.

Annie Besant became leader of the occult theosophical society, and began to regard India as her home. Besant was appointed, head of the Indian National Congress, established by the British government in 1917. She also fought for the restoration of the Indian cults.

Before her death in 1933, at Madras she tried to establish her Hindu protégé J Krishnamurti as the messiah and a world teacher.

She was waiting to be reincarnated in order to continue her work to save the earth.

The similarities between certain practices of sect‘s worldwide in the nineteen thirties are astounding.

The thirties saw an upsurge in millenarian movements and messianic sects, Rastafari is only one of many.

This book aims to reveal the various influences and aspects within Shamanist cultures, additionally it is, an introduction to the Full Body Ministry.

The Japhetic Nations in North America.

e Japhetic Nations, in North America).The first Sermon in America preached by one of the Pilgrim Fathers in 1620, Massachusetts.The people called the Pilgrim Fathers came to what they called the New World to escape religious persecution.They were welcomed by the indigenous people who treated them kindly and shared their food with them.Out of that experience they instituted a day that they called thanksgiving, it is still celebrated today throughout the U.S.The ―Pilgrims‖ though murdered the Indians and their land was stolen from them.The European practiced a politics of conquest and used what they claimed was Christianity as a means to their end.The charlatans and fakes using the Christian faith as a means to an end overwhelmed the few truly genuine Christians amongst them.

An early colonist settlement on the American continent the continent is named after Amerigo Vespucci a Spanish conquistador I call him, a ―raider.‖The Sioux nation and many others were very welcoming of the colonists who settled in the Southern part of the continent, as can be seen, the painting above shows the indigenous people freely mingling with the colonists.When gold was discovered in the Black Hills, thousands of colonists came to the area and settled there. The presence of so many settlers encroaching on their territory enraged the indigenous people and many wars were fought with the colonists.The most famous war is the battle of Little Big Horn.There are many historical accounts of wars and battles, between the indigenous inhabitants ofwhat the Caucasian called America and the Amerindians. The native, to whom the land rightfully belongs were brave and valiant, unfortunately, due to the sheer numbers of the Caucasian and his superior technology, the inevitable occurred the final defeat of the ―Red Warriors‖, in scripture he is called the Red Horse.

The painting above depicts the four horses of the Apocalypse/Revelations.The horses are representative of the four racial groups; the African the European, the continental Red Indian and all the Asiatic types with China as the ultimate leader ―The Dragon.

This painting is of the committee that convened on 4 July and out of which the Emancipation Proclamation came.This will be continued in our section on Abraham Lincoln.The front and back of what the American government calls the ―Great Seal of the United States.‖M=1000, DCC=700, LXX=70, VI=6, the Roman numerals at the bottom of the pyramid stands for 1776 the year America became a nation.On the back of the seal, which can be found on the reverse of their dollar bill, is an unfinished pyramid, above the pyramid, is the Egyptian all Seeing Eye of Horus/Lucifer, the eye is surrounded by an emanation ―Illumination‖ of light.The Latin words on the front of their seal Eplurbus Unum meaning ―out of many one,‖ that is the Greek concept which in fact is the ―democratic‖, demos=many, cratos=rule, hence the term the majority rules. The concept of welding many different nationalities together in order to create one people or one nation, the Greek concept is also at work today on Sint Marten destroying the590very fabric of society, the most affected in society are poor young people and apostolic male youth.Above the eye the Latin words Annuit Coeptis, meaning, ―He favors our undertaking-,‖ underneath the pyramid we read Novus Ordo Seclorum, translated it reads, ―A new order of the ages,‖ (A New World Order).The Greeks built their value system from Egyptian or the Kemitian value system.The above right is the obverse of the Great Seal of America, and sketches of the originalWe see the founders of America spoke of a god and they claimed that he favored them who is their god? The third drawing at bottom left is of a Phoenix, which is similar to the phoenix next to it. The Eagle on the American Great Seal differs greatly from the original, which is no Eagle but a Phoenix. The drawings provided will aid the reader in making their own comparisons.

The following is from Hunt‘s (History of the Seal of the United States).

We see the founders of America spoke of a god and they claimed that he favored them who is their god? The third drawing at bottom left is of a Phoenix, which is similar to the phoenix next to it. The Eagle on the American Great Seal differs greatly from the original, which is no Eagle but a Phoenix. The drawings provided will aid the reader in making their own comparisons.The following is from Hunt‘s (History of the Seal of the United States).―In a colored sketch submitted as a design for the Great Seal by William Barton in 1782, an actual Phoenix appears sitting upon a nest of flames. This in itself demonstrates a tendency towards the use of this emblematic bird.Many claim that the founders of America were Christians yet the symbolism on their seal is occultic, the eye of Horus is an occult symbol.The New World Order is an age-old esoteric age that many New Agers and others are awaiting. In view of the evidence how can you rightfully call the founders of America Christian?, most of the symbolism and architecture of the American capital are Greek and Egyptian. Two pronounced esoteric occult cultures, the system of governance of America ―Democracy, is one adopted from the Romans, who built their empire on Greek values, and the Greeks in turn built their value system from Egyptian or the Kemitian value system .The following are Branch of Service Insignia, of the United States Army.

Intelligence USAR, as can be seen the symbol is a sphinx throughout this work I have explained what a sphinx is and out of which cultures the creature originated.Women‘s Army Corps the symbol is the Greek goddess Minerva wearing a helmet characteristically worn by Greek warriors.

This is the bust of the Roman goddess Minerva the goddess of the arts, arts in her case denotes the arts of Witchcraft. She corresponded to the Greek goddess Athena Pallas; she later was given the attributes of Athena who was a goddess of wisdom and war. Who can deny the overt paganism of America in the deliberate adaptation of pagan symbolism throughout its society, the ruling spirit of America is the Greek spirit as such America is an anti-Christian society in spite of its claims to the contrary.The third symbol is of the Transportation Corps, note the wings in the middle of the symbol representative of Achilles, a swift Greek god, (The term Achilles heel is taken from this legend).All the above points to the occult symbolism present in the American culture the Greek and Roman influence can never be denied neither is it coincidental nor innocent it is deliberate methodical and overt, the intent being to infuse the Grecian spirit into modern American life.

The library of congress in Washington D.C. replete with Greek and Roman cultural imagery the very style of architecture is Greco-Roman.Even the circular pattern above is after the pattern of the Romans.593The United States of America’s capital city is Washington D.C. (District of Columbia), America is a republic.America is comprised of fifty states forty-nine of which are on the continent and one in Hawai.The currency used in America is the U.S. dollar of course many persons today are familiar with some of what is being said here.Some Caribbean islands fall under the Jurisdiction of America, namely the US Virgin Islands, St Thomas, St Croix, next we have, Puerto Rico, although Gaum, American Samoa, and Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands are not Caribbean islands they are American territories.America is a representative Democracy; laws are passed by and approved by Congress.The American president has a considerable amount of power but Congress checks his power.Recently though the president was given extraordinary powers in the event of a scenario such as the 9/11 attacks, the U.S. president has the power to function as a virtual dictator.Many Americans think that their president should not have extraordinary powers in any circumstance after the 9/11 attacks we have seen America taking on a pronounced socialist character.America was being taken into socialism before September 11, but the pace has now been accelerated.With the advent of Obama, it only is a matter of time before America is completely a socialist nation.I want to now backtrack into the past in order to establish empirical evidence concerning the development of the American Revolution how America came into being as a Union and how it developed into the United States of America. On the 16th of December 1773 Under the leadership of John Adams, a group of colonists disguised as Indians boarded three British ships with a cargo of tea and threw the cargo overboard the event was called ―the Boston Tea Party.

After the event described above the opposing sides began to fight in earnest and to organize.The second continental Congress that came together in the summer of 1775 chose George Washington as chief in command of the American forces.In 1789 Washington was elected as the first American president in 1796 he refused to lead the American people as their president for a third term.The actual driving philosophy behind the American Revolution came from certain schools of thought I want to examine a few.

The fathers of America were according to some accounts preachers and ―Christians‖, yet history bears witness to the fact that many of them were Freemasons, which is in fact an offshoot of Baalism. The symbols on the United States dollar are of Egyptian and Freemasonic origin anyone doubting this must only turn the dollar bill over to see the proof of my statements.George Washington; known as, the Founding Father of America, in full Masonic regalia.The cornerstone of the US capitol was laid with Masonic honors on September 18th 1793; the covering organization was the Grand Lodge of Maryland. To the right is the prayer room at next to the capitals Rotunda, the ever present all Seeing Eye is directly above the head of the kneeling Washington, underneath the eye is the Egyptian pyramid.

Another Masonic rendering that reads ―the fatherhood of God ……the brotherhood of man. Christian sounding words, until you examine the artwork carefully. George Washington is wearing the Masonic lambskin apron, the showel with which he laid the first cornerstone of the Capitol Building. Who can deny the overt Masonic implications of the artwork above.There is even a greater proof than prominent US presidents and others in Masonic artwork, and even the old photographs of presidents wearing Masonic regalia and lambskins, and other irrefutable Masonic articles of clothing. The literature by person‘s considered to be amongst some of the worlds greatest Freemasonic thinkers, scholars and philosophers, one such person is Manly P Hall. In Hall‘s: The Secret Teaching‘s of All Ages,he implicitly refer to both George Washington and Benjamin Franklin as Masons and Franklin he suggested was not only a mason, but a Rosicrucian too, and Rosicrucianism at that time, was an order that practiced human sacrifice.Here is Hall in his own words: ―Many times the question has been asked, was Francis Bacon‘s vision of the ―New Atlantis‖, a prophetic dream of the new civilization which was to rise upon the soil of the New World? It cannot be doubted that the secret societies of Europe conspired to establish upon the American continent “A new nation, conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal” Two incidents in the early history of the United States evidence the influence of that silent body,which has so long guided the destinies of peoples and religions. By them nations are created as vehicles for the promulgation of ideals, and while nations are true to these ideals they survive;when they vary from them they vanish like the Atlantis of old which had ceased “to know the gods”.Even the designing of the colonial flag in 1775, was attributed to a ―mystery school wiseman‖, in Our Flag, by Robert Cambell (cited by Manly P. Hall in the book named in the preceding. Hall went on to detail from Cambell‘s book how General George Washington (future United States of America President), and Benjamin Franklin also a man who was destined to be a US President. Hall wrote: ― Did General Washington and Dr Franklin recognize the ―Professor‖ (the Professor references the wise man previously indicated), as an emissary of the mystery school which has so long controlled the political destinies of this planet? Benjamin Franklin was a philosopher and a Freemason possibly a Rosicrucian initiate‖. He and the marquis Lafayette … also a man of mystery…constitute two of the most important links in the chain of circumstance that culminated in the establishment of the original thirteen American colonies in a free and independent nation‖. Dr Franklin’s philosophic attainment‘s are well attested in Poor Richard‘s Almanac, published by him for many years under the name of Richard Saunders. His interest in the cause of Freemasonry is also shown in his republication of Anderson‘s Constitution of Freemasonry, a rare and much disputed work on the subject. The preceding has ably lain, the foundation for the following in this portion of this work.

In the Occulus of the Capitols dome, is a painting that is esoteric and occultic in all its facets. Why would the ostensibly Christian fathers commission such artwork? The only logical conclusion that I found is the founders were themselves occultists and used ―Christianity‖, as a convenient cloak when it best suited their needs. The painting above in the Occulus, of the Capitol, was inspired by the one on pg:286. The Apotheosis is the name of the painting on 286, which was done by Constantine Brumidi. Brumidi also painted the one in the Capitols occulus.

This is a close up of the painting discussed on the previous page. The choice of modeling this painting after the Vatican’s ―Apotheosis painted by the same man as the original, is revealing on many levels. The Apotheosis of Jesus speaks to his elevation from, his human existence to a divine one. The painting above given what has been divulged thus far, infers that George Washington was not a mere man, but a divine being i.e. a god. In the painting he is surrounded by various gods, from Greek mythology, those ―gods‖, are called pagan deities, by occultists and in scripture. Washington was knowingly portrayed as a chief pagan god surrounded by some of the greatest pagan Greek deities, and the fathers of America had no objection the painting can be viewed today in all its glory by anyone willing to take the time.

The original ―Apotheosis‖, named ―Christ in his majesty‖ in all it‘s full pagan pseudo-majesty.The painting above is itself a pagan painting, featuring the same winged babies as the other pagan paintings featured in this book. The Roman Catholic Institution, is treated as part and parcel and a continuation of paganism, and witchcraft under a pseudo-Christian veneer, in this work.

The collage of figures are close ups of the ―gods‖, surrounding Washington.The first at left top is Thoth or Hermes wearing his winged cap. In paganism he is the god of wisdom, he delivers an elixir of knowledge in a vial, for the founders to drink from, a ―divine elixir? I will quote from Helena Blavatsky‘s: Isis Unveiled ―Hermetist-from Hermes the god of wisdom, known in, Egypt, Syria and Phoenicia as Thoth, Tat, Adad, Seth and Satan, and in Greece as Kadmus. The Kabbalists identify him as Adam Kadmon the first manifestation of the divine power. There were two Hermes the first Trismegistus (Hermes Thrice Great), and the second an emanation of him. The friend and instructor of Isis and Osiris. Hermes is the god of the priestly wisdom, like Mazeus‖. Blavatsky that infamous occultist and teacher in her own words verifying, many of the claims made in this book.The second at right features Poseidon king of Atlantis and his offspring Venus.The third left is Vulcan god of fire, the esoteric deity of Alchemy. The fourth right is the American ―goddess‖, Columbia attacking tyranny in the form of fleeing men. Columbia is a composite of Minerva the goddess of war and crafts as in witchcraft; she is also the Roman Libertas/Liberty or Diana. The last two are of Ceres left and Minnerva at right. Ceres is the goddess of agriculture; Minnerva is the goddess of wisdom, war and crafts.

Pegassus the messenger of the gods although Pegassus was not included in the painting, it is included here because of its unique relationship to the rainbow i.e. Satan.

Above Alchemy is portrayed as a god, on the Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral. To the right Washington sits as a god, holding a sheathed sword in his left hand and pointing at an open book with his right hand. The god Alchemy above is holding two books in her hand one closed and one open (esotericism and esotericism), in Alchemy‘ left hand she holds a scepter signifying royalty and rulership. Since Washington is portrayed as a god here it follows that he would be all-powerful and wise, the open book signifies, his ability to grant ―enlightenment‖, to the seeker. Between her knees and going up the length of her body, is the The scalaphilosphorum, The Philosophers ladder, scaladei or stairway to god. Washington points to the book of Light Heavenly Secrets. I will again defer here to Manly P. Hall pertaining to the ―godhood of man‖. ―An ancient philosopher once said he who has not even knowledge of common things is a brute amongst men. He who has accurate knowledge of human concerns alone is a man amongst brutes. But he who knows all that can be known by intellectual energy is a God among men‖. Here we have empirical evidence from one of the ―greats‖, in philosophy and Freemasonic thought, two schools of thinking both of which George Washington, was an ardent student of. Therefore it should come as no surprise that in the most ―sacred and hallowed‖, buildings of Americana Washington is being portrayed as a god, but not any mere god nay, he is being portrayed as the highest pagan god Zeus himself, as I will prove subsequently in this work, cementing factually Washington‘s occult leanings and personal philosophical underpinnings.