Al-Qaeda’s Inspire Magazine issue 15 Spring 2016.

Note from website Administrator: The information on this site pertinent to terrorism is strictly, for research purposes and general information to the public at large. This information is in no way an endorsement of al-Qaeda nor any other terrorist organization. This site post’s up to date information, from a variety of international intelligence sources, including from the publications of groups such as al-Qaeda ,Islamic State, Jabhat al-Nusra and many others, in order to give our readership a nuanced balanced, diet of material from both sides of the Rubicon. This platform is an alternate source of information, with a narrative that is largely counter the narrative being provided by corporate media outlets in the western hemisphere. The following is from al-Qaeda’s Inspire magazine. In the spring 2016 issue of Inspire al-Qaeda goes in depth on the preparation, and strategic methodology of carrying out successful Lone Wolf attacks and, how to prepare for, test, then carry out successful assassinations. What follows is their opening explanation and rationale for the aforementioned.


Assassination is an effective tool in warfare. Its methods evolve with the development and progresses in life and knowledge. The Prophet ( صلى الله عليه وسلم) ordered the killing of many criminal leaders using this method, which had a great impact in the balance of war between truth and falsehood. How he dealt with his enemies and friends. His methodology will continue to be a guide for us in this path of truth.

And here we are, following the footsteps of the Prophet ( صلى الله عليه وسلم) on In the previous issue (Issue#14: Assassination operations), we generally talked about assassinations and specifically discussed about assassinations at a workplace.

Citing the Charlie Hebdo attack as a case study, the operation was well organized and systematically executed; we explained the details of the operation in an easily laid out manner so as to be suitable and adaptable to the Lone Mujahid.

In this issue, we will continue discussing about assassinations in our OSJ (Open Source Jihãd) section, in order to raise the level and abilities of the Lone Mujahid to professionalism in executing an operation. We will provide him with methods that are more professional and means that require constant training and experimenting for him to reach an advance level and perfection.

These military operations should eventually benefit the general political goals of the Mujahideen, for them to have a great impact on the enemy.

Previously we laid a policy called “Cutting the Nerves and Isolating the Head”, which we continue to work upon in our war against America.

The nerve is its economy. To cut it, we have to separate and isolate America from the world. This will only be realized; firstly by the will of Allah, then by concentrating our efforts and selecting our targets carefully.

The target list released from the previous issues, will allow us to achieve these goals. Targeting personalities who invest their massive wealth in America and depositing them in its banks.

Today America is in a season of presidential elections, which will define the winning party to the presidency. This may cause a slight difference to the American citizens but for us it is still the same story; this is because between a foolish candidate that openly declare his enmity towards Islam and a candidate pretending to be a friend of Islam, thousands of Muslims continue to die as a result of the inhuman American policies in Islamic lands.

After America failed to impose its direct domination and rule under the excuse of countering terrorism. And after America was exhausted in fighting many wars with Islamic groups. And after realizing that it is losing a battle rather than winning, they began to think of making arrangements on how to retreat from our lands ‘safely’.

America found that the best way to achieve this is by igniting the region with sectarian wars. Their aim was not to weaken one party over the other, but rather total annihilation of one party … the Sunnis.

This is the kind of war occupying Sunni Muslims today. Exhausting them and weakening them so as not to enjoy living freely under the Islamic Shariah.

Keeping them busy in wars, since they (America) were unable to confront the Muslims directly on the ground. These are the dirty politics of America, led by the Democratic Party under the leadership of Obama.

And on the other hand we have the republicans, who openly kill, fight and declare The Democrats smile at the Muslims while stabbing them at their backs.

They consolidated Iran’s influence in the region, giving them privileges and allowing them to use every opportunity to kill Sunnis.

They turn a blind eye to what Bashar is doing in Syria, supporting the Iraq government, and secretly negotiating with the Houthis in Yemen to fight the Sunni.

Allah the Almighty is true when He said: {And they will continue to fight you until they turn you back from your religion if they are able.} [2:217].

It is enmity between truth and falsehood. And the ancient struggle between those who worship Allah, and those who worship the Shaytan. If Shaytan came to you dressed in garments preaching and giving advice, then you never know what is buried underneath the garment in plot, grudge and enmity.

Despite of all that, we are still witnessing a great Islamic revolution from East to West. And a jihãdi Uprising of such a scope and numbers that has never been witnessed by the Islamic world for almost a century.

Therefore, the only choice that we have in gaining back our rights is by the use of force and weapons. The events and reality going on around the globe prove that the world does not allow us to even enjoy the very simple basic rights, the right to freedom of worship.

They fight us under the name of Democracy; they wage war at the very core of our Islamic culture and identity, they consider everything contradicting Democracy as radical and fundamental. It is of course impossible for them to just allow us to rule by Shariah.

Therefore, the eventual result is that fighting will continue until we remove this oppressive and dominant plague, America, upon the Muslims.

We are fighting a Holy war with America. We will never put down our weapons until we fulfill what Allah want from us. We are determined to keep fighting and striking America with operations by Organized jihãdi groups and by Lone Jihãd, pursuing America in its homeland – by the will of Allah.

That is why we are committed through Inspire magazine to present to the Lone Mujahid clear vision and practical methods. Not only militarily, but in all aspects; Sharia, politics and education– Although the magazine tends to focus on military and inspirational topics, we also seek to cover other aspects and encourage the Lone Mujahid to fill any shortage of information from other sources. We ask Allah to provide us and all Muslims with taqwa

Yahya Ibrahim .


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