New Video message from the Islamic State “Words Drenched in Blood”.


From Aaron Y. Zelin and

The video and the image above was taken from Aaron Zelin’s I have acknowledged his copyrights to the image and The reason for the posting of this material is as a result of my posting this video to my Youtube channel

This is the link to the video

The reason for this post is as a result of the video link shown being cited for penalty, under YouTube’s community rules. I posted the video as I was attempting to humanize, the Shaheed instead of dehumanizing the man, as is common in the media.

Islam for me is one of the monotheist faiths along with Judaism and the Apostolic doctrine as laid down in the Holy Bible.  Everyone is posting today for likes and shares. Iam posting in an attempt, to quicken the consciousness of people. Those who want to may click on the link and the one that is static, paste it in your search engine and if you want to skip the portion that you English speakers may not understand, go to 3:37 in the video and listen for yourselves what he has to say. Only an abiding deep seated faith can cause anyone to willingly allow themselves to be eviscerated by explosives, in the name of God. The man in the video is convinced he is going to heaven/jannah.   His act then is not as a result of being brainwashed, his act is an act of faith, which is unfathomable to those who insist to see the world through their secular lenses and not through faith.

The material posted here is strictly in the spirit of education. Bless.



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