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BMF and Big Meech.

this post is excerpted from my book and was written several years ago.

Demetrius Flenory aka Big Meech.

The Black Mafia Family a.k.a. BMF, is a much storied urban street tale of mythological proportions. Demetrius Flenory above and his brother Terry Flenory from Detroit Michigan.
The Flenory brothers began peddling crack vials filled with $50 dollars worth of crack on the streets of Detroit, in the eighties and grew to become a multi-kilo drug distribution ring that employed over 500 persons. Terms like making it rain (slang for tossing bills in the air at strippers), were copied by rappers directly from the lifestyle of Demetrius Flenory a.k.a. Big Meech, who was known to toss anywhere from twenty thousand to fifty thousand dollars in the air at strippers usually in varying denominations.

Here Big Meech is in the photo with the rapper Nelly draped in a Chinchilla coat. At right Meech and middle Anthony Wolf‖ Jones, the sometimes bodyguard (deceased), of P Diddy. each of the men in the photo are holding 600 hundred dollar bottles of Perrier Jouert, the lifestyle shown above was later popularized by rap artist‘s in their music videos. The Black Mafia Family was a cocaine smuggling crew, who lived the life that the rappers could only fantasize about. Young Jeezy, T.I., and a few other rappers from the Atlanta area have B.M.F. to thank for helping them raise their public profile. Jeezy particularly has been linked to B.M.F. publicly and made no secret of it as his earliest music video shows, the cars, and medallions in the videos were B.M.F‘s, while Jeezy constantly referenced the crew in his lyrics. The photo above at left shows Anthony Jones and Meech in happier times since Jones was murdered by either Meech or one of his associates outside the club Chaos in Atlanta. I will attempt to reconstruct some of the events surrounding BMF, from their debauched partying to the insane amounts of Champagne they consumed at a club, to their wild spending sprees and the trivial incidents that led to bruised egos and ended in death, for whomever they deemed offended them . Hip-Hop night at club Chaos, owner Brian Alt was quoted on Nov. 13, 2003, AJC article saying that due to hip-hop Mondays, the night had become his most profitable. We had celebrities come in almost every week. Chaos was not a mega club, at least not on the scale of mega-clubs such as Compound and Vision. Chaos had three separate spaces, each with its own bar: a lounge-like foyer, a dance floor behind it, and a long narrow room to the side. An article in the May 2006 issue of Vibe estimated that on the night Meech went to Chaos, his entourage numbered in the “dozens. On the night in question, Demetrius Flenory and Anthony Wolf‖ Jones would duel to the death over a former girlfriend of Jones‖, whose occupation was a stripper! An affidavit filed in Fulton County Superior Court by Atlanta Police Investigator Louis Torres states: “Inside the club, there was an altercation between … Jones and another group of men which included Meech.” In a Nov. 12, 2003, story about the Wolf incident, reported that witnesses told police that an argument over a woman may have sparked the shooting. The manager of Chaos claimed that an unidentified woman and her date entered the club around 1 a.m. and were met by the woman’s ex-boyfriend. The article states that Wolf “started harassing the couple, prompting security guards to ask him to leave.” An article published the following day in the AJC states, “Anthony ‘Wolf’ Jones confronted his long-time girlfriend because she had arrived with a group of men for ‘hip-hop night’ at Chaos.” Wolf “left peaceably at 1:30 a.m.” at Alt’s request, according to the story. According to the May 2006 Vibe article: “Wolf staggered through the BMF-heavy crowd inside the club and began chatting up an ex-girlfriend, a stripper who had been partying with Meech that night. When Wolf groped her in full view of the other clubgoers, Meech warned him to back off, and Wolf responded by choking her. “DVD magazines Smack and The Raw Report show Meech and his entourage with their own individual bottles of champagne. In the Smack DVD, Meech says, A lot of niggas don’t like to spend their money. We love to spend our money. When we go out at night, whatever we spend, $50,000, $100,000 in the (expletive) club, we can afford to do it.‖An Atlanta Police incident report described the weather that night as “cool.” The story states that “Police said the man waited outside of the club for three hours.” Alt was quoted the following day in the AJC as saying, “I guess he went to his car and sat there for three hours waiting for them to come out of the club.” According to the May 2006 Vibearticle, “Outside Chaos, the humiliated thug called for backup. Minutes later, Lamont Girdy, a boyhood friend from the Bronx, arrived at the scene.”

Above: An investigator’s schematic showing the BMF organizational hierarchy, showing the links between BMF recording artist Young Jeezy and famed New York jeweler, Jacob ―The Jeweller‖ Arabo.

According to a Nov. 11, 2003, Atlanta Police press release on the incident, “Multiple shots were fired.” On Nov. 12, 2003, the AJC quoted Atlanta Police Maj. J.P. Spillane as saying Jones and Girdy “were armed.” An affidavit filed in Fulton County Superior Court by Atlanta Police Investigator Torres states, “According to a witness, both Girdy and Jones were also shooting.” According to a Nov 12, 2003, All article,”police found at least 24 shell casings and bullet holes in nearby business establishments.” An AJC article published the same day states that club owner Alt “was cashing out the night’s receipts when he received a report of gunfire outside.” According to the article, “Alt found a bartender and an off-duty Atlanta police officer, who worked security at the club, giving the 38-year-old Jones CPR, while two other people, who identified themselves as an off-duty paramedic and a nurse, helped the shooting victim Lamont Girdy.” According to an Atlanta Police incident report, “Upon their arrival officers found the victim, later identified as Girdy, dead on the scene with a firearm next to him. The second victim was transported to Grady Hospital where he died of multiple gunshot wounds to the chest.” Meech’s attorney, Findling, told CL that Meech was not armed that night. “He never possessed, never used, never had a gun. And in fact, he was a victim.”

The Atlanta Police report on the incident states, “While on the scene, this investigator [J.K. Brown] was contacted by phone by an unknown person and gave the suspect information and other details of the crime.” At a Nov. 26, 2003, hearing in Fulton Superior Court, Brown testified that a call from the woman was transferred from 911 to him and that she said she saw “Meechie” fire more than a half-dozen shots. Brown told the court that the woman said she saw Meech “reach into the waistband of his pants and pull a pistol” and that she heard more shots as she fled the scene. Brown also said, “She was scared for her life and wouldn’t give her name. She said people involved had a lot of money and a lot of drugs, and I didn’t know what I was getting into.” According to an affidavit filed in Fulton County by Atlanta Police Investigator Torres, “A witness who knowsMeech stated that she saw him with a gun, running after Girdy and Jones and shooting at them. Both Girdy and Jones were also shooting.” Meech’s attorney, Findling, told CL that investigators on the scene “had immediately circled the area to preserve the integrity of the crime scene, not letting people in or out, securing names for interviews so as the testimony of the individuals would not be tainted. After they clearly established all of that, they then said somebody called, who was apparently not one of the people that were inside the tape. There was this unnamed person. There was never a name, no evidence that there was anybody accompanying her to corroborate her presence there. The whole thing was just comical. ―The Nov. 11, 2003, Atlanta Police press release states, “The Homicide Unit was notified that two additional suspects were involved in the shooting and were receiving medical treatment at North Fulton Hospital for non-life threatening gunshot wounds.” The Atlanta Police incident report indicates that Meech had suffered a “serious” gunshot wound to the buttocks. The affidavit filed in relation to the case by Atlanta Police Investigator Torres states, “A bystander, who had no involvement with either group, was shot in the foot.” The Atlanta Police press release states that Meech, “who had been transported to Atlanta Police headquarters from North Fulton Hospital, was identified by a witness and a warrant was secured for his arrest.” It then states that Meech “was charged with two counts of murder and transported to Fulton Co. jail”. The Atlanta Police report on the incident lists Meech’s arrest time as 7 p.m., Nov. 11, 2003, and the location as police headquarters. In an article in the summer 2005 issue of The Juice, Meech gives a different account of the arrest: “It is funny cause no one ever mentions the fact that I was arrested in the hospital.”

One book reviewer described the Flenorys in vivid and graphic fashion quoted in the following: In the early 1990s, Demetrius Big Meech‖ Flenory and his brother, Terry Southwest T‖ Flenory, rose up from the slums of Detroit to build one of the largest cocaine empires in American history- the Black Mafia Family. They socialized with music mogul Sean ―Diddy‖ Combs and did business with New York‘s King of Bling Jacob ―The Jeweller Arabo, and built allegiances with rap superstars Young Jeezy and Fabulous. Yet even as BMF attracted celebrity attention, its crew members engaged in fear tactics in cities across the nation.
When the brothers began clashing in 2003, the flashy and beloved Big Meech risked it all on a shot of legitimacy in the music industry. At the same time, utilizing a high-stakes wiretap operation, the feds inched toward their goal of destroying the Flenory‘s empire and ending the reign of a crew suspected in the sale of thousands of kilos of cocaine and a half dozen unsolved murders. But their legacy lives on in Mara Shaloup‘s fascinating and intriguing story, which recounts the rise, fall, and everything in between.

The excess and hedonism expressed in the above photos speak to the debauchery of a morally bankrupt culture, the gangster-chic that the urban American hip hop culture has spawned is having a disastrous effect, on impoverished communities globally.
From these photo‘s alone it is clear that the gangsta rap lifestyle is simply a caricature of the lives of actual drug dealers.

The drug crew BMF was at one point brazen enough to take out a billboard ad declaring the world was theirs, to add insult to injury, they even had their own magazine, shown above, called The Juice.

In this photo of Bleu DaVinci aka Barima McKnight (the sole ‗artist‖ on the BMF music label) and Drake, the buffoonish Drake it must be noted is no gangster. They are seen carrying bands of a hundred, one US dollar bills, which they tossed into the air at strippers, the amounts were $50,000 dollars and $25,000 dollars respectively. McKnight was sentenced, to five years in jail for handling cash and cocaine for BMF. Case 2:05-cr-80955-AC-RSW Document 1 filed 10/28/2005, is the legal case that the US government built against Terry Flenory et al or BMF the drug crew. Terry Flenory is the brother of Big Meech named Demetrius Flenory in

the indictment handed down by the US government against the brothers and their cohorts. The amounts of money seized by the DEA and other law enforcement agencies in the US from the BMF drug crew were huge sums, indicative of the fact that BMF had a Mexican cartel connection. I will list here some of the amounts seized in liquid assets as well as property and vehicles. On April 5th, 2005 Stanley Lackey jr possessed and transported $580,250 which was seized by police in Romulus Michigan. On January 11th, 2005 $576,000 in cash was seized by police from 16221 Elisa Place Sherman Oaks California.
On June 16th, 2005, police seized $1,868,759 from 5550 Oso Woodland Hills California which was possessed by members of the Flenory drug organization. The cash amounts listed above are a minuscule rendering of the actual amounts in cash seized by the US government from BMF, which at its peak was worth $270,000,000. A 2005 Lincoln Limousine, a 2003 BMW 760 LI, and a 2004 Bently GT. Property was seized from the BMF organization, on Belair 6086 Belair Lake Road, Lithonia Georgia, 47080 Hidden River Circle Canton Michigan. Homes were also seized on 14445 Mulholland Drive and a Condominium on 40530 Deer Creek Michigan in Wayne county the unit number was given in the indictment as 42. The preceding information was given so that the reader can gain a perspective that the BMF drug crew was not a simple street organization, but a huge drug emporium consisting of over 500 persons, each with differing ranks in the hierarchy, this same organization, is being touted today by rappers, glorified and mythologized in their lyrics. The fact that a drug organization is being upheld to the youth of the world as a positive role model, for their behavior should be seen for what it is, genocidal collusion of corporate America with the worst elements in the urban community, to make a profit off the ignorance of gullible youth.


The Cosmic Christ.


Krishna the Blue Boy .

Krishna in his role as a seducer of women here he is depicted as dark blue, he was also known as ,The Blue Black, so black he was blue. Many of the early Hindu gods and goddesses were portrayed as very black people, this proves the Dravidians were in fact the earliest creators of what we call today Hinduism. It is ancient Baal worship that the Dravidians brought to the Indian subcontinent.
This picture shows the dark skinned creature Krishna with his many lovers, Krishna in Hinduism is a seducing spirit.
Howell the Rastafari leader/prophet , who chanted mantras to this Hindu god also had many lovers and lived with them on his hilltop commune. (Pinnacle).
He took on the nature of his object of worship, this dark skinned prince was called a king god.
Below is Kalki who Hindu‘s believe would manifest a stride a white horse arrayed in full battle regalia.

Haile Sellassie astride his snow white charger.

Above Kalki , astride his white horse.
The Rastafari claim that Haile Sellassie who was a dark skinned king they hail, as a god is the messiah of this age.

Who can deny the direct similarities between Hinduism and Rastafari?
A harbinger of the apocalypse, it is believed that Kalki will bring about the destruction of the world when mankind has completely abandoned religion, when nothing is known of the techniques of sacrifice, even by word.
Kalki is the final incarnation of the Hindu god Vishnu, who is predicted to come like a comet and carry a terrifying sword for bringing about the annihilation of the wicked barbarian men at the end of the Kali-yuga‖ (Sri Dasavatara Stotra, 10th Sloka‖, (from Ancient

The Sun Temple or Black Temple,‖ temple at Kanarak India, it dates from about the 13th century.

Temples were and still are places where people are educated as touching the things pertinent to their particular faith.
Temples even today remain an integral part of the growth of any spiritual community.

This map shows the routes across the Himalayas taken by the various nations that invaded India, the Greeks, Arab traders, Aryans, Chinese traders, and Turkish Muslims who subjugated the Indians forcibly converting them to the Islamic cultural religious value system.
An example of a Maitreya, or an Avatar from ancient times. At right of this page Shatakshi Devi – the Goddess with Innumerable Eyes (Shrimad Devi Bhagavatam, Book Seven.
Millions of adherents globally await the Maitreya, Jiddu Krishnamurti the young protégé of Helena Blavatsky, was hailed as a Maitreya and was expected to bring about world peace; he renounced the concept that he was the Maitreya.
Leadbeater Charles Webster Northumberland 17 febr, 1847 – Perth 1 march 1934 saw Krishnamurti as a world teacher.

Above Jiddu Krishnamurti.

Above left of this page Jiddu Krishnamurti at the right is Henry Steel Olcott and Helena Blavatsky.
Leadbeater was also a member of the Theosophical Foundation founded by Helena Blavatsky.Leadbetter was the founder of the Free Catholic Church in Holland.
The so-called Church is in fact an institution that promulgates witchcraft.
Blavatsky is often credited and rightly so as being the catalyst behind the New Age movement.
The New Age Movement was incubated by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky through her school the Theosophical Society; this woman openly spoke of her Hashish, and Cannabis use as a mystical experience. She claimed to have so called Mahatma‘s who were her spirit guides that would lead her to great occult knowledge so that she might save humanity. One of her protégés was the famed Annie Besant, she was British by birth and believed and claimed, that she was chosen to save the world. Another notable female leader of the same ilk was Alice Ann Bailey.
Blavatsky’s doctrine of occult Masters from Blavatsky‘s book Secret Doctrine, led her [Bailey] to identify a spirit that, she said, had guided her from the age of fifteen, with the Theosophical Kut Humi. In 1919, she said she was contacted by the spirit of another individual whom she called the Tibetan and identified with the occultation Djual Khool mentioned by Blavatsky.
Bailey claimed to be in contact with, Ascended Masters,‖ she wrote many books. She claimed she wrote her now famous, Treatise on Cosmic Fire, under the influence, in her words of her spirit guides‖ i.e. demon spirits, known as familiar spirits in the Bible.
Benjamin Crème is one of her disciples who claimed that, the Christ‖ or Maitreya would return in 1982. Benjamin Crème took out newspaper ads in several leading publications globally in 1982 the cost of which amounted to 250000 dollars. Their Maitreya was announced through a well funded global media campaign, they claim that he appears in whatever form he chooses including children. How convenient for Crème that his messiah was seen by millions throughout the world when he supposedly appeared ostensibly, out of nowhere‖, in Kenya in 1988 at a prayer meeting and was seen by over 6000 people, and then vanished into thin air but not before being photographed by journalists who broadcasted the images for a global audience.
Maitreya The christ of Benjamin Crème.
EL Morya The Cosmic Christ.
Above Elizabeth Claire Prophet.

Maitreya in Kenya. Maitreya is a Hindi word and it is similar in meaning to the English messiah. The drawing of El Morya at right is a variation on the Maitreya theme. El Morya is the ascended master‖, of Elizabeth Claire Prophet. Prophet belongs to the same school of thought as Blavatsky and her cronies i.e. witchcraft. Many Christians‘ are deceived by her teaching because she often invokes the title Christ in her descriptions of her ascended masters. I will include here her own words, in order to compare what she believes with Blavatsky and others and then compare what they teach with biblical teaching. My calling is to be a prophet of God. Prophet means one who speaks for God, hence a messenger (from her book Keys to the Kingdom and New Dimension of Beings). She said the following of her husband Mark. Mark was a prophet and a messenger called by God through the ascended master El Morya to found the Summit Lighthouse in Washington D.C. 1958‖. She went on to write. As messenger of God‘s light I see myself as the servant of gods light within you, my lord is the Christ of Jesus and the Christ of you which are one and the same‖.

I want to quote from Share International and the Kenya Times on the appearance of Maitreya.
Maitreya‘s miraculous appearance in Nairobi .

On Saturday 11 June 1988, Maitreya miraculously appeared at an open-air prayer/healing meeting, on the outskirts of Nairobi Kenya and addressed the gathering of 6,000 people who instantly recognized him as the Christ. Photographs taken at the scene were carried by major news media around the world including CNN and the BBC. Job Mutungi, editor of The Kenya Times, witnessed the event and wrote: The tall figure of a bare footed, white-robed and bearded man appeared from nowhere and stood in the middle of the crowd …the healer Mary Akatsa‘s] voice was drowned by cries and loud moans of Jesus! Yesu, Yeeesu! You have come. Welcome Jeesus!‘

The scene and mood of the worshippers reminded one of the Old Testament times of
the Tower of Babel when language became confused. Everyone was murmuring some-
thing. Others were flat on the ground weeping uncontrollably in praise and worship, in
total sublimation to the occasion. Mama Akatsa appealed for calm. But it was diffi-
cult … In clear Swahili, which had no trace of accent, the strange man announced that
the people of Kenya were blessed … He spoke to the crowd for around 18 minutes and many of those near Him were completely healed. He then departed as mysteriously as he had appeared. Job Mutungi wrote that, after being given a short lift in a Mr Gurnam Singh‘s car, the man walked a few paces beside the road and simply vanished into thin air. Several people who witnessed this were astonished by his mysterious disappearance.

Both Bailey and Crème were students of the school of thought, espoused by Blavatsky.
In 1920, Alice married another Theosophist, Foster Bailey, and in 1923, they started The Arcane School to teach disciples how to further the Great Universal Plan under the guidance of the inner hierarchy of spiritual masters led by [Christ]. After her death in 1949, her husband carried on the school. It exists today as a large and thriving international organization; the Lucis Trust was formed to oversee the legal aspects of the School and the published works housed at 866 United Nations Plaza New York City.
The previous name of said organization was Lucifer Trust/Publishing.

In an article in The Creed and Liberty vol III, 2004 by A. Waddel PhD, the following was written about the Lucis Trust; Lucis Trust is an entity, which prints and disseminates United Nations doctrine. Lucis Trust was established in 1922 as Lucifer Trust by Alice Bailey to distribute books of the Theosophical Society Subsequently, the organization‘s name was changed to Lucis Trust to disguise its father: How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! How art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations! [Isaiah 14:12] Alice Bailey believed that, world citizenship should be the goal of the enlightened, with a world federation and a world brain.”

She openly promoted the agenda of the United Nations relative to a New World Order and a one World Government and taught that Evidence of the growth of the human intellect along the needed receptive lines [New Age preparation] can be seen in the planning of various nations and in the efforts of the United Nations to formulate a world plan.

Alice A. Bailey, Discipleship in the New Age, Lucis Press, 1955, Vol. II, p.35.
World Good Will is an accredited NGO with the Department of Public Information of the United Nations. World Good Will is an activity of the United Nations which is on the roster of the United Nations Economic and Social Council. The agenda of Lucis Trust through World Good Will is, cooperate in the world in preparation for the reappearance of the Christ‖. One Earth, magazine of the Findhorn Foundation, October/November1986, Vol. 6,Issue 6, p.24. The Peace Operations Training Institute‘s course, Principles and Guidelines for UN Peacekeeping Operations is a training program that is recognized by the United Nations the course author is retired US general Robert Gordon.

Here is an introduction by the general in his own words, Hello, and congratulations on enrolling in the Peace Operations Training Institute‘s course, Principles and Guidelines for UN Peacekeeping Operations. The course is constructed around the UN‘s Principles and Guidelines document, known to its friends as the Capstone Doctrine‖, published in 2008. I was part of the team my name is General Robert Gordon, and I am the author of this course. The doctrine is intended to serve as a guide for all UN personnel serving in the field and at UN Headquarters, as well as to provide a strategic introduction to those who are new to UN peacekeeping‖. From the evidence already presented then the doctrines‖, goals and aims of the UN are spiritual as well as political and economic in nature.

The UN then is no mere world police machine but it is an organization dedicated to the establishment of a one world government, with a human Matreya/Messiah/Savior, as the head of the world government that the UN is actively creating. The Capstone Doctrine, is a perfect play on words as the work of the unfinished pyramid is what the UN purports to be busying itself about; the Capstone in the pyramid will only be complete when their god presides as leader of the world.

The declaration of the rights of the human being and the citizen. At right symbol of Jacobinism The Frisian Cap/Bonnet Rouge or the Red Bonnet.

(Declaration des droits de l’homme et du citizen) written in 1789 by the French.

The other such documents The French Constitution, including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights written by the UN are all patterned after the spirit of the above. Bonneville a French revolutionary wrote in 1792. This health-giving word, this sacred word Constitution, must exercise a prodigious influence on the destinies of the human race‖. The following are direct quotes from the book Fire in the Minds of men: James H Billington. Fascination grew in late I792 and early I793 as the Convention prepared the more radical republican Constitution of I793· Though never put into effect, its text was carried like a holy object from the Bastille to the Champs de Mars in the great feast of August 10, I793; it remained a venerated model for many political revolutionaries well into the nineteenth century‖. ―God Himself was reborn in early revolutionary tracts as the Savior of the Nations, the august and sublime national Areopagus‖; and prayers were addressed to, the body of the Nation‖. The preceding quotations were given in order to establish the fact that the revolutionaries‖ that conducted the French revolution sought to depict their cause as a holy or sacred‖ mission. I want to quote here from Robespierre one of the most famous French revolutionaries, its temple, the universe; its cult, virtue; its festivals the joy of a great People renewing the sweet bonds of universal fraternity .

The symbolism surrounding the document above this image is telling. The words are framed, the same as popular depictions of the Ten Commandments, signifying that it is a sacred writ and it should be revered and honored. The other highly significant thing is the portrayal of the original Lady of Liberty adorned with the red Frisian cap symbol of Jacobinism shown at the far left breaking the chains of bondage, her companion the goddess of Enlightenment/Sophia holds aloft her wand. In the pyramid, the all seeing eye of Lucifer the one the creators of said document honored as their god is visible at the top of the entire ensemble surrounded by a luminous light representing Illumination. In the middle a spear surrounded by Faschiae is visible topped by the red Frisian cap signifying the Jacobinist origins of the document. At right the red Fisian cap held aloft by Liberty as she holds in her hand the scrolls of freedom, symbolic of the declaration of the rights of the human being and the citizen. Oroberos the ―Serpent sacred to Theosophist‘s as well as Freemasons and Satanist‘s representing Satan as deity can be seen at the top of the painting above

Oroberos is eating his tail which puts him in a circular position. The circle in the spiritual systems described above, represents infinity or godhood.
There is an obvious pyramid in the background of the painting, an acquiescence to the Egyptian mystery system and Masonic origins of the document in question; it is also an indication that the French Revolution was orchestrated by Freemasons and Satanist‘s. The Red Frisian Cap used by the Jacobins was and still is a symbol of anarchy and Nihilism. Below the Rockefeller building located at the Rockefeller Plaza in New York, is a telling monolith erected to the gods, that were revered during the French Revolution and the gods of Greek mysticism i.e. witchcraft.

Prometheus a statue of this Greek god at right sits in the center of the Sunken Plaza, of the John D. Rockefeller center in New York, the flame atop his head is the flame of illumination. Prometheus is also known as the Hellenic Lucifer. He is surrounded by, the Astrological Zodiac/ (Animal Circle). Astrology is intrinsic to the practice of witchcraft. Prometheus is the Greek god, who stole fire from Zeus and brought enlightenment to man. In the worldview of those adhering to the symbolism in the story it is Lucifer then who brought enlightenment‖, to man. Behind the statue of Prometheus, this inscription is written: Prometheus, teacher in every art, brought the fire that hath proved to mortals a means to mighty ends‖. In summary then, the central theme of the artwork here is, enlightenment‖ from a Luciferian perspective.

Flanking Prometheus, are Youth, left and his sister Maiden, both of them, were created by Prometheus, from clay. The Greek mythological account‖ of, the creation of humankind corresponds, to the similar account of Adam Kadmon in Kabbalism. Adam Kadmon however in Kabbalism is Lucifer. The Rockefellers then knowledgeable, as they are in mysticism, have knowingly erected statues and effigies, to their gods, which are demon spirits, and their chief god Lucifer.

Above at left of this page the word thought is spelt out in bold capitals, thought here is portrayed as a literal deity. Thought as deity summons his agents (winged creatures), who banish ignorance in the form of males and females. The metaphor in the tale on the frescoes, is telling indeed, for ignorance cannot stand in the place of knowledge, just as darkness vanishes when light is turned on. Ignorance here is portrayed as profane ‖while reason is sacred, which is exactly what Luciferians teach. The two humans shown are male and female even more significant is their burning state engulfed in flames giving the depiction a decidedly biblical‖ feel, hearkening back to the casting of Adam and Eve out of the garden of Eden, and the damning of the lost to the flames of Hades.
Thought or thinking is what humans employ in order to exercise their reasoning capabilities, reason itself was called a virtue‖ during the French Revolution and not only a virtue but indeed very God. The Frescoes above and below then are in perfect agreement in spirit with the philosophy of Luciferianism.

The frescoes above and the preceding two frescoes, tell a story which is highly significant to the points made previously in this work. Satanism as a value system, was imprimatured since the earliest epochs of the human race, into, art, literature, philosophy et al as a means of indoctrinating and preparing the human race for a time when these philosophies‖, would become the value system that determined morality, for the majority of the worlds population.
At right is the book written by Thomas Paine entitled, The Age of Reason: Being an Investigation of True and Fabulous Theology. On page 265, of this book I went into detail on Thomas Paine, his affiliations and his philosophical leanings. Paine challenged the inerrancy of the bible in his book, he renounces divine revelation and postulates reason as the ultimate barometer for humanity to gauge morality, et al in effect a humanist approach in contrast to the divine providence as thought in scripture.

Above a sketch of a Rosicrucian initiation, that of a candidate seeking entry into the occultic cloister of Rosicrucianism. Paine was a prominent Rosicrucian and was an active American revolutionary. Paine‘ work was replete with Rosicrucian philosophy, which was and still is a Luciferian secret society. At the beginning of the 17th century the Rosicrusians published three famous treatises amongst them was the Chemical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz. The seeming paradox in the mixture of Christianity‖, with occultism might be alarming to some, but what they term Christian is purely a philosophical approach not unlike the Theosophical Society of Helena Blavatsky. The so called Enlightenment‖ known in European history as the time in their historical records when feudalism was toppled, ushering in the Age of Enlightenment ,also known as the Age of Reason‖. The secret societies that consciously set out to transform Europe are the ones who coined both of the preceding phrases, which are in keeping with their Luciferian doctrines.

Blavatsky promoted the smoking of Hashish as a spiritual enhancer‖. Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (-Hahn), (Jekaterinoslav 12 august. 1831 – London 8 may 1891 author of (The Secret Doctrine), founder of the Theosophical School.
She was a leading theosophist before her death; she had many protégés among them was the famed Annie Besant, and Alice Ann Bailey of The reappearance of the Christ‖ fame.

Annie Besant.

Besant was considered by George Bernard Shaw to be the greatest female orator of her time.

Besant was a great friend of Mahatma Ghandi and his cohort Jawarhlal Nehru.

Annie Besant was an avowed atheist before she met Madame Blavatsky.

Alice Bailey.
Djual Khool

In the book written by Alice Bailey she claimed that the earth would pass through a cleansing cycle‖, all those who rejected the idea that humanity could experience their own godhood, such as Christians and others would be removed as part of that cleansing cycle according to her Jesus was simply an ascended master each of us can ascend therefore we all have the potential to be Christ like , as can be seen this teaching is simply the same deception that Satan told Eve in the garden.

Unfortunately, this teaching is a part of the core value system as set forth in the teaching material of the United Nations.

The organization that has as its primal responsibility the collective security of the human race and the education of the race has a value system developed by theosophists who have a religion that has been dubbed, The New Age Movement. The present British Labor Party once led by Tony Blair and now by Gordon Brown, adopted much of its ideology from the Fabian Society an organization populated by theosophist‘s all of whom called themselves intellectuals, some of its more famous members were Annie Besant and George Bernard Shaw.

Above George Bernard Shaw.

Shaw was the most famous English playwright of the 19th and 20th century.

As can be seen some of the most powerful and influential public figures in the western hemisphere, in the spheres of politics, popular culture and even religion are decidedly of a pronounced anti-Christian value system as a result Christian youth should be maximally equipped with information that will allow them to separate the truth of their value system from the paganism taught on university campuses and elsewhere.

In the following section, we will examine the intellectualization of drug addiction and the glamorization of such by mainly, western European so called intellectuals.

Black men and women who consider themselves to be intellectuals have also glamorized the drug life, even some in the Black Nationalist and Consciousness communities have perpetuated the drug lifestyle or rather to use a term from their own lingua the drug death style.

Above at right John D Rockefeller and one of his sons.

John D Rockefeller in 1947 he donated the grounds on which the present day United Nations building sits to the U.N.

The influence of Bailey’s works has been, even greater than that of Blavatsky in the New Age movement. Another well-known theosophist/occultitian and Blavatsky clone is Annie Besant.

Annie Besant became leader of the occult theosophical society, and began to regard India as her home. Besant was appointed, head of the Indian National Congress, established by the British government in 1917. She also fought for the restoration of the Indian cults.

Before her death in 1933, at Madras she tried to establish her Hindu protégé J Krishnamurti as the messiah and a world teacher.

She was waiting to be reincarnated in order to continue her work to save the earth.

The similarities between certain practices of sect‘s worldwide in the nineteen thirties are astounding.

The thirties saw an upsurge in millenarian movements and messianic sects, Rastafari is only one of many.

This book aims to reveal the various influences and aspects within Shamanist cultures, additionally it is, an introduction to the Full Body Ministry.


NOTE TO READERS: This material was published previously by me on other platforms. However, the content remains relevant and even more so than when it was first published.

In the presence of representatives from more than 25 countries, the international and regional community had been warned, that should there be any Caribbean involvement in terrorist activities. That the likelihood that there would be black Guyanese involved was almost 100% certain. The warning was made in 2005 by a Guyanese delegate who had made a study on the structure of Islam in Guyana, at an international Caricom seminar for a Small Business training program. The majority of black Guyanese men he noted were converted to Islam while in prison. The disaffected poorly educated men in prison are fertile soil for radicalization. Above left Abdul Kadir is the exact opposite of the profile given for radicalization by the delegate. Kadir is a former Guyanese parliamentarian, who was arrested along with his cohorts in the middle and right, in the plot to blow up the Kennedy International Airport in New York. Before he was arrested Kadir had repeated contacts with Mohsen Rabbani (an Iranian cleric involved in the 1994 bombing of a Jewish synagogue in Argentina), and Adnan Shukrijumah, using his extensive influence as a former parliamentarian Kadir was able to help Shukrijumah secure a Guyanese passport.

Above top FBI’s most wanted poster for Adnan El Shukrijumah, a Caribbean citizen of Guyanese extraction. It is uncertain where he was born since his father was a cleric in Saudi Arabia. Both his father and mother are from Guyana. Above an FBI most wanted poster for Osama bin Laden, Ayman al Zawahiri, and Adnan El Shukrijumah.
The ―plot‖ to blow up the Kennedy Airport was brought to Kadir and his blundering cohorts by convicted drug dealer Aaron Francis, Francis agreed to lure the men into a CIA masterminded the plot, whose aim was to entrap Shukrijumah. Kadir was targeted because he was an influential, educated Guyanese who had extensive ties in Iranian diplomatic circles and was seen as a threat by the US.April 2004, Muhammad Hassan Ebrahimi, an Iranian Shiite cleric affiliated with Guyanas International Islamic College of Advanced Studies (IICAS, received large amounts of money from the Iranian government ), was abducted by armed unknown assailants (whether his murderers were CIA or others is not known). His decomposed remains were discovered a month later buried in a shallow grave. More Iranians are beginning to make use of the Caribbean, due to the nonexistence of background checks before diplomatic passports are issued. Some Iranians have been given passports of Caribbean island nations as in the case of St Kitts, which issued a Kittitian diplomatic passport to Iranian Alizera Moghadam, he claimed to have paid $1million for the passport, en route to Canada he was detained in transit. While the prime minister of St Kitts and Nevis Denzel Douglas maintains that, it is impossible to obtain a diplomatic Kittitian passport through payment, reports coming out of various sectors in St Kitts and Nevis refute his statements. Apparently, under the ‗Citizenship by Investment‖ program, Moghadam was granted his passport, in other words, he did pay for his passport. The potential for criminals, terrorists, and others to make use of the ―citizen by investment‖, are enormous the ramifications of this practice will be felt throughout the western hemisphere in years to come.

Sheik Abdullah Al Faisal the Jamaican-born, a former Christian who converted to Islam at the age of 16, he was deported from Britain in May 2007 after having spent four years in a British prison and is now on the no-fly list. He was accused of inciting racial hatred and soliciting murder. He is said to have influenced the ―shoe bomber‖, Richard Reid, Germaine Lindsay (Lindsay like Faisal is of Jamaican descent), responsible for the 2005 underground train bombing in London, in which he and 26 other others died, Faisal Shahzad, the failed Times Square bomber was also named as one of the people he ―inspired‖. In 2010 the Sheik was arrested in Kenya and accused by the government thereof of entering the country illegally. His arrest sparked deadly riots and reprisals in Kenya that lasted well over a week. The Kenyan authorities later spent well over 500,000 dollars to have him flown back to his native Jamaica. The Sheik at the age of 16 traveled to Saudi Arabia where he spent eight years, he is believed to have converted to Islam in Saudi Arabia. He took a degree in Islamic studies before coming to the UK. An Associated Press, an article published on Fri May 27 2011 by David McFadden stated: ― U.S. diplomats have expressed concern that an Islamic cleric convicted of whipping up racial hatred among Muslim converts in Britain might do the same thing in his homeland of Jamaica, according to a leaked cable from the island‘s U.S. Embassy‖.The following are excerpts and quotes from Global Research in International Affairs (GLORIA), The Project for the Research of Islamic Movements (PRISM.The report stated that the region’s Muslim population consists largely of South and Southeast Asians, with their roots stemming back to the colonial period, in the last decades the region has also witnessed an increase in migrants from the Middle East. According to the report, there is a growing number of Muslim converts in the Caribbean amongst disenfranchised populations of African descent. Many of the Caribbean people of African descent converting to Islam are perceiving Islam as a ―rite‖, of political empowerment as well as an adaptation of a ―suitable‖ identity. Many are adopting Islam as Christianity is being increasingly viewed as a ―white man’s religion‖, particularly by young men of African descent regionally. Recently across the region where Islamic communities have been entrenched for decades, a clamor for the Arabization of the society is taking place. The Arabization process is specifically being felt in the growing demands that Arabic be taught in primary and secondary schools. South Asia and the Middle East is impacting the region politically, culturally, and religiously, as Islamic missionaries from both regions are being sent to the Caribbean, while Caribbean Muslim students are studying in increasing numbers in the above-mentioned Islamic regions. The report highlighted what it referred to as the: Sunnification and Islamization process in Guyana. According to the Central Islamic Organization of Guyana (CIOG), there are 150 formal and informal mosques throughout Guyana. There are several Islamic organizations active in Guyana most notably, the Hajatul Ulamaa, the Muslim Youth Organization (MYO), the Guyana Islamic Trust (GIT), the Guyana Muslim Mission Limited (GML), the Guyana United Sad‘r Islamic Anjuman (GUSIA), the Tabligh Jamaat, the Rose Hall Islamic Center and the Salafi Group. In mid-1988 Guyana became a permanent member of the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC). In 1966 after Guyana won its independence it established diplomatic relations with Arabic countries including Egypt, Iraq, and Libya all of those countries opened embassies in Guyana. Guyanese Muslims, presently travel to Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Libya to study Islamic theology and Arabic. The Guyanese Muslims upon returning to Guyana began and still continue to introduce Wahabism (a strict Saudi Arabic interpretation of Islam), into Guyanese society. The report cited a growing concern in Trinidad that elements of some Islamic groups have traveled to Afghanistan and Pakistan and have fought in both countries in support of radical Islamists in those nations. What governments regionally nor internationally seem not to comprehend, is the Guyanese and TNT Muslim population are mainly of a Sunni Islamic persuasion, the Wahabist doctrine that has been spread, clandestinely throughout the Caribbean for years, mainly through Islamic organizations sponsored by Saudi Arabia, has borne fruit and are manifesting at present in Caribbean Sunni‘s from a broad spectrum of Caribbean nations joining the fight in Syria and Iraq in aid of their Sunni brethren in IS.

Note to the confused female writer.

First and foremost you follow my BLOG and I follow yours. I am keenly aware that you seem to think that somehow, I am in some sort of competition. I want to dispell that delusion herein. Firstly Iam Caribbean man, from a Apostolic Christian background I write as an Oracle not as a so called writer, but a divinely gifted Oracle, I simply channel what must be siad at a given moment in time, to the edification of peoiple. Prayerfully you understand this when you read it which I know you most certainly will.

Caribbean Economies in the Era of COVID-19.

Pandemics, natural disasters exacerbated by climate change, have dramatically altered the way, that Caribbean economies conduct business and interact with international actors, in the trade, commerce, and tourism fields. A recent World Bank report, April 12, 2020, highlighted some of the pros and cons of doing business in this ‘crisis’ environment. What follows is a Caribbean centric perspective, which considers the unique position, of Sint Martin as a so-called ‘hub’, in a Caribbean context. This analysis also examines the post-colonial relationship of the Netherlands vis a vis Sint Martin, which relationship taints every aspect of Sint Martin’s foreign policy efforts, to the detriment of the island and its people.

The World Bank report noted that because of global travel restrictions, in light of COVID 19: ‘Air traffic has fallen to a trickle. The resulting collapse in tourism will severely affect countries in the Caribbean basin’.  The report further stated that the financial crisis, on a regional scale is a distinct possibility. Domestically and here on Sint Martin, most debtors are unable to service their debts and are calling for debt relief. The question of liquidity support, for the government of Sint Martin from the Dutch government is fraught with a multiplicity of issues.

  1. The government of the Netherlands insists to attach, draconian demands on the local government as a prerequisite for liquidity support.
  2. The differences in culture temperament, mores, and values are key and ongoing factors, for the loggerheads experienced by the two governments.

The so-called Dutch Caribbean, namely Curacao, Sint Martin, Aruba, Bonaire, Saba, and St Eustacia, traditionally have been stable islands. In contemporary times however a confluence of factors have increasingly brought to the fore, our unique vulnerabilities and resiliency in the face of natural disasters, pandemics, and climate change. These factors have caused and exacerbated social unrest, as on Sint Martin North and South, when we witnessed massive looting and wanton destruction of property, perpetrated by persons from a broad stratum, of society.

In the economic explanation, years of slow economic growth and the need for fiscal adjustments are straining the capacity of the population to cope. In the social explanation, Latin America and the Caribbean is the region with the highest levels of inequality, with wide gaps in living standards breeding frustration. Regional governments, response should be better economic opportunities for the worse- off, with a determined focus on service delivery and social protection. The exact opposite is taking place. On Sint Martin, the poorest are being taxed into perpetual penury, while millionaires have offshore accounts whose sole purpose is to avoid paying taxes locally.

The COVID-19 Outbreak.


The first Covid-19 case was diagnosed in China on December 10, 2019, and the first death and the first death was recorded one month later, on January 9th, 2020. Thereafter the amount of registered cases has surpassed one million. Since then there have been over nine million confirmed cases and nearly half a million deaths. Some governments in the Caribbean have opened back their airports, including the government of Sint Martin. Florida now one of the epicenters of the Covid-19 virus is not on the list of nations whose citizens are banned from entering Sint Martin. The Sint Martin government is risking the lives of 1000’s of people on the island with this move. Again, as a result of its dependency on tourism, the government is willing to gamble with the lives of people, in order to earn a dollar. More to come soon on this topic.