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NOTE TO READERS: This material was published previously by me on other platforms. However, the content remains relevant and even more so than when it was first published.

In the presence of representatives from more than 25 countries, the international and regional community had been warned, that should there be any Caribbean involvement in terrorist activities. That the likelihood that there would be black Guyanese involved was almost 100% certain. The warning was made in 2005 by a Guyanese delegate who had made a study on the structure of Islam in Guyana, at an international Caricom seminar for a Small Business training program. The majority of black Guyanese men he noted were converted to Islam while in prison. The disaffected poorly educated men in prison are fertile soil for radicalization. Above left Abdul Kadir is the exact opposite of the profile given for radicalization by the delegate. Kadir is a former Guyanese parliamentarian, who was arrested along with his cohorts in the middle and right, in the plot to blow up the Kennedy International Airport in New York. Before he was arrested Kadir had repeated contacts with Mohsen Rabbani (an Iranian cleric involved in the 1994 bombing of a Jewish synagogue in Argentina), and Adnan Shukrijumah, using his extensive influence as a former parliamentarian Kadir was able to help Shukrijumah secure a Guyanese passport.

Above top FBI’s most wanted poster for Adnan El Shukrijumah, a Caribbean citizen of Guyanese extraction. It is uncertain where he was born since his father was a cleric in Saudi Arabia. Both his father and mother are from Guyana. Above an FBI most wanted poster for Osama bin Laden, Ayman al Zawahiri, and Adnan El Shukrijumah.
The ―plot‖ to blow up the Kennedy Airport was brought to Kadir and his blundering cohorts by convicted drug dealer Aaron Francis, Francis agreed to lure the men into a CIA masterminded the plot, whose aim was to entrap Shukrijumah. Kadir was targeted because he was an influential, educated Guyanese who had extensive ties in Iranian diplomatic circles and was seen as a threat by the US.April 2004, Muhammad Hassan Ebrahimi, an Iranian Shiite cleric affiliated with Guyanas International Islamic College of Advanced Studies (IICAS, received large amounts of money from the Iranian government ), was abducted by armed unknown assailants (whether his murderers were CIA or others is not known). His decomposed remains were discovered a month later buried in a shallow grave. More Iranians are beginning to make use of the Caribbean, due to the nonexistence of background checks before diplomatic passports are issued. Some Iranians have been given passports of Caribbean island nations as in the case of St Kitts, which issued a Kittitian diplomatic passport to Iranian Alizera Moghadam, he claimed to have paid $1million for the passport, en route to Canada he was detained in transit. While the prime minister of St Kitts and Nevis Denzel Douglas maintains that, it is impossible to obtain a diplomatic Kittitian passport through payment, reports coming out of various sectors in St Kitts and Nevis refute his statements. Apparently, under the ‗Citizenship by Investment‖ program, Moghadam was granted his passport, in other words, he did pay for his passport. The potential for criminals, terrorists, and others to make use of the ―citizen by investment‖, are enormous the ramifications of this practice will be felt throughout the western hemisphere in years to come.

Sheik Abdullah Al Faisal the Jamaican-born, a former Christian who converted to Islam at the age of 16, he was deported from Britain in May 2007 after having spent four years in a British prison and is now on the no-fly list. He was accused of inciting racial hatred and soliciting murder. He is said to have influenced the ―shoe bomber‖, Richard Reid, Germaine Lindsay (Lindsay like Faisal is of Jamaican descent), responsible for the 2005 underground train bombing in London, in which he and 26 other others died, Faisal Shahzad, the failed Times Square bomber was also named as one of the people he ―inspired‖. In 2010 the Sheik was arrested in Kenya and accused by the government thereof of entering the country illegally. His arrest sparked deadly riots and reprisals in Kenya that lasted well over a week. The Kenyan authorities later spent well over 500,000 dollars to have him flown back to his native Jamaica. The Sheik at the age of 16 traveled to Saudi Arabia where he spent eight years, he is believed to have converted to Islam in Saudi Arabia. He took a degree in Islamic studies before coming to the UK. An Associated Press, an article published on Fri May 27 2011 by David McFadden stated: ― U.S. diplomats have expressed concern that an Islamic cleric convicted of whipping up racial hatred among Muslim converts in Britain might do the same thing in his homeland of Jamaica, according to a leaked cable from the island‘s U.S. Embassy‖.The following are excerpts and quotes from Global Research in International Affairs (GLORIA), The Project for the Research of Islamic Movements (PRISM.The report stated that the region’s Muslim population consists largely of South and Southeast Asians, with their roots stemming back to the colonial period, in the last decades the region has also witnessed an increase in migrants from the Middle East. According to the report, there is a growing number of Muslim converts in the Caribbean amongst disenfranchised populations of African descent. Many of the Caribbean people of African descent converting to Islam are perceiving Islam as a ―rite‖, of political empowerment as well as an adaptation of a ―suitable‖ identity. Many are adopting Islam as Christianity is being increasingly viewed as a ―white man’s religion‖, particularly by young men of African descent regionally. Recently across the region where Islamic communities have been entrenched for decades, a clamor for the Arabization of the society is taking place. The Arabization process is specifically being felt in the growing demands that Arabic be taught in primary and secondary schools. South Asia and the Middle East is impacting the region politically, culturally, and religiously, as Islamic missionaries from both regions are being sent to the Caribbean, while Caribbean Muslim students are studying in increasing numbers in the above-mentioned Islamic regions. The report highlighted what it referred to as the: Sunnification and Islamization process in Guyana. According to the Central Islamic Organization of Guyana (CIOG), there are 150 formal and informal mosques throughout Guyana. There are several Islamic organizations active in Guyana most notably, the Hajatul Ulamaa, the Muslim Youth Organization (MYO), the Guyana Islamic Trust (GIT), the Guyana Muslim Mission Limited (GML), the Guyana United Sad‘r Islamic Anjuman (GUSIA), the Tabligh Jamaat, the Rose Hall Islamic Center and the Salafi Group. In mid-1988 Guyana became a permanent member of the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC). In 1966 after Guyana won its independence it established diplomatic relations with Arabic countries including Egypt, Iraq, and Libya all of those countries opened embassies in Guyana. Guyanese Muslims, presently travel to Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Libya to study Islamic theology and Arabic. The Guyanese Muslims upon returning to Guyana began and still continue to introduce Wahabism (a strict Saudi Arabic interpretation of Islam), into Guyanese society. The report cited a growing concern in Trinidad that elements of some Islamic groups have traveled to Afghanistan and Pakistan and have fought in both countries in support of radical Islamists in those nations. What governments regionally nor internationally seem not to comprehend, is the Guyanese and TNT Muslim population are mainly of a Sunni Islamic persuasion, the Wahabist doctrine that has been spread, clandestinely throughout the Caribbean for years, mainly through Islamic organizations sponsored by Saudi Arabia, has borne fruit and are manifesting at present in Caribbean Sunni‘s from a broad spectrum of Caribbean nations joining the fight in Syria and Iraq in aid of their Sunni brethren in IS.


The Balkinization of The Middle East.

This post is more relevant than when, I first wrote it in 2014, as an article for a local publication here in Sint Maarten.John Negroponte is called one of the modern architects of the Balkinization process, in the Middle East. Negroponte is a 1980’s US Ambassador to Honduras.

Above John Negroponte stands in the middle of his bodyguards, all of them US military operatives.

Many journalists and writers have referred to  Negroponte as a ‘Death Squad Specialist’. A revealing article by Patrick Henningsen, Global Research,  November 2, 2014,  described Negroponte as Washington’s man in Latin America, who controlled the CIA backed Contra rebels. What follows is a direct quote from Henningsen: ‘Through cocaine and narcotics trafficking these paramilitary gangs were also able, to fund their conquest to destabilize and terrorize Nicaraguans. ‘So it was no surprise when Negroponte showed up as US Ambassador in Baghdad Iraq, in 2004, and Islamic death squads began appearing in Iraq featuring some of the most brutal sectarian violence to date’ end quote.
The article went even further and accused, Robert S. Ford US Ambassador to Syria, of being the instrument of the US, in facilitating the attacks of the ‘peaceful protesters’, against the Syrian regime: ‘Soon after Ford’s arrival, western-backed Flash Mobs and targeted violence against Syrian police and military erupted in parts of Syria’ end quote.
The war in Syria at present (2014) that is still ongoing), is not limited to Syria it will encompass the broader Middle East, Central Asian region extending from North Africa and the Eastern Mediterranean to the Afghanistan-Pakistan border with China. The countries previously mentioned will be engulfed in an extended war. A war on Syria could evolve towards a US-NATO led military campaign against Iran, in which Israel and Turkey would be directly involved.
John Negroponte is a name not often mentioned in the corporate media, yet he remains a highly divisive figure,. If the various media are to be believed Negroponte is a dangerous individual who should be imprisoned not running around the world organizing Death Squads. I will examine Negroponte even further here, since any reportage on Syria even of minimal depth will at some point, consist of an analysis of Negroponte in the context of the architects of the present war in Syria. As I have shown in many articles and Blog post’s previously, the war in Syria was in the pipeline since the 1990s, the present US-engineered war in Syria then is part of said agenda, and its architects are the top people in the US military and intelligence apparatus respectively.

Figure: A map showing the countries of Iraq, Iran, Turkey, and Syria the theater of the present war in Syria. The policy of the United States government’s top people, in the Middle East, is one of balkanization, through fueling sectarian violence which they then dub, ‘uprisings’, like the US-engineered ‘Arab Spring’. The Syrian sectarian war will be used by the US-led NATO States as a pretext to engineer a broader war, which will be dubbed a ‘Humanitarian Crisis’. The ultimate goal being war with Iran, with the end game being regime change in Iran, placing the world in Biblically fulfilled prophecy.
Within the context of the architects of the modern balkanization of the Middle East, another interesting figure who consistently appears on the investigative radar is Robert Stephen Ford.
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This shift in IS’s policies can already be seen, but is likely to increase as the

organisation loses more territory. From that point on, several scenarios

are possible. One scenario is that IS continues to operate as an alternative to al-Qaeda, with its local branches in countries such as Libya and Nigeria.

Given that both organisations will have roughly the same goals, they are likely to merge. Another scenario is that IS will dwindle and al-Qaeda will rise again.

Still another option is that they will continue to be rivals, with IS continuing to try to set up a state.

Any of these scenarios, and potentially others, are possible.

Given the tensions between al-Qaeda and IS and the inhibitions that some IS- supporters are likely to have had about IS’s increasingly violent policies, any future efforts to set up an Islamic state are likely to be slightly different.

There is a strong sentiment among many Jihadi-Salafi scholars and leaders that an Islamic state is a very good thing in principle, but that it should not be executed the way IS did it.

This analysis of the situation may result in more careful ways of going about

establishing an Islamic state the next time an opportunity arises.

In other words: for Jihadi-Salafi critics of IS, the collapse of the latter has the potential to be a major ‘I told you so’ moment.

In Jordan, there is the additional difficulty of intra-Jihadi-Salafi rivalry.

The two main Jihadi-Salafi scholars in the country (and probably in the

world) – Abu Qatada al-Filastini and Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi – have been strongly against IS from the beginning.

A large number of Jihadi-Salafi activists, however, disagree with them and still have fresh memories of the rivalry between their local hero – Abu Mus‘ab al-Zarqawi – and al-Maqdisi.

While they see the former as a brave fighter who was willing to walk the talk, the latter is seen by them as an armchair jihadi who, when push came to shove, was not willing to support the jihad in Iraq.

Moreover, al-Maqdisi often stressed the need to set up an Islamic state, rather than just engaging in attacks without lasting results.

When IS came along, it seemed that a sustained effort to do what al-Maqdisi had always wanted – setting up an Islamic state – was finally being made, yet al-Maqdisi again refused to support it because he saw IS as the epitome of the “extremist” policies that he had always rejected.

To some supporters of al-Zarqawi, this was proof that al-Maqdisi was hypocritical and not supportive of Jihadi- Salafism.

To al-Maqdisi himself, however, the fall of IS is likely to be seen as proof that he was right all along.

Due to the extent of support for both positions, neither of these narratives is going to become entirely dominant in Jordan, with both co-existing uneasily for some years to come.

Dr Wagemakers’ research, at the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands, concentrates on Salafi ideology and groups, especially in Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the Palestinian territories.

Statement by Mustafa Mohamed: America’s designation of Hay’at Taḥrīr al-Shām.



Above is a   copy of an official US Department of Defense statement on its designation of  Hay’at Taḥrīr al-Shām, as a terrorist organization.


What follows is the English translation of Mustafa Mohamed’s response Muhamed was is the former spokesman of Jabhat an-Nusra, which   became Jabhat  Fatah al-Sham and according to Mustafa Mohamed : “JFS members, who have recently dissolved into the larger, unified body known as Hay’at Tahreer Al-Shaam (HTS)”.


Here is the complete statement by Mustafa Mohamed the official spokesman of Hay’at Taḥrīr al-Shām:   


The recent statement by the US special envoy for Syria, Michael Ratney, aims to cause disunity and discord in Syria by attempting to isolate former JFS members, who have recently dissolved into the larger, unified body known as Hay’at Tahreer Al-Shaam (HTS). The one page official statement, drafted in Arabic, did not have an English translation, nor was it available on their government website. Rather, the US administration chose to address a very particular Arabic-speaking audience by releasing their statement on the official Twitter page of the US Embassy in Syria. Twitter is an extremely popular platform amongst this constituency, and is where most information regarding the revolution is found, shared, discussed

and disseminated; so it is no wonder that the statement spread through cyberspace like wildfire among the mujahideen in a matter of minutes.

The statement is almost a clear designation of HTS as a terrorist organisation, and if it were not for the necessary formalities, I would have it considered it so. Regardless, I believe that the US will deal with HTS in whichever way it pleases, and just as their bloody military track-record clearly proves, they are not prepared to be held accountable by anyone, nor will any attack by them require verifiable proof to legitimatise or justify it. According to the statement, collective punishment only requires the presence of former JFS members in the ranks of HTS. That is one excuse that has been maintained by the American administration since their interference in the Syrian revolution to justify their crimes.

As long as there is one man that resembles AQ in one war or another, they have the right to blow Syria to smithereens. That man will not exist, and if for some reason he does not, they will find a way to say that he does.

The Americans are desperately counting on: a) using scare-tactics to convince the public that all evil that has come to them is a result of a hidden bogey-man that is secretly collaborating with the diabolical global organisation known as Al-Qaeda; b) creating disunity and discord amongst members of HTS by hoping they will ‘take the bait’ and believe that they may survive if they are subservient. The truth is: every tyrant uses false flags to offer hope, security and success to a weak, uneducated audience. While the Muslim Ummah is far from where it should be today, I can confidently say that even the layman can see through the smoke and mirrors here. I will go as far as saying that even those who are meeting with the Americans regularly, nodding their heads in agreement and doing their best to show those big pearly whites do not believe for a moment that America is the “friend” of the Syrian people.

It is politics, and many of those who have chosen to get involved are doing so assuming they are ensuring the interests of their cause (even though most are deluded and politically naive). In any case, everybody knows too well that there does not exist a nation on this earth that is driven by economic and political self-interests more than America.

Gaining the trust of the Muslim people is an unachievable mission that America is willing to spend billions to achieve. What makes me even more confident that their mission is a complete failure is the fact that even though Mujahideen are far from ideal, and even with the aggressive war waged against them, they still enjoy a relatively public support.

Members of society still believe in them and their cause. Of course there is frustration and anger amongst many, but that is only expected given the extreme circumstances we are going through, most of which is a result of the injustices and oppression raining down on the Syrian people.

I do not intend to justify mistakes or ignore deficiencies that exist in the ranks of the Islamic movement as a whole, some factions obviously being more erroneous than others, but placing the Muslim Mujahid in the same boat as the Americans is nothing short of criminal. Further, the Muslims are growing more aware and have developed an acuity that allows them to see the American administration for what they really are.

That is not going to change any time soon; if it does change for some, it will not be enough to harm the Islamic project, nor will it be enough to ensure the American project in the Middle East is achieved.

The statement written in Michael Ratney’s name was a threat; threats are made by those who are not willing to fight the fight, or at least are not ready just yet. There is something stopping them from making that call. America knows who they are in the eyes of the masses.

Another invasion of a Muslim country will only increase resentment and will certainly encourage acts of aggression against them1. That is not something America wants to do right now. They have much more to lose in a making that call than a country like Russia, for example.

This threat was an attempt steer less resolved members of HTS away from the Islamic project by encouraging them to think of ways to avoid the rubber stamp, ideas such as: fragmenting HTS, denouncing JFS members or even perhaps offering them as a sacrificial lamb.

If this did happen, it would result in JFS members becoming paranoid, looking over their shoulders all the time, creating an environment of non-trust amongst the one group. Assumptions will turn into truths. Conspiracy theories will become intellectual theorization.


Other non-JFS members of HTS will also become worried. Did they make the right choice? Is there any way forward? Were our critics right about us all this time? All of these questions will be flying around, and there will not be anyone to give a decisive answer.

However, none of these issues have mattered in the past when other, less obvious tactics were used to fragment the mujahideen and stop the revolution, and I believe it will not make a difference today.

He ended with the following Quranic injunction:

“And they planned, but Allah planned. And Allah is the best of planners” Qur’an 3:54.

The following is a clarification by Mohamed:

I anticipate this sentence in particular to be taken by some as a sort of subtle threat to America or a hidden message to the youth to carry out attacks in the West. Even though I am not writing this for the audience which will interpret my words this way, I believe that for the sake of my intended audience, it is my duty to clarify my position. I firmly believe that all acts of indiscriminate aggression against a civilian population is Islamically unacceptable, regardless who is carrying them out. Perhaps this can be detailed at a later date.




Al-Qaeda’s Inspire Magazine issue 15 Spring 2016.

Note from website Administrator: The information on this site pertinent to terrorism is strictly, for research purposes and general information to the public at large. This information is in no way an endorsement of al-Qaeda nor any other terrorist organization. This site post’s up to date information, from a variety of international intelligence sources, including from the publications of groups such as al-Qaeda ,Islamic State, Jabhat al-Nusra and many others, in order to give our readership a nuanced balanced, diet of material from both sides of the Rubicon. This platform is an alternate source of information, with a narrative that is largely counter the narrative being provided by corporate media outlets in the western hemisphere. The following is from al-Qaeda’s Inspire magazine. In the spring 2016 issue of Inspire al-Qaeda goes in depth on the preparation, and strategic methodology of carrying out successful Lone Wolf attacks and, how to prepare for, test, then carry out successful assassinations. What follows is their opening explanation and rationale for the aforementioned.


Assassination is an effective tool in warfare. Its methods evolve with the development and progresses in life and knowledge. The Prophet ( صلى الله عليه وسلم) ordered the killing of many criminal leaders using this method, which had a great impact in the balance of war between truth and falsehood. How he dealt with his enemies and friends. His methodology will continue to be a guide for us in this path of truth.

And here we are, following the footsteps of the Prophet ( صلى الله عليه وسلم) on In the previous issue (Issue#14: Assassination operations), we generally talked about assassinations and specifically discussed about assassinations at a workplace.

Citing the Charlie Hebdo attack as a case study, the operation was well organized and systematically executed; we explained the details of the operation in an easily laid out manner so as to be suitable and adaptable to the Lone Mujahid.

In this issue, we will continue discussing about assassinations in our OSJ (Open Source Jihãd) section, in order to raise the level and abilities of the Lone Mujahid to professionalism in executing an operation. We will provide him with methods that are more professional and means that require constant training and experimenting for him to reach an advance level and perfection.

These military operations should eventually benefit the general political goals of the Mujahideen, for them to have a great impact on the enemy.

Previously we laid a policy called “Cutting the Nerves and Isolating the Head”, which we continue to work upon in our war against America.

The nerve is its economy. To cut it, we have to separate and isolate America from the world. This will only be realized; firstly by the will of Allah, then by concentrating our efforts and selecting our targets carefully.

The target list released from the previous issues, will allow us to achieve these goals. Targeting personalities who invest their massive wealth in America and depositing them in its banks.

Today America is in a season of presidential elections, which will define the winning party to the presidency. This may cause a slight difference to the American citizens but for us it is still the same story; this is because between a foolish candidate that openly declare his enmity towards Islam and a candidate pretending to be a friend of Islam, thousands of Muslims continue to die as a result of the inhuman American policies in Islamic lands.

After America failed to impose its direct domination and rule under the excuse of countering terrorism. And after America was exhausted in fighting many wars with Islamic groups. And after realizing that it is losing a battle rather than winning, they began to think of making arrangements on how to retreat from our lands ‘safely’.

America found that the best way to achieve this is by igniting the region with sectarian wars. Their aim was not to weaken one party over the other, but rather total annihilation of one party … the Sunnis.

This is the kind of war occupying Sunni Muslims today. Exhausting them and weakening them so as not to enjoy living freely under the Islamic Shariah.

Keeping them busy in wars, since they (America) were unable to confront the Muslims directly on the ground. These are the dirty politics of America, led by the Democratic Party under the leadership of Obama.

And on the other hand we have the republicans, who openly kill, fight and declare The Democrats smile at the Muslims while stabbing them at their backs.

They consolidated Iran’s influence in the region, giving them privileges and allowing them to use every opportunity to kill Sunnis.

They turn a blind eye to what Bashar is doing in Syria, supporting the Iraq government, and secretly negotiating with the Houthis in Yemen to fight the Sunni.

Allah the Almighty is true when He said: {And they will continue to fight you until they turn you back from your religion if they are able.} [2:217].

It is enmity between truth and falsehood. And the ancient struggle between those who worship Allah, and those who worship the Shaytan. If Shaytan came to you dressed in garments preaching and giving advice, then you never know what is buried underneath the garment in plot, grudge and enmity.

Despite of all that, we are still witnessing a great Islamic revolution from East to West. And a jihãdi Uprising of such a scope and numbers that has never been witnessed by the Islamic world for almost a century.

Therefore, the only choice that we have in gaining back our rights is by the use of force and weapons. The events and reality going on around the globe prove that the world does not allow us to even enjoy the very simple basic rights, the right to freedom of worship.

They fight us under the name of Democracy; they wage war at the very core of our Islamic culture and identity, they consider everything contradicting Democracy as radical and fundamental. It is of course impossible for them to just allow us to rule by Shariah.

Therefore, the eventual result is that fighting will continue until we remove this oppressive and dominant plague, America, upon the Muslims.

We are fighting a Holy war with America. We will never put down our weapons until we fulfill what Allah want from us. We are determined to keep fighting and striking America with operations by Organized jihãdi groups and by Lone Jihãd, pursuing America in its homeland – by the will of Allah.

That is why we are committed through Inspire magazine to present to the Lone Mujahid clear vision and practical methods. Not only militarily, but in all aspects; Sharia, politics and education– Although the magazine tends to focus on military and inspirational topics, we also seek to cover other aspects and encourage the Lone Mujahid to fill any shortage of information from other sources. We ask Allah to provide us and all Muslims with taqwa

Yahya Ibrahim .