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Sayid Qutb: Father of Takfiri Jihadism.

For all its austerity and fundamentalism Saudi Arabia did not give birth to the ideology of modern Islamism, rather its modern origins are to be found in Egypt, within the Muslim Brotherhood whose most able son Sayid Qutb, would transcend his teachers and conceive the ideology that gave birth to al-Qaeda.

Today the Muslim Brotherhood is denounced as an apostate organization by ISIS and other hardline Islamist movements, yet a careful study of Islamist history, will prove that their ideological father is the Muslim Brotherhood. Lawrence Wright in his book; ―The Looming Tower: Al-Qaeda And The Road To 911, gave a comprehensive view into Qutb‘s influences, his American sojourn, his imprisonment, torture and eventual execution at the hands of the Egyptian authorities at the time. Wright described Qutb and the Egyptian reality at the time in the following: ―Like many of his compatriots he was radicalized by the British occupation and was contemptuous of the jaded king Farouk‘s complicity. Egypt was racked by anti-British protests and seditous political factions bent on running the forign troops out of the country-and perhaps the king as well. What made this unimposing midlevel government clerk particularly dangerous was his blunt and potent commentary. He was western in so many ways –his dress, his love of classical music and Hollywood movies. He had read, in translation, the works of Darwin and Einstein, Byron and Shelley, and had immersed himself in French literature, especially Victor Hugo. Qutb like many Arabs, felt shocked and betrayed by the support that the US government had given to the Zionist cause after the war. Qutb wrote: I hate those westerners and despise them . All of them without any exception: the English, the French, the Dutch, and finally the Americans, who have been trusted by many.


Luke Lobada a recipient of the 2004 Charles E. Parton award, wrote in an Ashbrook Statesmanship Thesis the following concerning Qutb, I think it would be highly constructive to include the portion on Qutb‘s, earlier background and his academic standing and achivements at that time.

―Sayyid Qutb was born in 1906 in the province of Asyut, which is located in southern Egypt. His parents were both deeply religious people who were wellknown in the area. From his years as a young child until the age of 27, he experienced a rigorous education. Qutb‘s evident desire for knowledge continued throughout his life. He began his elementary education in a religious school located in his hometown village. By the age of 10, he had already committed the entire text of the Qur‘an to memory. After transferring to a more modern government-sponsored school, Qutb graduated primary school in 1918. Due to his interests in education and teaching, Qutb enrolled into a teacher‘s college and graduated in 1928. Next, he was admitted into Dar al-Ulum, a Western-style university which was also attended by Hasan al-Banna, an Aab-Islamic leader who Qutb would later join in the Muslim Brotherhood. After his graduation from Dar al- Ulum in 1933, Qutb began his teaching career and eventually became involved in Egypt‘s Ministry of Education. The Ministry sent rhim abroad to the United States to research Western methods of teaching. He spent a total of two years in the United States from 1948 to 1950. During that time, Qutb studied at Wilson‘s Teachers‘College on the east coast before moving west and earning a M.A. in education at the University of Northern Colorado. Qutb‘s strong conviction that Islam was superior to all other systems was made clear in his work Social Justice in Islam, which was written prior to his trip. Nevertheless, many scholars believe that it was during his trip to the United States that Qutb became convinced of the West‘s spiritual and moral bankruptcy.

Qutb left America and returned to Cairo on a TWA flight, the date was August 20, 1950. While Qutb‘s beloved Egypt wallowed in record levels of corruption, assassination, poverty, illiteracy and disease, the Turkish holdout from the Ottoman empire king Farouk , Egypt‘s Britain backed king jetted around in private jet‘s, drove around Cairo in one of many of his cars, or went gambling on the Rivera. This was Qutb‘s Egypt. When Gamal Abdul Nasser then a young army colonel, seized power in Egypt, the old Ottoman tyrant fell replaced by an Egyptian one, Qutb would prove to be his staunchest enemy and would usher in the ―New Vangaurd. The army officers who were principals in the successful takeover of the government, closely coordinated with the Muslim Brotherhood, several of the officers even Anwar Saddat, Nasser‘s successor, were closely allied to the Muslim Brotherhood. Qutb returned to his job at the Ministry of Education, returning to his home in the suburbs of Helmand. Qutb published an open letter, to the revolutions leaders,, stressing that the only way to curb moral corruption was to impose a ―just dictatorship‖, that would grant political legitimacy to only ―the virtuous‖. Nasser‘s government and the Brotherhood were mismatched from the beginning, The Islamist‘s wanted a society ruled by Sharia, Nasser wanted to expand the role of his authoritarian, secular, nationalist government. Qutb was imprisoned by Nasser in 1954, three months later he was released. Upon his release he became the editor of the Muslim Brotherhood‘s magazine of the same name. On October 26, 1954. An Egyptian Brotherhood acolyte attempted an assassination on Nasser, he fired eight shot‘s wounding one of Nasser‘s bodyguards and missing Nasser entirely. Nasser reacted swiftly and brutally, six Muslim Brotherhood members were arrested then hanged, while thousands of others were placed in concentration camps. Qutb‘s turn soon came, suffering from a high fever he was arrested; he was handcuffed and frog marched to prison. Several times he fainted along the way. He was held in a cell with vicious dogs and mercilessly beaten. In court Qutb said: ―The principles of the revolution have indeed been applied to us ―, as he raised his shirt to reveal the marks of torture. Some of the imprisoned Muslim Brothers staged a strike refusing to leave their cells; they were summarily shot to death.

Twenty three of them died in the assault, and forty six injured. Qutb saw the wounded being brought in since he was in the prison‘s hospital.

Qutb reasoned that true Muislims could never treat fellow Muslims in such a manner, resultantly they were not Muslims, the concept of takfir (excommunication), was revived by Qutb . He wrote his manifesto ―Milestones‖ (Ma‘alim fi al-Tariq), while in prison. Through the aid of family and friends, his book circulated for many years underground, in the form of letters to his brothers and sisters, who were also active Islamist‘s. The book saw its first printing in 1964 and was promptly banned, anyone caught with a copy could be charged with sedition. Qutb wrote: ―Mankind today is on the brink of a precipice. Humanity is threatened not only by nuclear annihilation but also by the absence of values. The West has lost its vitality and Marxism has failed. At this crucial and bewildering juncture the turn of Islam and the Muslim community has arrived‖. Qutb wrote that the Muslim community was: ―crushed under the weight of those false laws and teachings which are not even remotely related to the Islamic teachings. We need to initiate the revival of the Islamic movement in some Muslim country‖. Qutb‘s writings posited that some Islamic country needed to serve as a visible example, of Islam‘s forward march to world domination. ―There should be a vanguard which sets out with this determination and keeps walking the path. I have written Milestones for this vangaurd, which I consider to be a waiting reality about to be materialized‖. Sayyid Qutb was hanged on August 29, 1966.

English translation of the latest fatwa by Hayy’at Tahrīr as-Shām.

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English translation by al-Maqalaat dd May 10, 2017


English translation of the recent statement by Hay’at Tahrir Shaam concerning the Astana deal.

“The legal position concerning the latest events and developments facing the Syrian revolution.


All praises are due to Allah Who said: “We will, without doubt, help our apostles and those who believe, (both) in this world’s life and on the Day when the Witnesses will stand forth.”


And the Exalted Who said: “Permission is given unto those who fight because they have been wronged, and Allah is indeed able to give them victory.”


And the most complete peace and blessings for always be upon our master and leader the Messenger of Allah, and his family and companions and those who adhere to them. As for what comes forth;


The series of plots against the Jihad of the people of Shaam and their blessed revolution is still ongoing and the latest chapter and most evil one is the Astana agreement. The sacrifices of the people of Shaam and their revolution and Jihad and blood and prisoners are sold on the market of regional and international bargains. As a contract was signed which achieves the interest of the international parties except the interest of the Syrian revolution and Shaam and its people.


The change of names does not change the realities, and the Muslims of Shaam will not be fooled by flashy slogans which try to fool them that they seek to bring an end to the bombings, while in reality, it is an attempt to deviate their revolution and a theft of their sacrifices with the excuse of protecting them. And they seek to break the backbone of the Mujahideen who are defending them in a way which prevents the regime from re-establishing its authority over them. And if the Muslims in Shaam would accept the equation: sacrificing the revolution to stop the bombing in return. Then they would not have revolted against the tyrant of Shaam in the first place and they would have accepted the tyrant himself similarly to these offers.


And in front of this reality which we pass through we have received news from multiple sources of unprecedented movements by some remnants of previous corrupt factions. And these movements seek to force and enter at the border and from there to the heartland of the liberated territories in Idlib and elsewhere. In a new conspiracy to achieve that which the disbelieving forces like the Russians and the Rawafid and the Nusayriyah were unable to achieve in all of these passed years; in terms of breaking the motivations of the Mujahideen and defeating them or taking over the territories, the Sunni Mujahideen liberated. These movements are carried out by a group of remnants of corrupt factions of whom the leadership were satisfied with loyalty to covert projects at the expense of the revolution of the people of Shaam and their Jihad. As they are preparing to assault the remaining territories of the revolution and Jihad in concordance with the resolutions of Astana.


And in accordance to these suspicious movements and sudden preparations the Fatwa council in Hay’at Tahrir Shaam has decided the following:


Firstly: agreeing to the Astane deal and accepting it is a betrayal to Allah, his messenger and the believers, also [ a betrayal ] to the blood spilt and efforts put forth in liberating the Muslims in Shaam from the shackles of the Nusayri [ sect ] , and a conspiracy to eliminate the Jihad and revolution in Shaam, and preparation to assign authority to the Nusayris again, and submitting the country and people to the disbelieving occupiers, by exercising the methods of guardianship over the Muslims of Shaam. So it is obligatory upon every Muslim to work on breaching this deal, oppose it, expose its reality and uncover those behind it.


Secondly: these gatherings and remnants are groups of corruption, agents, and mercenaries, despite their different names the factor that unites them is corruption in the lands, there isn’t a major sin that they haven’t committed in the lands they land upon, such as plunder of wealth, properties, dishonoring the Muslims and terrorizing those who are safe.


Due to this, repelling whoever intends to corrupt the revolution and Jihad from these people or other than them is a type of Jihad in which the aggressor who corrupts the religion and worldly matters is repelled, and it is obligatory upon every Muslim. They should rather fight deadly than to let them occupy the areas liberated by the blood of the Mujahideen. And if Allah writes death for one of us in those situations then what a blessed martyrdom it is in the sake of Allah and striving against his enemies. And it is obligatory upon the masses to fight those criminal remnants, and sacrifice the valuable than to allow those corrupters to advance towards any area under any pretext or banner.


And this ruling includes these remnants and also those who cooperate with them or allow them to work under their banner, all of them are the same in the ruling of the obligation to repel and fight them.


Finally: to our honored people in the guarded Shaam and land of resurrection and gathering, and to our soldiers and soldiers of all the Sunni factions we say, seek help from Allah Almighty in striving against your enemies until Allah judges between us and them, and do not enfeeble, sorrow, weaken or despair. Fight in defense of your religion, border, honor, land, revolution and Jihad.


“And Allah will surely support those who support Him. Indeed, Allah is Powerful and Exalted in Might.”


“O you who have believed, persevere and endure and remain stationed and fear Allah that you may be successful.”


And praises are due to Allah the Lord of the worlds.

Hay’at Tahrir Shaam


Fatwa Council



Exposing the backstabbers within the ranks – The transgression of Jaysh Al-Islam ~ Shaykh Abū Mārīyah Al-Qahtānī .

Translation of a series of Telegram messages by Shaykh Abū Mārīyah Al-Qahtānī.

Translated and published by Al-Maqalaat dd May 2, 2017.


Exposing the backstabbers within the ranks

By Shaykh Abu Mariyah Al-Qahtani


“What is happening in Eastern Ghouta reminds me of the division of kingdoms in Al-Andalus. What is wrong with these minds? May Allah forbid any establishment for such sick souls. They are fighting among each other while the regime is actually progressing. Transgression and treachery are verdicts passed by the jurist Abu Adurahmaan Ka’kah which can not be denied by those who claim neutrality and fairness. Ka’kah is the first one who held the view of transgression and overpowerment, and every drop of blood which is spilled in Ghouta is on the shoulders of Ka’kah and the Jahmiyah sect. This Ka’kah is the head of (Fitnah) turmoil who incites towards infighting and the spilling of blood.


So I advise the soldiers of Jaysh Al-Islam not to listen to this innovator who does not fear Allah concerning the blood of Muslims. I call upon all the honorable people in Eastern Ghouta and outside Ghouta to intervene to end the ongoing infighting in Ghouta. And persisting on infighting works only in the benefit of the regime. Fear Allah concerning the blood of Muslims. Fear Allah concerning the honor of Muslims.


A couple of years ago I showed that the methodology of Ka’kah is the methodology of the extremist postponers sect (Murji’ah). So the extremist can not exploit my statements, before we knew them and their rotten methodology we knew the methodology of the extremist postponers, and we exposed them years ago and we entered prison because of our call to the methodology of Ahl Sunnah, we ask Allah to accept it and hold us firm.


Ka’kah is seeking to fulfill the role of the Madkhali sect in Syria so be aware oh soldiers of Jaysh Al-Islam from listening to him, who has Ali Al-Halabi as his Shaykh, who forbade killing the Jews (in Israel). Ka’kah is on the methodology of the Khawarij in killing the Mujahideen.


However when the transgression of Jaysh Al-Islam became clear we did not hear the sound of those who cracked our heads with their statements and verdicts. Or are these verdicts political, is the transgression of Jaysh Al-Islam allowed and the transgression of others forbidden according to your verdicts?


The most dangerous innovation is legalizing the blood of your opponent from the Muslims. And you will find this innovation in the extremist postponers and the extremist Takfiris (ex-communicators), their presence among the Mujahideen is a danger for the Jihadi arena. Oh Allah cleans the Jihadi arena from the heresy of those who legalize the blood of Muslims.


The extremists if you disagree with their rotten methodology they will describe you with apostasy and (religious) dilution. And the extremist postponers if you disagree with their rotten methodology they will describe you as Khawarij.


The Sunnis know their doctrine no matter how much the defecation of the postponers increases and the bloodthirstiness of the Khawarij like Allah said “Between the defecation and blood (of cattle), We produce, for your drink, milk, pure and pleasant to those who drink it.”


Every factions which shows goodness we thank them and if they show oppression and transgression we reject it. And this is what we owe to Allah. So what Jaysh Al-Islam has done today from transgression and treachery, and those who call to this action should be exposed, and most prominently the head of turmoil Ka’kah. The basis for the emergence of the Haftaris are the Madkhalis, what they have done in Libya is not hidden for the sane minded. And what was done by Hizbu Noor in Egypt from their alliance with Sisi against the Muslim Brotherhood is a disgrace on the methodology of the postponers. And the view of Ka’kah and those who carry his thoughts is not less in repugnancy than what we have mentioned.


May Allah have mercy upon Zahran Aloush and may Allah accept him, he was eagerly seeking to expel Ka’kah from Eastern Ghouta because he knew that if he stayed in Eastern Ghouta he would be a reason for infighting. We are not even safe from the backstabbing of the extremists while the extremist postponers already began to backstab us, as they are Khawarij against the Mujahideen. And I say against Ka’kah, like we have exposed the methodology of the Khawarij and the extremists, we announce you glad tidings for we will not leave you and your likes to live in the blood of Muslims. May Allah bless the one said that every heresy coupled with the sword becomes the methodology of the Khawarij.


Jaysh Al-Islam published an audio recording in which I talked at the start of the campaign against ISIS in Ghouta (claiming that I was talking about Jabhat Nusra). While knowing that I published a similar recording a year ago on Telegram in which I lashed the methodology of Ka’kah and the methodology of the extremist, and I called them by their names and I refuted the deviant Ka’kah the day he said that Jabhat Nusra are Khawarij. So a year ago I lashed him with audio recordings and I exposed his lies and deceit. I criticized his rotten methodology and I criticized the methodology of the extremist. And I say that I did find anyone to be a bigger liar than ISIS except Ka’kah and his gang. And I have audio recordings of Shaykh Zahran Aloush and some brothers who recognize the deviance of Ka’kah, but we are not of those people who sink to this level of cheap methods. It is enough for Jaysh Al-Islam to listen to the published audio recording in which he called upon assassinating and liquidating the Mujahideen and the verdicts by Ka’kah of killing your opponents.


I say to Ka’kah, Jabhat Nusra at that time cleansed itself from the extremists and some were killed by the brothers after they were proven to be from ISIS. But Jaysh Al-Islam as long as they keep referring to the godfather Ka’kah who gives verdicts to security personal to kill the Mujahideen and students of knowledge then the rope of lies remains short. And many groups have emerged from the heretics but their end remained demise.


I advise the wise ones from Jaysh Al-Islam if they are present not to follow the deviant Ka’kah and their chief negotiator who made the Russians guarantors. And I remind the soldier from Jaysh Al-Islam about the audio recording that was leaked with the destructive verdict of Ka’kah to kill the Mujahideen, and Jaysh Al-Islam until this day did not proof anything which contradicts this.


And the exposing land of Shaam is still exposing the people of heresy and desire, for all the branches of the Khawarij have been exposed in it, and most notably ISIS and at the opposite end the extremist postponers. And some of the pious predecessors of the Ummah have counted the postponers with the Khawarij. Ka’kah who toys with the blood of the Mujahideen; whatis the difference between him and ISIS when it comes to the legalization of Mujahid blood?



Haftar did not have any presence were it not for the Madkhalis behind him, and we say that behind every Haftar lies a head from the heads of the postponers. When the Americans entered Iraq the criminal Abu Dhalam came out and supported the Americans and entered the people into disbelief in waves. Then the lowly Hizbu Noor appeared in Egypt and they supported the secularist apostate Sisi against the Muslim Brotherhood with the excuse that they were Khawarij. And this is the custom of the extremist postponers.


If the wise men of Shaam do not understand the situation in Eastern Ghouta then the matter could spread to other territories. For the stupidity of the leadership of Jaysh Al-Islam will push the arena to a dreadful situation and the only beneficiary will be the regime and the Rawafid. Jaysh Al-Islam is committing field assassinations and these are the methods of the bastards of ISIS, so what Jaysh Al-Islam is committing of transgression and criminality must be exposed. And to the scholars who have cracked our heads with their political statements with which they pertained Hay’at Tahrir Shaam as ISIS. Why do you not take a legal position against the crimes and transgression of Jaysh Al-Islam? Where are you now? Aren’t the ones who are killed by the army of Ka’kah not your own people? Where is the Islamic Syrian Counsel!?


And would that which is done by Ka’kah and his soldiers been possible if it weren’t for your political verdicts which you have published against the soldiers of Hay’ay Tahrir Shaam based on the positions of their opponents? Is the judge who judges with ignorance not one of the judges of Hellfire? For ignorance about the reality is like ignorance about the Sharia. Where are you now when it comes to the crimes of the army of Ka’kah? As Allah said “Woe unto those who give unequal measure!”

They hastened to pass verdicts which allows receiving assistance from the disbelievers against their transgressing Muslim brothers (ISIS) relying on weak statements, which is criminal to implement in our current reality. But we did not hear any statement which condemns the crimes of the army of Ka’kah who bomb the cities with heavy weaponry and assassinate and execute prisoners. Where are your minds? What is the difference between what Ka’kah and his soldiers are doing and what Al-Baghdadi and his soldiers did when it comes to spilling blood? For they are two sides of the same coin.

Jaysh Al-Islam is a bigger liar than ISIS and permits lying against their opponents, seeking dominance and authority over the territories in Ghouta with the excuse of fighting the Khawarij. And the fool Ka’kah knows that the postponers are the Khawarij. The army of Ka’kah fought against ISIS and today they are doing everything ISIS did. They legalize the blood and legalize lying against their opponents.

The hyenas of Jaysh Al-Islam are committing one of the most heinous acts and on top of them the fool Ka’kah in whom the qualities of the most treacherous sects are combined. As he took from the Rawafid lying and fabricating, until he became the story teller of Ghouta. He took the valiantly of the Khawarij, and the vileness of the extremist postponers, and the insolence of the Hashashi Ismailis. Ka’kah lives in the furor of his lusts and he think that he has reached what he craves, and this is the situation of hyenas. But there is a hindrance between them and what they desire. The one who thinks that the hyenas of Ka’kah will only fight against Hay’at Tahrir shaam is delusional, as they are trying to impose a reality which makes them the first responders to the signed documents of Astana. So the masks have fallen.

I say to my Mujahid brothers in Ghouta, Shaam spits out the filth as your Ghouta spit out the Khawarij of Al-Baghdadi, and the arrogant army of the Ka’kah will follow them so be patient. Jaysh Al-Islam has already fallen morally so it will also fall materially. Because the fall of principles is followed by the fall of its owners. Your group will disappear and Islam will remain and expand.

I can not bear to hear the slogan of fairness anymore from some, because it reminds me of the slogan of the extremist when they say that fairness is the garment of the honorable while they dwell in one valley and fairness lives in another valley.

The extremist are happy with what is happening in Eastern Ghouta while they are saying “We told you so.” But the extremist forgot that their crooked methodology and the crooked methodology of Ka’Kah does not enter any arena except that it corrupts and ruins it.

The one who exposed the Khawarij of Al-Baghdadi should also expose the Khawarij of Ka’kah and they should not measure with two standards. Ka’kah the storyteller of Douma, who has no sense nor does he know honesty, comes out and speaks as if he is Yusuf Tashafin (who united the Muslims and brought an end to the division in Al-Andalus). While the storyteller forgets that his factions and all others factions will disappear and that what he and his army are doing only benefit the regime.

The storyteller of Douma speaks about the Khawarij while he is wearing their heresy legalizing the blood of his opponents, rather he even started to suppress the demonstrations. And the storyteller of Douma forget that demonstrations toppled Bashar and expelled him from Ghouta the day when his scholars still perceived Bashar as the legitimate Muslim ruler and they forbade any revolt against him.

When the army of Ka’kah starts to surprises the demonstrations it becomes clear to you that Ka’kah did not learn anything from the previous lessons which the regime and his henchmen experienced as they failed in this experience. Did Ka’kah not witness the demonstrations in Ghouta which expelled his legitimate Muslim ruler Bashar from these territories the day when the extremist postponers were saying that is was not allowed to revolt against the legitimate Muslim ruler Bashar.

The extremist postponers say that is not allowed to revolt against Sisi because he is a Muslim ruler, while they stood with Sisi when he turned against the government of Mursi because the deceitful Hizbu Noor see the Muslim Brotherhood as Khawarij, so it is allowed for them to ally with a disbeliever against the Khawarij. This is from the jurisprudence of the extremist postponers.

The extremist postponers are like the Jahmiyah sect when it concerns the Islamic judgment over an disbelieving ruler as they present him with obedience, but they are revolting Khawarij against the Mujahideen and the Muslim rulers. This is the religion of the postponers and this is their doctrine. The deceitful Hizbu Noor is a symbol for extremist postponers who stood with the apostate Sisi against the Muslim Brotherhood with the excuse that they are Khawarij. And the Madkhalis in Libya are a symbol when they stood with Haftar.

And the scholars of Ka’kah see Shaykh Salman Al-Awda and Shaykh Safar Al-Hawali as Khawarij so it is not strange that Ka’kah judges the Mujahideen as Khawarij. The army of Ka’kah is calling upon other factions to stay neutral so that they can eat them one by one like he wanted to ban Ahraar Shaam in Ghouta previously and failed at that time. And today the people of Ghouta will not listen to the sweet talks of Ka’kah because the people know that the army of Ka’kah is a bigger liar than ISIS.

The demonstrations in Ghouta places the army of Ka’kah in a tight spot especially after their exhaustion during this ongoing battle, and this is proven by the fact that Ka’kah and his army seek to keep the other factions neutral but the factions know that Ka’kah and his leadership are liars. Jaysh Al-Islam talking about the issue of assassinations reminds me of the state media channel Dunya, no one believes the army of Ka’kah anymore.

I say to the deviant Ka’kah, I have met Shaykh Zahran Aloush before the fight against the Khawarij and he appeared in a video and talked but I will disclose this trust. I talked with him more than once and told Shaykh Zahran Aloush that the doctrine of Ka’kah is corrupt and he should be removed from any decree and his methodology should be expelled, and Ka’kah knows this himself. After Shaykh Zahran Aloush entered the north I sat with him and there was no fight between us and ISIS at that time, and I have advised Shaykh Zahran Aloush to remove Ka’kah because he is from the extremist postponers and he has the behavior of infiltrators. However Ka’kah wants to convince us that we used to have good suspicions about him and his methodology.

May Allah forgive Shaykh Abu AbdulAziz Al-Qatari for leaving extremists to run Jund Al-Aqsa and may Allah forgive Shaykh Zahran Aloush for not expelling Ka’kah from Jaysh Al-Islam and those who hold his Jahmiyah views. To my brothers the soldiers of Jaysh Al-Islam be aware that you do not believe the storyteller Ka’kah and follow him and kill your Mujahid brother with the excuse that he is from the Khawarij. This will not hold in front of Allah. The assault of Jaysh Al-Islam is because they seek dominance but Ka’kah is painting it with the dye of his deviant methodology.

I said it before and I am still saying it, the one who says that Jaysh Al-Islam is an army of apostasy is a liar and oppressor, and the one who says that Hay’at Tahrir Shaam are Khawarij is a liar and oppressor. And I am still saying it. The extremists in Salafism are of categories: the ones who see you as an apostate if you oppose them, the ones who see you as from the Khawarij or extremist if you oppose them, and the ones who are extremist in obedience even if they witnessed apostasy from the ruler they would say it is obligatory to obey him. There are many categories of them, and Allah’s help is sought.

I did not find any sect more despicable than the ones who attribute themselves to Salafism, like the Madkhali Salafis, and the Salafism of Hizbu Noor, and the Salafism of ISIS, and the Salafism of blind obedience to the rulers. These sects specialize in lying and slander, and I testify against them that the state media of channel Dunya does not reach the tenth of their lies and slanders. Rather there are those amongst them for whom the Rand Corporation has testified. Rather they are even bigger liars than Al-Arabiyah.

The hatred of some against Hay’at Tahrir shaam and especially against Shaykh Al-Joulani made them support the transgression of Jaysh Al-Islam, and I say to them your hatred against individuals must not push you to support transgression and criminality and pass political verdicts. Like the calf of Al-Baghdadi and Zuwaybiry (the GIA in Algeria) fell, likewise the calf of Ka’kah will fall and his companion, the foolish negotiator with his shameless face, the godfather of Astana. Wait and I am waiting with you.

Today Eastern Ghouta is paying the price for the deviant methodologies which sought and still seeks dominance and covers its lusts with theological legitimacy. If only our brothers in Jaysh Al-Islam announced that they wanted to overpower the others in Ghouta (to bring about unity) rather than labeling others as extremist and making Takfir on them.

Do not make Shaam a racetrack for your methodology, and do not make your faction an agenda for the enemies against your religion; killing a group and welcoming another group, while in the end they still do not trust you. My advice to Jaysh Al-Islam and Hay’at Tahrir Shaam and the rest of the factions: My beloved ones remember that all of these organizations will cease to exist one day and remember these words of mine when you are going to your Lord and you will be held accountable for every word and deed. All the armed factions from the people of the Qiblah, know that the winner of these battles between you is still a loser. And Allah’s help and assistance is sought.

It is interesting that Shaykh Al-Maqdisi is describing me as a diluter and others are saying that Abu Mariyah has deviated and became a postponer. And the brother Ka’kah may Allah guide him is describing me as an extremist and says that I returned to the methodology of the Khawarij. And I say may Allah guide me and you all to what you love and please.

I have exceeded in my criticism against Shaykh Al-Maqdisi previously and today in my criticism against the brother Ka’kah. Perhaps my offensive methods will make the brother Ka’kah more aggressive against me but I have advised him in secret multiple times. And just to be fair, he listened to me and I advised him to avoid infighting and to contain the young people in Ghouta from all factions. But today it has reached the stage of brutality against my Mujahid brothers, and I advise him to rethink his views. And I say to him, what you are calling to is rejected theologically and rationally. The situation in Ghouta is not able to bear overpowerment which exhausts all parties while the regime is the only winner.

Everyone who is killed from any party in Eastern Ghouta is a loss for the Sunnis, so it is unfair to let the sons of the Sunnis be fuel for a battle which is not waged to seek the pleasure of Allah. Fear Allah oh Jaysh Al-Islam and stop your transgression! When Jaysh Al-Islam was attacked a year ago we rejected this and we strived day and night to stop the killing there but the memory of these people is weak.”


Shaam will submit to none except Allah.



Translated into English by As-Sahab media.

In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

In the name of Allah. All praise belongs to Allah alone and may peace and blessings be upon the Messenger of Allah, his family, Companions, and those who follow them.

My dear Muslim brothers the world over,

May peace, mercy, and blessings of Allah be upon you.

To begin with, I would like to tell our beloved people in Shaam [the Levant] that your wounds are the wounds of the entire Ummah, and your pain is the pain of the entire Ummah. You are in our prayers at every moment, and we wish to sacrifice our souls for you. If anything stands in our way, it is the fact that we are engaged in fighting the same Crusader enemy which you are up against, though on a different front.

Our Muslim Ummah in Shaam, the land of Ribaat and Jihad: Know that the only reason you are being targeted is that you want Islam to rule over the land of Shaam, and the International Satanic Alliance will never accept this, and it will spare no effort to stop this Islamic tide.

Our dear people in Shaam: You must, therefore, prepare yourselves for a protracted war against the Crusaders and their Rafidhi and Nusairi allies. So remain steadfast, for verily victory comes with patience, ease with hardship, deliverance with affliction, and know that victory is often just a matter of timely perseverance. “So lose not heart, nor fall into despair, for you shall be victorious if you indeed are true Believers.” [Aal-e-Imran: 139]

You are those who have taken up the path of Jihad in the way of Allah to raise the flag of Islam and Jihad on the land of Shaam, and to liberate it from oppression, tyranny, and corruption. So do not backtrack. Know no wavering or compromise. Die honourably, but never accept a life of humiliation. Unite and close your ranks with your Muslim brothers and Mujahideen not just in Shaam, but the entire


world, for it is a single Crusader campaign being waged against Muslims the world over.

Our brothers in Shaam: Watch out for the progeny of Abu Righal, who wish to deceive you into buying the myth that only if you were to change your Jihad to an exclusively nationalist Syrian struggle, the leading international criminals would be pleased with you, for this goes against what the Quran has clearly explained: “Never will the Jews, nor the Christians be pleased with you, until you follow their creed.” [Al-Baqarah: 120]

My people and my brothers in Shaam: I would like to offer here a few words of advice as a reminder to you and myself.

First: We must constantly review our actions, and retract ourselves from everything which is capable of hindering victory. For we can never be better than the Companions of the Prophet (peace be upon him), who were denied victory when they disobeyed. Critical reassessment and correction of mistakes is the first step in the path to victory.

Second: In my humble opinion, the strategy for Jihad in Shaam must focus on a guerilla war aimed at wearing down the enemy and bleeding it to death. This has been the weapon of choice of the oppressed against arrogant transgressors in every age. Do not occupy yourselves with holding on to territory, instead focus on destroying the morale of your enemy. Take the enemy to the point of abysmal despair by inflicting unrelenting blows and unbearable losses on its forces.

Third: The cause of Shaam is the cause of the entire Ummah. We must not present it as merely a cause of the people of Shaam, and then further narrow it down to a cause of Syrians alone, for this is precisely the enemy’s plan and his much sought after objective. The enemy seeks to transform the Jihad in Shaam from a cause of the Muslim Ummah to an exclusively nationalist Syrian cause, then turn the nationalist cause to an issue of specific regions and localities, and finally reduce this to an issue of a few cities, villages and neighborhoods.


It is incumbent upon us to confront this evil strategy by declaring that the Jihad in Shaam is the Jihad of the Muslim Ummah aimed at establishing the rule of Allah in the land of Allah. This must coincide with encouraging the entire Ummah to participate in the Jihad of Shaam with its sons, wealth, efforts, and energies. And let us not forget here that those who defended Shaam earlier in history were none other than the likes of Salahuddin, Qutz, Bebres, Muhammad bin Qalawoon, and the Ottoman Turks, NONE of whom were Syrians, but were Muslims and Mujahids before anything else.

We must not submit therefore to the dictations of the leading criminals, who seek to intimidate us with accusations of ‘terrorism’ and ‘extremism’. These are the same forces that did not even spare Muhammad Mursi, in spite of the fact that he had given them all they had asked for. I ask Allah to give our people in Shaam steadfastness. May Allah bless them with His victory and support and guide them to take a common stance alongside their Mujahideen brethren the world over against a common united enemy.

And our last prayer is that all Praise belongs to Allah alone, the Lord of the Worlds, and may peace and blessings be upon our Master, Muhammad, his family, and Companions.

May peace, mercy, and blessings of Allah be upon you.

Francis voices terrorism concerns.


In a move unheard of in previous years, the National Security Minister of St Lucia, voiced concerns concerning the terrorist threat to the region.

I will quote here from the St Lucia Times: “National Security Minister, Hermangild Francis, has voiced concerns about terrorism  and the possible effect on tourism in an address to members of the Saint Lucia Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture.


Addressing private sector representatives on Wednesday, Francis disclosed that he has discussed the issue of terrorism with the Director of the Regional Security System (RSS) and the threat it poses to the Caribbean.


“We do not have the exact number of ISIS fighters returning to their countries but we know that between 150 to 400 of these individuals, especially from Trinidad and Tobago, have returned,” the former Deputy Police Commissioner who is currently Chairman of the RSS said.


He asserted that the situation was very problematic for the Caribbean.


“Imagine, most of the Islands are depending on tourism and we have an incident with one of our tourist ships – maybe in Aruba, Martinique, Saint Vincent – you could imagine the sort of catastrophic reaction that is going to happen to our main export,” the minister stated.


Francis said that Saint Lucia will be addressing the issue by going to the primary schools to ensure that young children are not radicalised.


According to Francis, all the evidence indicates that children are radicalised from a very early age.


“That is one of the techniques that the ISIS movement uses,” he observed.


“We are going to make sure, with the help of our minister of education, to put in place programmes so that those young children – vulnerable children, can be taught how to deal with radicalisation,” Francis told members of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture.



Speech International Conference on Returning Foreign Terrorist Fighters.

Dutch AIVD Director of Intelligence Jack Twiss, 15 February 2017

Today I would like to tell you about a family that went to Syria. A mother and father, inspired by the proclamation of the ISIS caliphate. Perhaps they believe that it would be wonderful to raise their children in an Islamic utopia. They take their two children, close the door behind them, and leave.

After a long and arduous journey the family arrives in Syria. The father is immediately sent off to a training camp where he is trained in the use of weapons and combat.

After his training he is regularly sent to the front lines to fight. The mother and the two young children quickly find out that daily life with ISIS is tough. They find it hard to adjust to the bombing raids, to sharing a house with other families, to only a few hours of electricity a day. The mother finds herself pregnant and soon discovers that prenatal care is abominable. She wants to return to the Netherlands and she manages to convince her husband that they ought to flee. So, shortly before the father is sent to the front again they make their escape, cross the border into Turkey and eventually return to the Netherlands.

Upon their arrival the father and mother are arrested on suspicion of membership of a terrorist organization. The children are taken to live with relatives. The father and mother are interrogated separately and they categorically deny having been members of ISIS. After a month the public prosecution service decides to release them for lack of evidence.

The family returns to their old neighbourhood.

This is one example of some of the stories that I deal with as director of intelligence with the General intelligence and security service – the AIVD. At this point in our story the AIVD faces a dilemma: the mother and father are disillusioned, yes, but have they also renounced their jihadist beliefs? Or will they continue to support the jihad in Syria but now from the Netherlands?

These are the questions that one of the teams of my service sets out to answer. As an intelligence and security service we are able to, and allowed to do a lot. We have a range of investigatory powers at our disposal, such as observation, house searches, wire taps, all under strict conditions.

But we are no mind readers. People who have something to hide are often highly security-conscious, and they try to deceive us. For example, what is it exactly that two returnees are talking about when one of them asks the other: “when does the game start?” Does this mean they are going to a football match together, or is it an attack plot they are discussing? We hear remarks such as these every day, and for every remark we have to assess if it constitutes a threat or not.

Similarly, for the family of four I described just now we have to take great care to see if they constitute a risk. Then we decide if it is necessary to keep a close watch on these persons, or whether they can reintegrate into our society.

In our publication ‘Focus on Returnees’, published today, we describe the threat. All returnees are reviewed by the AIVD to assess their potential threat. One of the criteria we look at is the length of stay in the conflict zone. Nearly all returnees coming back now have spent at least a year in the conflict zone. Many of them have gained combat experience and are deeply integrated into jihadist networks. Which means that they pose potentially a greater threat than the earlier returnees that spent less time in the conflict zone.

The reason why someone decides to return to the Netherlands also plays a role. This is not always clear: medical problems, homesickness or pressure from relatives, but also a sense of disillusion with life in the caliphate could be important. Being disillusioned, however, does not mean that radical ideas and violence have been renounced. For the most part disappointment with life in the conflict zone does not mean that people turn their backs on jihadist ideology.

Where there is no information on why someone returned, or there are indications that the returnees have been allowed to leave by ISIS, the AIVD will take into account these returnees may have been sent back to Europe with a specific assignment.

While the experiences of life in the caliphate are certainly part of the assessment of

the potential threat of returnees, even more important are our up-to-date knowledge

of and insight into their behaviour, beliefs and intentions.

Let’s go back to our recently returned family of four. They were in the conflict zone only a couple of months. Their main motivation for returning was the dire quality of life in the caliphate. But what does that imply in terms of their jihadist intentions? The mother has turned her back on ISIS, but the father still appears to be radicalised and to support the jihad, only now he is in the Netherlands.

It is not necessary, nor feasible for us to monitor each and every returnee twentyfour- seven. Fortunately the AIVD partners with a whole chain of organizations that play a part where returnees are concerned.

We strive to share our information on foreign fighters with the public prosecution service so that they can start their criminal investigation at an early stage. Returnees will initially be arrested and where possible prosecuted.

Returnees that are released are taken on by the social services of the local authorities in their place of residence. Signals coming from these municipal agencies and organizations are of great value to the AIVD in assessing whether someone is still harbouring radical ideas. Because, as I mentioned before, we cannot monitor each and every returnee day and night. The police also keep a watchful eye: local police officers know the local situation, know who is friendly with whom and who the jihadist instigators are.



They are in a perfect position to pick up signals at a local level and if necessary inform us. The AIVD then has the difficult task to assess in time if someone presents an actual danger or not.

The AIVD expects the number of returning jihadist to increase little by little in the future. Together they constitute a group that requires the close attention of all of us, because they are ideologically hardened, because they have combat experience and because they have become a part of a jihadist network. The AIVD does not expect all Dutch foreign fighters to return to our country. Some of them will remain in the region, and some will be killed in action. We should take care not to focus too much on returnees alone. If we look at the most recent attacks in Berlin and Nice the perpetrators weren’t returnees that had been trained in Syria or Iraq. There are homegrown jihadists that pursue the fight in their own country, often inspired by ISIS’ propaganda. Some individuals are actively, incited and facilitated by ISIS to spring into action. So we have several different scenarios to deal with.

Today’s publication discusses the threat posed by returnees. Unfortunately it does not offer any ready-made answers. The case of the family of returnees I used as an example today, shows that what is needed is the long-term investment of different agencies and organizations. Hopefully our publication offers you help, insight and suggestions. In addition to this publication I would like to leave you with these three points.

(1) Returnees are not all alike. Threat assessment has been and always will be ‘made-to-measure’. (2) We should work together to remain alert regarding the group of future returnees. Only by cooperating can we resist the potential threat they pose.

(3) The jihadist threat is a complicated matter. Homegrown jihadists are inspired or incited on by ISIS, and the risk they pose is as great as that of returnees.