By Wade Bailey Mar 10, 2009.

“My review.” This book is not a renunciation of anyone and anything this is my own experience as I was led by Jesus to write this work. I know personally many Rastafari who are famous musicians in the Caribbean and globally Iam no novice to that life I have personally experienced Shamanism within Rastafari and I am well aware of what I write many people think that they understand Caribbean life as a result of listening to reggae music. Nothing could be farther from the truth Caribbean people are a people rooted in the mysticism of our ancestors and we are also a people that have been educated largely by a post-colonial Christian educational system, it is at this system of educational colonialism that the Rastafari have risen up against . Many foolish North American’s and European’s come to the Caribbean especially middle aged white women who seek to experience sexual adventures and escapades they come to the hotels and beaches and go with shiftless mainly uneducated young black males sporting dreadlocks or some other form of paraphernalia identified as Rastafarian. This is simply form of prostitution in this book the true nature of Rastafari from a Caribbean cultural experience is examined not from a European lyrics bred perspective but from a participator culturally, linguistically and ethnically no one on this planet is better equipped to write about Rastafari than the Caribbean people themselves we know what the stigma attached to this way of life was and still is. I began my own journey into Rastafari as a young high school student I was friends with men like renowned reggae artist Nasio Fontaine I remember bringing the autobiography of Nelson Mandela to him in his shack on backstreet. I also recall myself and some other young Rastafari agitating for Rastafari students to wear their dreadlocks in a school as a religious covenant we eventually saw several of our brethren allowed to wear dreadlocks on the school campus. This book is not written by me as any attempt to make money most of my best brethren are still Rastafari therefore no one has the right to judge this book nor condemn as it was not written in the spirit of judgment nor condemnation. If you want to learn of a movement that literally transformed the Caribbean and the Christian reality of the Caribbean then this book is for you. This work was written by me the author Wade Bailey as a vehicle, to first and foremost introduce Jesus or Yeshua Ha Masshiach in his various roles. Firstly I was a Rastafari meaning I held Haile Selassie to be a messianic type of Christ this was during my time at Hanze University in Groningen Netherlands. As a result of my own encounter with Jesus   . This work is not a Rastafarie expose as such but it is rather an Apostolic teaching tool whose primary purpose was already exposed in subsequent paragraphs. I hope the intent and purpose for this work is served in that it inculcates in the reader an awareness of the gospel in a 21st century relevant format and allows modern man to find themselves in the work and to relate to the work from a perspective that is uniquely relevant to their present day experience . I remain most humbly and respectfully Wade A Bailey.

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