The following is from the report presented to the then Minister of Culture and Education Sarah Wescott Williams.







The early years our ideology and struggles.

This is a history of the organization Suoaliga Youth the organization began officially in the year 2000, in the student city of Groningen.

I will detail here as clearly as possible my experiences during the years 2000 until 2002 in Groningen.

I came to Groningen in 1999 after having worked for sometime in the Chase Manhattan Bank as a Teller and Data Entry Clerk.

This history must be chronicled as the time for it is ripe this is a history of Sint Maarteners who overcame prejudice and resistance we overcame racism and extreme hatred death threats and police surveillance.

When I came to Groningen I immediately established myself in a job as a factory worker with the Van Gend en Loos factory.

Endeavoring thereby to serve as a visible example to the community I found myself in as a hardworking young man.

Soon thereafter my brother Bernardo Bailey joined me in Groningen where we lived in Damsport in a student flat.

At a certain point I went to the Alfa College, I did what is called a toelatingsexam in English this is called an entry exam.

During my time at the Hanze Hogeschool/Hanze University of Applied Sciences I did an internship at the Stitching Forsa which is Papiamento for power.

That foundation was an organization geared toward the ideology of championing the cause of the Antillean in Holland, it usually worked out for the cause of specifically Curacoaleneans.

During that time many Antilleans sold cocaine in Groningen specifically Crack Cocaine was the preferred drug that many youth sold increasingly it was observed some Sint Maarteners were involved in the drugs trade in Groningen.

I and my brother were invited to a meeting by a social worker whose portfolio included certain (facilitated by Shem Rogers), Sint Maarteners who were on the verge of falling through the cracks and would become so-called randgroepjongeren i.e. delinquent youth.

Later that same day we were contacted by a mister Melvin Sille who worked for the gemeente or government in Groningen, he told us in no uncertain terms that the Groningen police were watching a group of Sint Maarteners for quite some time and if we did not intervene they would certainly be sent to prison.

He told us that he contacted us as he heard that we were influential within the community.

We were introduced to certain police officials after presenting them with the werkplan of the Sualiga Youth Foundation we were able to show and prove that the Sint Maarteners whom they were about to institutionalize were in fact all a part of Sualiga and were positively active in the community, only one person was convicted of a criminal act all the others were simply young and black and without representation in a European community hence their susceptibility to being lumped together with a vulnerable group in the community.

As a result of the meeting Sualiga Youth was put under the umbrella of Forsa we were at first typified as a so called student group however this was never the intention of the founding members the intention was always to function as a bonafide NGO with bylaws that governed our organization.

Another problem which we also saw continuously was the vicious cycle of students being literally thrown out of housing to make room for others who were arriving for the new school year.

This practice caused some to turn to crime. In Groningen this practice was continued by the SSSS under the direction of Linda Richardson I have documented proof of such.

We of the Sualiga Youth adequately informed the students pertinent to their civil and human rights in the scenario.

We soon became active with the First World alliance headed by Rafael Dollisson a.k.a. Chip.

We went to some of their activities invited by Melvin Sille and Chip we met and worked with professionals from Humanitas, Sozawe, Forsa, and many other organizations and persons.

When the so called Hangjongeren became a societal burden in Groningen we were called to represent the Sint Maarten community we successfully arbitrated a truce between warring factions and were able to instigate a situation where many young men were able to secure work.

The werhouder or Lawnmaker Patje promised us a building if we were able to secure a signed document from our leader of Government Sarah Wescott Williams.

Armed with a double mandate I boarded a KLM flight in the summer of 2000.

I came to Sint Maarten where I gained an audience with the leader of government Sarah Wescott Williams the actual event was filmed and appeared in the local media.

The mandate was not fulfilled in that I did not receive the requested letter of support.

I returned to Holland and came to Sint Maarten for good in September of 2002.

Sualiga Youth changed to Sualiga Extraordinary Minds as my documents will indicate the Sualiga Extraordinary Minds foundation went into talks with various government organizations we were brought up to date on the intention of the city Amsterdam to cooperate more with the Antillean authorities in the areas of culture and justice.

We were told that our expertise was not required at that time and we were brought into contact with Basisberaad to support our institution not financial but infrastructural.

It was then that one of the workers (Jaap) took our werkplan and uitvoeringsplan to a meeting with the SSSS without our consent and without our knowledge.

Today we see the very same organization enacting their agenda as per the students as if it came out of their organization when what they really did was simply coopt what they learnt from being exposed to our material.

Let me be abundantly clear while what they did was not illegal Jaap did commit an illegal act namely stealing he in turn most likely acted as if he spoke on our behalf.

Yet since the SSSS purports to be professionals they should have checked with us to verify his claims they did not do so and have to date not done so as a result of their ineptitude, I can now divulge all of their blunders publicly.

Before the Sualiga Youth came along no one could clearly and concisely articulate the following as no one ever took the time to survey the students in any given demographic in Holland from Sint Maarten as pertained their needs and “levensomstandigheden” immediate environment scholastically as well as socially.

In the year 2000 I travelled to Sint Marten with a mandate from the Gemeente or the Government of Groningen and the Antillean Community in Groningen particularly the student body comprising the non profit foundation Stitching Sualiga Youth .

The mandate came about as a result of the successful work carried out by the Sualiga Youth Foundation to the point where we through properly informing both the government as well as the Antillean community in Groningen, we were able to function as an arbitrator between the Gemeente Groningen or the Government of Groningen and the so called problem youth of Antilleans in the community.

Certain Sint Maarten students were also described as problem youth or so called Randgroepjongeren or hangjongeren which means in English delinquent youth.

We created a video showcasing the musical abilities of the students from Sint Maarten which showed that they were positively busy in the Dutch society hereby avoiding them being lumped together with other youth who were involved in petty crime for no other reason than lack of adequate information concerning the Dutch society in which they resided.

The success of our arbitration led to the then lawmaker Patje promising that if we could get a written statement from our government on Sint Maarten showing their support for Sualiga Youth and its activities we would be given a building and the foundation would be subsidized on a yearly basis with the intention being to offer our services to the entire Antillean population in Groningen.

We never received such a letter but the uitvoerings plan or action plan of our foundation has been largely co-opted and plagiarized by the SSSS.

The students’ daily living conditions were brought to light by the Sualiga foundation before that time no one on the island in government knew nor did they acknowledge the fact that Sint Maarten students sometimes lived in deplorable conditions in Holland.

For those in Groningen their living condition was brought about by the policy of making room for the so called neiuwkomers i.e. students coming from Sint Maarten for the new school year.

Today we see students from Holland coming to Sint Maarten to develop a sustainability plan whilst there are students from Sint Maarteners living here on the island and in Holland who have travelled all over Africa including the most recent trip of Bernardo Bailey to Ethiopia where he engaged in trade between Ethiopians and himself as a Sint Maartener i.e. Sualigan, he studied and is developing a plan of sustainable development for rural Ethiopians.

Another example is the farming cooperative of Rafael Dollisson in Ghana.

How is that Sint Maarteners are good enough to develop sustainability plans for communities on the African continent but they are being ignored by the present government.

I presented the commissioner of education Sarah Wescott Williams with a copy of a scientific survey, carried out by the foundation i.e. Sint Maarteners (The meeting and presentation was published in the daily herald of said year) 2000.

The Survey was entitled A Sociopolitical Cultural Academic Report on The Educational System on Sint Maarten.

In said report we also outlined the precise activity of the youth here on Sint Maarten it was using the holistic model that, the present spate of crime by local young black males would have been largely avoided.

The call of some in the business community for more police is simply a plaster on a festering wound as only a long term educational program developed along the lines of an African centered education can prevent crime amongst a largely African population.

It is impossible to educate Africans as if they are Europeans the successful programs in Europe where Antilleans have been successfully integrated into Dutch society i.e. jobs and proper housing, with access to a basic education have all been either spearheaded by Antilleans themselves or they were involved in the crucial elements of any plan of action drafted.

Here on Sint Maarten we have the exact opposite Europeans are recruited to solve the problems of a Caribbean people without any input whatsoever from the populace.

Not even in Europe are Europeans that imbecilic as to expect Europeans to solve the social maladies plaguing a non European community without joint cooperation from non-Europeans in their midst here on Sint Maarten we have persons in government who believe that because they cannot articulate nor think for themselves that the entire populace are at a similar disadvantage .

I also have documented evidence of the SSSS openly stating that they are and were unwilling to assist what we call long-term residing students as those students must leave their flats or apartments before the arrival of the new students who will come to Holland at the beginning of the new school year.

The above described scenario is a very serious situation that results in students living together for extended periods of time in a flat or apartment without adequate information as to how to contact persons who can assist them various organizations such as the Bureau Voor Rechtshulp, (the Bureau for Legal Aid.)

There are a myriad of such organizations throughout Europe and a student has a fundamental right to be informed as to their basic civil and human rights by most organizations but if they are unaware of this they cannot make use of the organizations

and their resources. (Sualiga Youth informed students for years without any government funding whatsoever).

Note that I never said our foundation requested funding from government unlike many persons here on Sint Maarten who` mistakenly assume that government is responsible for them we know that we are responsible for ourselves.

Since our intellectual capital has been used in an underhanded manner I make this publicly known the claims laid down herein are all factual and can be viewed by anyone in the community who wish to do so.

Until I came to Sint Maarten and presented the leader of government and the department of education with the report drafted by a team of Sint Maarten intellectuals living and studying in Holland no government official had the vision much less the intellectual capacity to draft and articulate a long-term visionary report equal to the standard of the one drafted by Sualiga Youth it was after reading the Sualiga report that they then began to gain a keen insight and firsthand account as to the actual situation. The new government policy that we now see is as a direct result of that information being digested by them we were never acknowledged formerly by these people in any manner.

I do so now Bernardo Bailey a.k.a  Ras Enoch for his unceasing efforts on behalf of the youth and his visionary insight never giving up even when it nearly cost you your very life and family blessed love Lion heart, Rolando Laurence for his outstanding high caliber work,

Giovani Williams for his flawless translation of highly standardized Dutch Language legal documents and an unknown soldier Oscar Gumbs a.k.a Peaches who opened his home to many Sint Maarten students when they had nowhere else to go. (P.S. to all the others this is for those who were down from day one not the people who came along after, give honor to whom honor is due.)

The societal problems plaguing this community will never be solved by any one group of persons but a concerted effort must be applied by all concerned, we of the Sualiga Foundation are willing and able and will continue to do our part by working directly with the young so called “criminal”  “I prefer the term miseducated” and non criminal Black Youth population here on Sint Maarten and in Holland that is our mandate and destiny.

End of letter:


With kind regards.

























The following are a series of Dutch language letters and editorials that chronicle the research done by Sualiga Youth and our work amongst the Antillean community in Groningen the letters also document our correspondence with various government officials and organizations and our acceptance by the Europeans in their country and their preference of us in as pertained to the solving of our own communities problems to the exclusion of their own people.

The audacity and utter insanity of a non European government to allow so called experts from a foreign country come to Sint Maarten and claim to be able to conduct any meaningful survey without local professional impetus is doomed to fail.

Any government on this planet that cannot come to terms with its own internal inadequacies is doomed to fail.

The tendency of the so called government officials who are in fact as per a real democracy an illegally installed cabal, as is evinced by their method of buying votes with their yearly cash handouts and their well known illegal and undemocratic practices.

The so called government then does not exist since in a real democracy the people would have not been bought with cash handouts nor any other obviously illegal tactics.

Sint Maarten is in fact an oligarchy ruled and dominated by a cabal of corrupt bureaucrats whom are funded and supported by a foreign merchant class.

These merchants fund the campaigns of the politicians and are therefore the ones whose interests are in fact protected by the politicians whom are dependent on them for their continued political existence.

The incidences of youth on Sint Maarten murdering their peers is as a direct result of the self destructive policy of the illegally installed “government” since the children of those whose interests the politicians represent are not part of the prison population it may bode well for the average person to pay keen attention to what is written herein and develop some sort of awareness as this book is in fact a teaching tool which will not only highlight problems but it will offer solutions that will attempt to solve some of the most pressing of those problems.

A way to insure that the so called government of Sint Maarten becomes an actual public service organ that functions in the best interest of the population at large would be to, for a special interest or pressure group government of Sint Maarten before the United Nations Tribunal of Human rights and charge the individuals within the so called government with Human rights violations.

If such a charge is properly launched it will gain international prominence and it is on this platform that the real country Sint Maarten can be formed.

In the event of an actual formation of an independent government and country the entire population would have to literally be re-educated and deprogrammed from the mis-education and racist genocidal policies of the present system of government.





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