Islamic State executes Russian Intelligence Officer and Russian ‘spies’ .



The terrorist group known as Islamic State executed what it described in a video, by its Furat Media as a ‘Russian Intelligence Officer’.

Furat Media released a 12:17 wherein several Russian-speaking men were executed; some were executed by a young Russian boy. The footage of the boy is actually from a previously released video. What the video is essentially claiming is, the Russian government attempted to infiltrate the groups’ ranks with its spies, who were captured and executed. The intelligence officer clothed in black and wearing a black cap is shown in the video naming several Russians as spies within the ranks of IS. The man is beheaded later in the video by a Russian-speaking man dressed identically to the young Russian boy in the video.  The Kremlin is denying the capture and execution of any of its officers by IS.

The man in the video is said to have been captured by IS fighters in Syria.

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