Van Raak pens new book: De Tweede Kamer is Geen Talkshow/The Second Chamber is not a Talk Show.


The Second Chamber is Not a Talk show, is the title of the latest book by Ronald Van Raak.  Twenty-five chapters long, the book contains some interesting anecdotes and oft repeated factual based indictments of the system of governance in the so-called Dutch Caribbean. The following is a breakdown of some of the more interesting chapters in the book.

Chapter 3 . The Market threatens our Democracy.

Chapter 5.  The Fight Against the Talking Classes.

Chapter 8. DENK/THINK is a Typical PvdA Product.

Chapter 11. Bankers have us in a Strangle Hold.

Chapter 12. We are a nation of free thinkers.

Chapter 13. We are allowing ourselves to be deceived by Salafist’s.

Chapter  15. How Much Does a King Cost?

Chapter 23. Our Betrayal of Edward Snowden.

Chapter 24. The Netherlands and the Islamic Timebomb.

Chapter 25. Did I Orchestrate a Coup on Curacao?


In chapter three Van Raak  advocates against the present system of governance in the Netherlands. He asked rhetorically “what if we had real democracy? What if the people truly had the say? Then we wouldn’t have had the Euro.  We wouldn’t have had the European Constitution. Van Raak blames the present political system in Europe namely the European Union for the failing system of governance. He vehemently advocates for a post-EU Netherlands.

In the last chapter Van Raak wrote about the large scale theft 2011 of, sensitive material from the Curacao security and intelligence service, he also stated that the theft was also linked to Sint Maarten. It was intimated that the theft was likely the work of Colombians under orders from then Prime Minister Gerrit Schotte. Van Raak also names VDC official Lawrence Pietersz, George Jamaloodin, Casino boss Francesco Corallo and United People’s (UP) party leader Theo Heyliger. He said of Heyliger: “Heyliger is a powerful politician on Sint Maarten where he is called Theo ten percent. He claimed that Heyliger benefits from shady business”.  

The Second Chamber is not a Talkshow”, was published by Van Gennep and retails at 9.90 euros. Van Raak who is number 4 on the SP slate in the upcoming elections in the Netherlands, published two earlier books one in 2012 and another in 2015.



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