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New video message from The Islamic State: “Inside the Caliphate”.


AL-ḤAYĀT MEDIA CENTER, on July 28, 2017, released an English language and Arabic language video, with English captions. The video featured two narrators and, a Caucasian American narrator and an Arabic speaking narrator, both of whom are fighters with the Islamic State. What follows is transcribed from the video in question entitled: Inside The Khilafah.

To the observant listener, the narrator says that the Amir of IS still alive, referencing him in the active present tense. IS mocked the Taliban for pretending Mullah Omar was still alive even when it was painfully obvious, that he was long dead, any Caliphate becomes illegitimate, if the Caliph is dead and a replacement is not announced. No one can give bayah, pledge allegiance to a dead man if their Caliph is truly dead IS would be obligated to announce his replacement under law (sharia).

The following is the transcribed video, video transcription by Wade Bailey, source Al-ḤAYĀT media center: “Despite the fierce and unrelenting campaign against the Islamic State may Allah preserve it. The State Wallamduillah, continues striving to carry out Allah’s order and to wage war on the Satatnic monetary system of the Tawagheet. Following the release of the gold dinar and silver dirham, the Islamic State is now rolling out the copper fez denomination of coins into the marketplace, to help facilitate smaller financial in a shari manner. The correlation between the new Islamic State coins has been set by the monetary committee, the value of the dinar corresponds to the market price of gold, while the value of one dirham is set, to the value of 100 fals. All goods and transactions must be priced and conducted using the new Islamic currency. This includes everyday goods as well as contracts, wages and services, including services provided by the Islamic State’s various departments. Wherever the Islamic State coins are available it is forbidden to deal with, the insidious banknotes that have no intrinsic value, and are printed at will by the Tawagheet. The subjects of Amir-ulmukhmineen are now cooperating and working closely, to ensure the successful implementation of the new Islamic currency. We ask Allah Azza wa-Jal, to bless this initiative and make us amongst the forerunners of those forbidding what is evil and enjoining that which is good.           



Umm Musa al-Finlandiyyah: What they never told me.

The following is a testimonial from a Finnish woman in the Islamic State explaining her conversion experience, and various creeds and doctrines within the Islamic State as pertains to Islam. Many of the points brought up by Umm Musa are indeed valid, one crucial point being that a Muslim is one who practices and observes all the Islamic tenets on a daily basis. One cannot be a Muslim homosexual, since in Islam that lifestyle as in true Christianity is a sin. There Muslim is no Muslim porn star porn and Islam, Christianity or Judaism is mutually exclusive, porn in and of itself is a defilement of the soul, all of the monotheist faiths are premised on the sacredness of the believers soul and their relation to God. The western attempt to reinterpret, Islam, Christianity and Judaism out of a secular modernist prism, is failing and will continue to fail, for no one is an expert in any area of human endeavor except participants, including faith communities. Resultantly all attempts by secularists to reinterpret faith, for contemporary public consumption will continue to meet with ruin and disaster.

Umm Musa al-Finlandiyyah: What they never told me.

All praise belongs to Allah, Lord of the creation, and may peace and blessings be upon the one who was sent with a sword as a mercy to mankind. After coming to Islam, I was given a pile of guides compiled for the new Muslim. These books and booklets explained the five pillars of Islam and the six pillars of iman, and also taught how to perform wudu and salah. At first, I thought this was quite a lot, as I had previously seen the lack of religious adherence by so-called “Muslims” – those whom I had thought to be Muslims – who didn’t pray, possibly fasted during Ramadan, and whose extent of following the Shari’ah was restricted to the avoidance of eating pork.

After my iman (iman is faith) started to root deeper and I gained a better understanding of what Islam really means, I started to wonder how these customary “Muslims,” who would neither pray nor fast, could even call themselves Muslims. When I asked about this problem, I received varying answers from both lay “Muslims” and supposedly knowledgeable “Muslims.” The responses were so different; I couldn’t decide which one of them to follow. Most of them claimed that even if a person doesn’t pray, he can still be considered a Muslim. Perhaps due to the number of those who said that, I decided to follow that claim without investigating the topic any further.

I didn’t face this particular matter again until sometime later. Then, someone who was braver than most of the others, dared to open his mouth and say that leaving the salah is, indeed, kufr. This time, I couldn’t let the matter rest, so I decided to start looking for an answer to this question myself. I started to read books about ‘aqidah. One of them mentioned something that I had never heard of before as a Muslim: the nullifiers of Islam. I was shocked! This was partly because I had never given thought to such a serious matter, and partly because nowhere else was I taught that, “Yes! In a blink of an eye, you can nullify your Islam and go from being a Muslim to being a murtadd kafir!”

Kufr and riddah are two words that are taboo in the “Muslim” community of Finland. Few dare to utter them aloud and even fewer dare to accuse anyone of falling into them. But what is most dangerous is that most of them don’t even know that there are actions that take people out of Islam, so many people think they are still Muslims, while in reality they have fallen into kufr and riddah.

Many people think Islam is like a citizenship – once you get it, it remains with you until the end of your life. But Islam doesn’t work with the same principle. It has conditions by which one enters it and nullifiers by which can leave it – even without knowing it.

Just as wudu, salah, and fasting can be broken by certain actions, so too can one’s Islam be broken, and nothing restores it except sincere repentance. It is the responsibility of every Muslim to protect himself and others from kufr, so it is necessary to know about those actions which lead to it.

The nullifiers of Islam that deal with democracy and man-made laws are those least mentioned. Participating in government elections and voting in them, as well as military service, working as a lawyer, and criticizing the Shari’ah of Allah, are only a few of the many things which can nullify one’s Islam, and all of them are easy to perpetrate when living in Dar al-Kufr.

The kufr of these actions is rarely explained to the Muslims, nor are they warned about it; in fact, they are often even incited to commit them by the many evil scholars, the imams of kufr and their followers! Blame for this negligence could just as easily fall upon the reason for this ignorance is the lack of study of the religion among individuals.

Though most of the the imams, the “scholars,” and the lecturers. Instead of warning about shirk and kufr, they belittle their importance, possibly even recommending that one commits kufr for the sake of some passing worldly benefit or for the sake of “tolerance.” They hold firmly to what they have learned at Murjiah-run schools in the Arab world and elsewhere, teaching – in practicality– that no Muslim can truly fall into kufr, as they criticize anyone who declares the riddah of a claimant to Islam for his commission of shirk or another act of blatant kufr.

However, Allah has promised in His Book that even if the Muslims were to abandon their religion, they would be replaced by those who would remain faithful to Him and to His limits. He said, “O you who believe! Whoever of you should revert from his religion, Allah will bring forth a people He will love and who will love Him, who are humble toward the believers, powerful against the disbelievers; they strive in the cause of Allah and do not fear the blame of any blamer. That is the favor of Allah, which He bestows upon whom He wills, and Allah is Encompassing and Knowing” (Al-Maidah 54).


Perhaps the fulfillment of this ayah in our time came only recently. As the masses of “Muslims” in the world have been falling day by day into kufr and riddah, into accepting only an Irja-based creed, and rejecting the clarity of the Quran and the Sunnah, it was only a matter of time that Allah would replace them with true Muslims who applied the Shari’ah, rejecting kufr and guarding themselves from riddah, without appeasing anyone who criticized them for doing so. The Islamic State rose from sincerity and was nourished by the blood of shuhada who took the fight against kufr seriously, striking at it until they met their Lord in that condition, striving in His cause.

And by the grace of Allah, the Islamic State has continued to have a firm policy against kufr and riddah. It hasn’t hesitated to make takfir despite the blame of any critics. This is because it didn’t come about to please the people, but rather, to please the Lord of creation. Thus, when the Messenger of Allah ordered to kill anyone who leaves Islam, the Islamic State listened and obeyed, as “It is not for a believing man or a believing woman, when Allah and His Messenger have decided a matter that they should have any choice in their affair” (Al-Ahzab 36).

When the kafir media began spreading the news about the mass executions conducted by the Islamic State in Iraq and Sham, many foolish people accused it of being of the “Khawarij.”

And when it burned Muath al-Kasasbeh, it was called an “un-Islamic extremist organization.” As many of the so-called “Muslim” world protested and disavowed themselves from these actions, no one brought up the kufr and riddah of which these who were executed and burned were guilty! And how could they, for they themselves didn’t know what the nullifiers of Islam were or what they included.

There is not a single enemy which the Islamic State is fighting that is free of kufr. Those factions that it wages war against have committed at least one nullifier– and most have committed more than one – which is usually their supporting the kuffar against the Muslims, as well as their endeavor to replace the law of Allah with man-made legislation. And even though

this fact has been brought out several times, it doesn’t benefit the Muslims unless they know that these actions are, in fact, riddah and kufr. For this reason, the ignorant “Muslims” are blaming the Islamic State for spreading fitnah and “spoiling the jihad,” though the only true jihad for Allah’s cause is what the IslamicState is actually conducting – for all of its enemies do nothing to support the establishment of Allah’s rule on earth.