Even as Trump troubles Afghanistan and Pakistan: The Latest Islamic Jamaat unsheathes its Scimitar.

Ansar Ghazwat ul Hind.


In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful. All praise is due to Allah Azza wa Jalla.


And blessings and peace be upon the Prophet who said: “There are two groups of my Ummah whom Allah will protect from the fire: a group who will conquer India and a group who will be with Issa ibn Maryam (peace be upon him)”.

Today we announce from the peaks of Pir Panchal that jihad e-Kashmir is free from the influence of all Taghooti (tyrannical)   agencies.  And a new jihadi Jamaat ul-Hindi has been formed.

The formation of Jamaat ul-Hindi will inshallah safe guard the jihad in Kashmir and with Allah’s help, we will take this jihad to the farthest corner of India, and this jihad, with Allah’s permission, will be the sour of victory in Kashmir and India.

Ansar Ghazwat ul-Hindi is not on any different manhaj other than a vow of the sons of the Ummah that truth will be victorious.


Ansar Ghazwat ul-Hindi is part of the same message that every mujahid of Kashmir has shed his blood and that message is: “There is no God but Allah and Muhammed is his Prophet”.

Ansar Ghazwat ul-Hindi will only work for the interests of Jihad.

We invite all the Muslims of Kashmir and the world for jihad against India, and hope that they will strengthen this jihad with their lives and money.

Mujahideen fighting for Allah in any part of the world are our brothers.


The following are the objectives given for the formation of the organization.


This Tandheem is based on calling towards Tawheed: (there is no God but Allah and Muhammed is his Prophet), rejection of polytheism and its people and disavowal of all its false idols.

This Tandheem is bound to the religion of al-el-Sunnah- wal Jamah in its Aqeedah and Manhaj , principles and corollaries, differences and commandments and issues.

This Tandheem is an independent Tandheem and all its decisions will be taken under the guidance of its Shura committee in accordance with the pious predecessors and the fatwas and guidance of righteous Ulema.

This Tandheem considers jihad fisabillah to be fard-ayn (obligatory) for the implementation of Sharia, and considers fighting apostates and infidels according to ones capabilities and capacity an act of righteousness.

Our jihad is not for nationhood or nationalism, nor is it for implementation of kufr resolutions of greater tawghut (tyrant), nor is it for the implementation of a plebiscite. Our jihad is not to seek liberation from one tyrant and merge with another; our jihad is loftier than this. We perform jihad so that Allah’s word will be established and that the religion will be for Allah alone (sovereign).

This Tandheem is not a regional Tandheem which stops at man-made borders, but every member of ahl-e-Sunnah with the Aqeedah of Tawheed can join this Tandheem; regardless of race or tribe.

This Tandheem considers guidance, patronage and following of the leaders of jihad. This Tandheem will put in its best efforts in accordance with the Shariah. And in cases of transgressions seeks forgiveness from Allah and Muslims.

This Tandheem apart from fighting against infidels and apostates, will also engage in proselytization and advice.

This Tandheem rejects every system of governance outside of Shariah.

Our targets are the Indian army, police and every person whether overtly or covertly involved in the oppression of Muslims I India and Kashmir.  Our  final call is all praises are due to Allah.





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