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The Feminine Principle in Spiritual Value Systems.

Mother Cow, the goddess is here portrayed as a cow, the epitome of nurturance and motherhood, with its many teats to give suck it is the matronly ideal in not only Hinduism but many other Shamanist and fertility cultures.

Goddess Hathor portrayed here as a cow. The Hebrews or children of Israel in the bible agitated for Aaron the brother of Moses to create a golden calf in order for them to worship it, the imagery of a cow as deity then is consistent with the above portrayal.

In this book I allege that Hinduism is a creation or a child rather, of a people, either descended from the ancient people of Egypt. If they were not descended from then they were most certainly influenced by the Egyptians. The Dravidians of India and the many dark skinned tribes in areas such as Orisha in India, have been confirmed by archaeologist‘s and Paleontologist’s to have been the original inhabitants of India before the indo Aryans came, who called themselves Brahmin and imposed through conquest their ironclad racist caste system. Above Sri Lakshmi Devi with the Swastika in her lower right palm. The goddess of fortune in Hinduism there are certain ―deities sic demons‖, that preside over wealth, fortune et al, just as in Witchcraft and Satanism, the corresponding characteristics and abilities of the demons in all of the above mentioned, is proof of their origin being identical said origin being fallen angels.

Sometimes as an ascetic or ash-white Sadhu in a state of perpetual blissful meditation;

he reclines on a tiger‘ hide, high up in the Himalayas, Cobra‘s ring his neck. The crescent moon rests above his head; this demon is also portrayed as a dreadlocked man Shiva is a deity of destruction out of the chaos of destruction comes renewal, thus destruction must of necessity precede rebirth.

The pink Lotus plant in the illustration is highly significant, in the context of this explanation, the virtual unlikely occurrence of a Lotus growing in the Himalaya‘s is deliberate, the magical effect and the belief in magic is stressed here the drawing is in keeping with the value system that I am examining. The Lotus plant is recurrent in both Buddhism and Hinduism; the fragile seeming Lotus has braved extreme conditions defiantly clinging to life only to magically become the instrument of cosmic renewal.

At right is a cover of the Times newsmagazine, pictured is Kali in full self-destruct mode as the country of India. The cover suggests that India is self-destructing; unfortunately for the Times and those who promoted that false concept, India is fast becoming a global power to be reckoned with. The field of technology is increasingly being taken over by Asians and particularly East Indians, even in the US many of Silicone Valleys brightest stars are increasingly of East Indian and Asian extraction.

From destruction, life is birthed; the cosmos is renewed the unending cycle, to be repeated ad infinitum.

In Hinduism Brahman, the ever-constant deity re-emerges from the middle of the Lotus, the golden portion represents the Earth, as I said previously the themes of Chaos and renewal in Hinduism are inextricable, and are characteristics of the deities they honor.

In his Nataraja incarnation Shiva is a hermaphrodite, a creature with both a male and female sex organs, this is also the nature of Satan male as Lucifer and female as Diana.

The earliest inhabitants of India the Harappa were replaced by Indo Aryan immigrants they came from Central Asia, their language was Vedic which later became Sanskrit. Sanskrit is related, to the Iranian language group, the Indo Aryan Iranians consisted of a cohesive tribal makeup this according to archaeologist‘s and historians .A cursory glance at the world map will show the close proximity of the Indian subcontinent in the second Millennium B.C. through an intermingling of cultures worldwide paganism spread . The astute reader may remember from previous reading done on your own or from this work that Kali is the wife of Shiva one of the three main Hindu demon-gods.

The Bharat Matha, the painting above represents India as a mother goddess. The Hindu‘s again and the continental Aryans are of the same lineage as has been proven in this work. The Irish Celts call one of their goddesses Tara, it means Earth, Gaia the Earth mother is a similar concept again showing the oneness of paganism, irrespective of geographic location and racial classification.

Here a Sadhu deep in meditation Shiva appears riding a bull holding aloft a trident also a familiar item in Greek mythology, as Poseidon god of the seas is seen in statues and paintings with his trident.

Shiva is also called Kala, Kala is the masculine of Kali and Shiva is the lord of death hence the name of his consort Kali meaning the eternal time, death and night. Kali is also Durga the warrior goddess, of ecstatic sexual rites, rite as in worship.

In Hinduism, the female principle takes precedence over the male, as the feminine in Hinduism is the most powerful aspect. The preceding concept is clear even in the names of the two demons portrayed in the painting above, Shiva or Kala comes from Kali, she preceded him in the cosmogony of Hinduism. In the painting kali stands on Shiva in order to pacify her anger, the subservient position of Shiva to Kali is a perfect rendering of the type of Goddess worship the Hindu‘s engage in.

Above the Kali Yantra necessary when invoking Kali, naturally it is vaginal in shape an ode to the overt sexual nature of Kali.

Today Kali is a goddess, much revered in the West by Western Wiccans and she, is even being incorporated into feminist thought as symbolic of the power that women can wield. Males who engage in the worship of Kali bow themselves to women, as they consider women to be their rightful masters. The sex ritual depicted in the pictures above of Kali dominating Shiva is a dance of a sexual nature, Shiva becomes the wife in this role, the term dominatrix has its origins in goddess worship. Below is a drawing of Ceres the Greek goddess of Agriculture, next to her is a photo of Opium poppies which were sacred to Ceres. The Opium poppy is a plant sacred to Lilith.

The throne of Ceres is designed to resemble a flowering poppy, her staff is also reflective of a poppy in bloom, atop the staff in its hollow Opium is burning as savour in honor of the goddess. Naturally her adherents would imbibe Opium as a means of entering ecstatic trances in order to gain contact with and to become possessed, by Ceres (sorcery). Throughout this book I have stressed that all pagan cultures have their origins in fallen angels. In every culture known to man throughout the globe the same demon spirits keep appearing in mythology, folktales, epic tales and songs, art, architecture , religio magical rites et al.

It is no coincidence that every pagan culture has a god or goddess that corresponds to another culture somewhere else, the source or power that is worshipped is one and the same in this book I call the source demons according to biblical standards.

Chinamasta one of the ten goddesses or Maha Devi‘s. They are all varying manifestations of Kali.The similarities in the practices of the Canaanites and the Hindu‘s are astoundingly similar. The Canaanites worshipped the free love aspects of the Goddess Asherah. Canaanite women refused to accept the recumbent/passive position during coitus, or to only receive vaginal penetration. Instead, the women of Canaan, like those of Greece and Sumeria, favored the active position astride the man when not engaged in fellatio or Sodomy, all the above were strictly forbidden by the God of Israel. Another interesting aspect of Lilith is the Opium poppy which is sacred to her, showing her, as Ceres, the Greek goddess of agriculture, the red rose is also sacred to her.

The red rose is representative of feminine sexuality and the white rose symbolizes the pure virgin Goddess. In ancient Canaanite ritual sacrifices, to Ashtoreth and Baal, red rose petals were sprinkled on the consecrated altar before blood was shed.

After the sacrifice had taken place, white petals were scattered in order to represent the

new found purity believed to have been born from human or animal sacrifice.

Above Shiva and Parvatti his other wife. With Kali Shiva takes on the role of Parvatti as the patient suffering wife. Note the pronounced swell of the breasts on Parvatti, the stress here is on fertility, the act of reproduction is sacred, in all pagan cultures consequently sexual intercourse becomes a form of worship.

The idolatrous nature of some of these cultures cannot be denied, it is within the adaptation of these cults, (authors note: the word culture has its etymology in the word cult a cult essentially is the deification of a particular culture), that Howell and so many other Rastafarian leaders, and black consciousness intellectuals have erred.

Many in Black academia, and the so called elite intelligentsia, are doing black youth a great disservice in their promotion of certain aspects of paganism as intellectualism, and an alternative ―spirituality .Rastafari, which should be rightfully called modern day shamanism, has its roots in ancient mysticism, and esotericism this can be observed from the previous facts in this work. The mystical character of Rastafari can also be observed in their veneration of the Cannabis plant as sacred.

In Jamaica the birthplace of Rastafari; Howell was emulated by Bob Marley in such a distinct manner, that Bob Marley purposed within himself , he would never be forgotten hence his title, Tough Gong‖, a direct emulation of the title of the original Gong Leonard Howell.

The lifestyle of Bob Marley mirrored that of Howell‘s in many ways. From his house on Hope road, being a focal point for Rasta‘s to meet, his financial support of over 4000 persons, to his extra marital affairs, and the role of Rita Marley as queen mother of his large and extended family.

Africa in the Bible: Continued from The Garden of Eden in the Bible.

Image: A map of Nubia showing Sudan, the White Nile, and the Blue Nile splitting in Khartoum in Sudan, called Havilah in the bible.

Images: A Nuba man and a Ba-Twa man or what western academia has called a pygmy, (at the right of this page).There are on the continent  African people in Nubia known as the Nuba.

Image: Ptah the Egyptian god who according to the myth was a Batwa, ―pygmy i.e. a black African.

Image: A Nuba village, in Sudan.
Africans were already using the term Nubian in ancient times as a term of designation of a distinct, highly developed social, political, religious, and cultural ethnic group in the area in question, before European contact.The Arab and Berber did not exist at the primacy of the development of Nubian civilization.Berbers according to the Encarta are themselves an Arabized people, how then can an assimilated primitive culture formed after the Nubian which was a supra-civilization, be credited with having fathered the modern inhabitants of Nubia? The utter absurdity in the matter defies common sense! Scholars still use terms such as Hamitic, Japhetic, and Semitic as terms of designation for the various people groups on the planet.The terms are in fact derived from the bible they are the names of the three sons of Noah namely, Ham, Shem, and Japheth. Ham fathered the African nations most notable of which are Kush (Ethiopia, Somalia, and Eritrea), Mitsrayim (Egypt), and Phut=Punt (Nubia), Nimrod (Babylon), et al. Shem fathered certain notables such as Asshur (Assyria), Elam, Aram, and Arphaxad, out of these came the so-called Semites along with their languages.

The book above left by Mircea Eliade is a revelation on the face of it, no pun intended. In the very title of the book, the nature of Shamanism is revealed: ―Archaic Techniques of Ecstacy‖.

Above Sheshat goddess of record-keeping and measurement in ancient Kemet, on her head is the Cannabis leaf.

In the section on ―Races of Mankind‖, the most ridiculous outright racist and bigoted not to mention purely fictional designations for ―ethnicity, is invented. The pseudo-scientifical drivel in the ―atlas will be handled here in brief. Ethiopians are referred to in the book mentioned above as being of White stock, Somalians, Nubians, are also referred to as ―White‖ or Caucasians. I quote from the book is justified here: ―The Hamites, who inhabit North and Northeast Africa belong to the Caucasian branch of mankind, even Tuaregs are made into ―Hamites, a fictional ―race. The bust‘s above of the persons referred to as being of ―white stock are all Africans, yet because of there having been discovered evidence of the people‘s referred to as white having developed, high cultures anciently, the racist Caucasian pseudo-scholar in a failed attempt to make all high-cultures ―white‖, created three primary fictional ―races and called them Hamites, Semites and Japhetites. On the other hand, the same Caucasian Ham is blackened by the so-called scholars of the type above when it suits their needs.The entire body of literature of the type described previously is simply too, mind-boggling and moronic for me to dedicate much space to its insane claims, I will suffice it to quote from the esteemed Sudanese scholar Cheikh Anta Diop (Diop was the director of the radiocarbon laboratory at I.F.A.N. at the University of Dakar, Senegal): ‗ What we cannot possibly understand is how it has been possible to make a white race of Kemet: Hamite, black, ebony, etc. Obviously, according to the needs of the cause Ham is cursed, blackened, and made into the ancestor of the ―Negroes‘. This is what happens whenever one refers to contemporary social relations. On the other hand, he is whitened whenever one seeks the origin of civilization because there he is inhabiting the first civilized country in the world. So the idea of eastern and western Hamites is conceived-nothing more than a convenient invention to deprive Blacks of the moral advantage of Egyptian civilization and other African civilizations. It is impossible to link the notion of Hamite, as we labor to understand it in official textbooks, with the slightest historical, geographical, linguistic, or ethnic reality. No specialist is able to pinpoint the birthplace of the Hamites, (scientifically speaking), the language they spoke, the migratory route they followed, the countries they settled, or the form of civilization they may have left. On the contrary, all the experts agree that this term has no serious content, and yet not one of them fails to use it as some kind of master-key to explain the slightest evidence of civilization in Black African.

The first image above is a statue unearthed in Egypt, underneath it is a Somalian man, designated as a Caucasian by white racists posing as scholars, last is an Egyptian carving depicting a man. The statue and carving both bear striking resemblances to the man in the middle, both in hairstyle and skin texture, the carving is clearly ―African by its hair texture which is so-called ―Pepper Corn. The full lips and dark skin color of the Somalian clearly identify him as an African, yet buffoons claiming to be scholars have made him white in order to claim for themselves the distinction of being ―the founders of civilization.

Figure: The Scarab or Dung Beetle representing Kephera. In some instances red rubies are encrusted in the object we know that the more ornate designs were made for royalty or High Priests. Also one important fact that must be taken into account in anciency the continent of Alkebulan was still joined to the other countries of the so-called Middle East all of whom were satellites of the Nubians. One must bear in mind that there was no Aswan Dam.The name of the third river is Hiddekel it states that it went towards the east of Assyria, and the fourth river is the Euphrates.
Part three of this series will focus on the Dogon tribe and their extraordinary knowledge of Astronomy. How could so-called primitive people have advanced knowledge about the cosmos, and in particular Sirius the Dogstar, how could they without telescopes accurately map the stars and their paths for thousands of years? I will delve into all those questions from a biblical perspective, in the upcoming posts.