12 Trinidad nationals deported from Turkey caught with ISIS recruiter in 2016.

12 Trinidad nationals deported from Turkey caught with ISIS recruiter in 2016.


This just in 12 persons all nationals of Trinidad and Tobago who were detaine.d in Turkey since 2016, have all been deported back to their home country They arrived in Trinidad on Friday, 28, 2017. As I have indicated in numerous post’s on this Blog and on my Soualiga Youth Blog https://soualigayouth.wordpress.com/2017/04/11/regional-guides-to-life-after-islamic-state/

The returning fighters from Trinidad and Tobago who are returning to Trinidad , will be a totally new and unpredictable reality not only for that country but they already have, and will continue to alter the reality of the region, to the point of no return. Their fighting skill far exceeds that of the regional police, no regional military has seen a quarter of the combat that these combatants have. Their value to say narcotics trafficking cartel, or an organization like the Jamaat al-Muslimeen is inestimable. The male combatants who return to the region, are a source of military, know how, a skill which can be outsourced to the highest bidder, they will be sought after by many organizations, legitimate and otherwise, book deals et al the financial rewards to be reaped for any returnee, are great and astute returnee’s will be keen to exploit these avenues, to gain wealth. The more pious amongst them will continue to propagate on behalf of the Islamic State it is from these ‘pious’ or committed returnees that attacks on the state  and security infrastructure on Trinidad and elsewhere will be committed.   This region is in a phase now from which it can never return and now  more than ever political Islamist elements will unite their ranks with the organized and street level criminal elements particularly organized illicit narcotics traffickers, to strengthen and maintain their local, regional and international hegemony.


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